Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Blogging World I'm Still Here

Wow.......what a long time since I last blogged. Where do I begin......

(Excuse me while I jump from topic to topic)

Let's start with Easter.
We had a lovely quite Easter this year. My parents came for Brunch, and we had so much food. Besides the lovely ham, there was potato scallop,rolls, salads,sausages,bacon, eggs, hot cross buns, hash browns, and pickles......
The girls got new Bunny's from the Easter bunny. Easter was a nice weather wise day for a Easter egg hunt in the snow. The girls had a lots of fun.

Mom is doing good. She has not had to go back into the hospital for awhile and we hope that this continues.

Now for some sad news..... Spring has not been good for a few animals here on the farm.
Molly our old Saint Bernard dog had to be put down, her hide corners gave out and she could not get up. She lived a very good life of around 18 years which was a lot longer then we ever expected her too.
Our little toggenburg goat Frappy, that we brought home on March break, that lived in our house, died. She was doing great and moved to the barn and eventually Cinnie became her mom too.
But however we noticed she was not growing very fast. Her adopted brother was so much bigger then her, but again we did not think much of it and she was eating and drinking lots, and was very active.
Until one Saturday morning a few weeks back. She could barly walk. She calapsed at my feet and I brought her in the house sat her next to the fire place and tried to give her a couple of shots of things to bring her back. Within moments she was gone. Hubby thinks there was to much inbreeding going on at the farm we got her from. ( I guess we I'll never know)
Then just last week Jill's baby new bunny got her head caught in under the fence somehow and hung her self.  My heart broke for her.
Hubby went the next day and got her a new bunny but not a baby. (I sure hope nothing else happens)

Ok, let's get back to some better news again....
We brought our new travel trailer home a couple weeks ago. It is so much bigger then our old one with the pop out. 
I was very sad to see our old one go, we have had some many good memories in there. Jillian was really upset to see it go. But our new trailer is newer, bigger, and every works.
The only disadvantage is that it is not a fifth wheel. It is a bumper pull, which is harder to pull to the campground. ( but we will manage)
Hubby also bought a new truck. He has been working on old trucks for years, and finally got a great super deal on a truck so he finally made up his mind and bought it. I am very happy for him, he works so hard for his money and never gets to buy himself anything. 
Our provincal park, that we keep our trailer at for the summer, usually opens from May 15th- till Sept.1
But due to Mother natures winter activity, we are behind a good to weeks. The park is only opening on the 30th, and will remain open a additional 2 weeks. I am happy about this as it would be sooooo cold yet. I am so excited to go and can't wait. Our friends are joining us with their trailer this summer for the season as well. 

As for Weather....well it has been a different kind of winter and Spring. Our spring has only Sprung the last couple of weeks, and we still have had gotten snow up to Monday. 
The yard is finally getting green. The geese are out eating any little bit of green they can. This is our long weekend, and the weather is suppose to be great. We hope to get our yard work done, fish pond cleaned out,patio furntiure put out, porch chairs on the front porch, and of course BarBQue. Our temps are suppose to range between 20 to25 all weekend.

I moved my chicks I had in the house out to the brand new chicken coop hubby has built for me. They are all doing so well. 
I am super excited about having new birds this year after, looking so hard for speciality birds. 
I have not moved my laying hens out of the barn yet, but will this weekend as well.

Well I think that's about raps up what's been going on around here. I hope to be back again soon with more news,and hopefully some pics. 
Take care