Thursday, December 30, 2010

Since Christmas

It is a chilly morning out there of -15 and there is still wind. I heard it during the night hitting the large window upstairs. 
I sleep in this morning again (seems we have been doing a lot of that lately) HB got up and went to work and I never heard a thing.
Today we are going to get dressed out of our PJ'S and get ready and head into town to see what we can find specials. We might not get anything but we do need fruit,and a few things. The girls got gift cards and are dying to spend them. Like they don't have enough to play with. 
Since Christmas we have 
done a whole lot of doll playing with Jill and her Blythe 
Slept in and spent the days lazing around and going from one pair of PJ's to the next pair.
I think I use to have a Kitchen table.....somewhere under all these games. I am all Hungry hippoed out.

I have seen these 2 girls everywhere. (I bet they will even come to town with us today) 
I did not know that something so small could be opened up and played with so much as these little squinkles. 

Yep! my house is upside down with toys blankets and boxes. I think it is great to have this break for the weeones. They have needed it for awhile. 
They were in school right till the 23rd and only go back on January 11 2011. 
So I guess it is a few more days of playing before we tidy up for the new Year. 

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The After Math

We all had a pretty good Christmas. Santa was very good to us and the weeones were so excited.

Justin got all what he wanted....
Who ya going to call Ghostbusters!
SMILE! Justin has his own camera now....

Jayne bought Justin this book from the schools Bazaar.(He loves these clue books)

Jayne was so happy Christmas morning with all her gifts.
Her very own laptop. (Remember what I went through to get that,I do! and it was so worth it to see how happy she was)
She also got 2 new games for her DS and a new hair dryer. Plus,plus,plus........

Jill had a cute little Christmas
She got her DSIXL (In blue of course)
We have played so many games of this already.....

Dad also received nice presents

OH! that will come in handy with the finishing the other piece of the house......... and all the other little projects I have planned.

We both received this beautiful lamp for the living room
It will make seeing my needlework much better at night.

I got my first electric can opener
My super gift from Hubby. He is always telling me I need something to chop those onions(they really give me a hard time)
Jayne got me this beautiful can at the bazaar. (I have not yet decided what I will use it for)

Jill bought me a nice set of soup mugs(I forgot to get a pic of those) They even came with a tray.
Another candle to add to my collection. Smells so good.

Well that's a wrap of most of our gifts that we got. I will post a few more of our best homemade ones as the week goes on. By the way my Mother loved her blanket. I tried to give mostly homemade gifts this year. I will post them now that everyone has gotten them.
The weather here has gotten so cold over the last few days. It is mostly the wind. It is still blowing so hard that I think the roof is going to come off some gusts.
I am going to put on a pot of turkey soup for supper,and make a stock with the left over bones. I will get the girls to help and make some rolls as well as some biscuits.
I want to finish up cleaning the house today,as we are invited to a friends camp behind their house for New Years and are having Jerry's niece to come Babysit for us.(this will be the first time the weeones have ever had a babysitter, besides our parents.) We only want to go out for a few hours but she will still spend the night with us.
So I guess I have done enough blabbing on for now,and need to go and start breakfast for the girls as they are yep! still sleeping. (Justin stayed down below at my parents last night.) All he has on his mind right now is snowmobiling with all this snow. What a kid!
Take care and stay warm.....

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Weather Outside Was Frightful

Yesterday's storm has left us with over three feet of snow. The wind gusts have died down from 80 km/h to 30. Still gusts of 40 to 60 at times but nothing like yesterday. Thankfully we did not lose our power as most others around did. I think it is because we are so sheltered here.

We had our Turkey supper last night for supper and it was beautiful. We had a Butterball turkey as it was given to us from HB's work. (It was small compared to our turkeys but it was perfect just for a meal)
My dad came up and took a take out home for my mother and him as she could not walk over the field in that blizzard. They brought up cheese cake for desert. YUM!

HB has gone back to work today for only three days. I see he had to blow out the driveway again this morning in able to get out.
I am going to send more of the gifts up to the children's rooms today as I want to clean up and get the house back to normal.
I love Christmas but I also love to have my life and home back into order as well for the New year.
I also need to get myself back into shape after eating,eating and eating.
Here was some of our baking that we ate, alone with the dips,the finger foods,the chips and crackers. YEP WE ATE TO MUCH!
but it was sooooo good!!!!
The girls just loved there new Christmas PJ's this year and the new smelly gingerbread men that HB's brother's family gave them.
They smell like cinnamon ans sugar.

Well I must run and do some cleaning be back later to try to finish up our Christmas 2010.
Take care and stay warm everyone.

Monday, December 27, 2010

What Our Christmas Was Like

Well another year has come and gone, and I must say it was a lovely Christmas. Not to busy,nice and quite and very family. We ate and ate and ate. Yes Santa is not the only one with a big belly now.
HB was off Friday and he went into town to do some last minute shopping for the weeones and I. We then had a nice brunch of quiche, sausages, and homemade taffy buns. The weather was perfect for Christmas eve. We spent the day making salt dough decorations for the tree,and some last minute gifts. Then finished with some sugar cookies.
We had to wait till Christmas morning decorate the gingerbread men But they were YUMMY!
Jayne ate her legs off first they would not get away! 
Run, run as fast as you can, You can't catch me i'm the gingerbread man.

We dressed up and then got the gifts ready to go and spend the evening with HB's family. Justin could not decide what he wanted for Christmas and left my mother in law wondering what she could get him. He loves Pineapple and always asks his grandmother to get one,as he tells her that his mom never buys them. LOL
So you know what he got!
It was so funny!(he did get a hatchet as well) 

We came home and the girls put out there reindeer food.

Then we made up our breakfast casserole and then went to bed. Christmas morning we got up at 8:30 and the weeones we so excited. My parents and inlaws came for brunch and we had a great morning.
I will post some more pictures a bit later of Christmas morning and our gifts. 

Today we are having a blizzard and I am also having my Christmas supper. I must go for now and check on the turkey, then outside to see how the farm animals are all doing. HB is trying to put the snowblower on the tractor. Take care and keep warm.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Have your self a very merry Christmas

It has been a wonderful Christmas here in our home once again. I want to wish all of you and your families a very Merry Christmas and all the best for 2011.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mid Week Catch up

It has been awhile since I last had a moment to blog. It seems that everyday that gets closer to the big day, gets more and more busy.
Friday evening we went out to dinner with our friends that the husband works away and had just gotten home for the holidays. We enjoyed our evening.
Saturday morning Jayne had a haircut and got to get the newest thing put in her hair for the holidays. "Tinsel " (tied into her hair) She got 4 silver,and I will say they looked cute.
Sunday was a busy one. We had three families come over one after another to visit. (which was not even planned) but very nice.
Monday I had to take my mother to the hospital to get her cast off from her hand after having a small operation the week before. We went to pick up a few staple items as we were expecting a huge winter storm of 40 cms of snow, on Tuesday.
Well Tuesday came and we only got wind and rain. (I am really starting to think we are going to have a green Christmas after all.
Tuesday was Jillian's Christmas Concert Title  "A Bugs Christmas" they all did a wonderful job. Jillian was one of the bumblebees.
They buzzed all around so well.

She is always so serious.
Look at those Carperner ants.
I don't if you can make out the others but there is some cute little asisan beetles and termites, that ate the Christmas tree. The Queen bee was not happy and sent for the lightning bugs to come and help out.
I came hom after the concert yesterday and made my Christmas old fashioned Sugar donuts,and my little Christmas cherry donut balls as all.
8 dozen donuts. plus the little ones.
It smelled so good in here while they were frying.

'AND they tasted as good as they smelled.

Today was Jayne concert it was very cute as well,Jill was in the choir for this concert. So both girls got to wear there party dresses. (JIll had to wear silver and black so she wore her dress from last year) I need to get a pic when they get home. I forgot my camera this morning so had to use my phone,and I can't get it to download on the computer for some reason. I will keep trying.
Well I should get my breakfast dishes washed up as I am running so behind today again. Take care and have a great day.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Is A Coming..... only 7 more days

I just can't believe how fast it is coming. I am nowhere near ready. Are you? Didn't we just have Christmas 2009. (It seems to come faster and faster every year)
Here's a few pictures from last year.
oh I remember this day......

Look at that Christmas mess......
Right down to the Turkey........

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Dinner At School

Today I went to the girls Christmas Family Dinner at there school. It was a very nice meal of turkey,potatoes,stuffing,peas and carrots with cranberries and gravy. The desert was a very light graham wafer based coolwhip mixed with jello and your choice of red or green. YUM!
I got to sit and eat and chat with friends,and to meet a new one. I got to have a very nice conversation with a friend of mine who looks after the salvation army here in our town and who's husband is the Sargent there. They have three children who are the ages of our three so it is great to sit and get to talk a little with her.
It has finally stopped raining here and the wind has died down.
We got the Christmas lights together outdoors last night and just can't seem to find the electrical cord. (I guess we will have to buy another one)
I got the stocking out and hung them over the back of the couch for this year as I use to hang them from the stair railing,but did some moving around this year and can't hang them there.
They look pretty good on the couch.

Tonight we have having meatballs in bar b que sauce, turkey fried rice and honey garlic noodles.
I guess I'll go and try to get my floors mopped before Justin,and Jill get home from school. Take care and have a great day.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Santa's Coming in a Boat this year

The inside of the house looks like Christmas,but outdoors looks like a spring day. After having 2 days of heavy rain the grass is green,NO SNOW. It is 12 degrees and it is beautiful out there. Usually there is at least a foot of snow on the ground and the temps are in the minuses by now. (Global Warning I guess)
I spent the morning doing my usual and getting the island junk that piles up to fast cleaned up. I did my laundry and but some tealight candles on to burn with the pine smell to spread throughout the house.MMMMM!
Tonight we will go outdoors and do our decorating,and finish off our evening with yet another decoration for the windows of stain glass kit.(I bought after the holidays last year) then maybe a Christmas movie before bed.
Take care and I wish you all a Blessed day.

Monday, December 13, 2010

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

After yet another busy weekend I am still running. Thursday I helped wrap gifts at the school's bazaar. Thursday evening Jayne went to her Christmas party for Guides,and Jill went to sing with the school's choir at the towns waterfront (which I forgot my camera and am waiting on a few pictures from friends that were also there) It was so cold that I froze my feet. Friday I helped out at the school again and we crashed early Friday night.
Saturday Morning I left at 6 and drove to the next town where they have a Staples store that had Saturday door crasher sales.

 We wanted to get Jayne a laptop for Christmas to help her with her school work as she does so much better on a computer with her eye problems. But they are so expensive, I thought we could never afford to buy her one. They had a sale for $148.00 So I decided to go and try. I waited in the line up from 7 to 8:30 and got one (as there was only 20 per store) I froze again. But you should have seen the people. There must have been at least 400 in the line. It was so worth it tough.
Saturday we cleaned and put the rest of the moldings up on the living room walls. After supper we decorated the tree.
The weeones worked really hard at it.

I just love Justin's partridge he has had it forever. It is so cute. Another job finally done. We then turned on the lights and enjoyed a good Christmas movie before going to bed.

Sunday I did a little bit of baking with the girls. We made a couple pans of Marshmallow Squares.
Jayne seemed to enjoy them the most,with her oh so sweet fingers she is still going around wearing since she got them for Halloween.
Today I planed on going outside to do a bit of decorating out there as the temps. are great right now with a high of 12 for today. BUT...... It is also pouring rain out there. We are expecting a lot of rain for the week,with very windy conditions. But I suppose it could be snow. (it was very slippery this morning)
I am back to cleaning today and will do some more baking tomorrow. I am wanting to make some doughnuts for Christmas.
Take care and I wish you all A great day.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Let it snow, even if it is only coffee filters

Good morning, we had a little dusting of snow throughout the day yesterday. So after supper the girls helped me clean up the dishes and the guys went outside to mend a few fences for the winter for the horses, the girls and I got busy.
We sat down and made some wonderful coffee filter snowflakes. We dressed up the windows and made it look so wintery in here.

They really got into it and even added a few stickers to some to give them that extra touch.

Today I am off to the school to help out Christmas wrapping at our Elementary school's annual Christmas bazarr. (It is when the families of the school donate new or gently used items. Then the children are able to come and buy a total of 3 gifts for there family members that range from .10 cents to $2. They are gift wrapped and tagged. All money goes into family day at the end of the school year.
It is also Santa photo day as well for $2 the children can get there picture taken with Santa and the funds go towards the grade 5 year end trip.
So I will be a elf for the day and go and lend a helping hand. Take care and have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Welcome To My New Blogging Place

I am very pleased to share with all of my bloggy friends a whole new Family Farm Living. I love the ideas and patterns that I am able to share at this site. I have so missed blogging.I am just moving in and have not put all my pics and things into all there special places yet, So bare with me. I was a HSB blogger and it has seemed that the system has gone down,and after having more then a few problems,I have decided to leave and start my own spot. I hope you all continue to follow and read my blog,as the best part to having a blog is the feedback I get. I love to share recipes,ideas,thoughts,and crafts,along with everyday living here on our little peace of paradise.
I have been very busy the last week cleaning the house for Christmas, painting Jill's room and putting out decorations both indoors and out for Christmas. In between I have done a little baking. I even managed to get my curtains up that I had made a while back.
I will be back tomorrow to start to continue my 25Days of Homemade Christmas that I had began on HSB. I have a few more recipes for Christmas to share that I have been working on. YUM! I can't wait.
Well for now I must go and check on the roast of chicken I have in the oven for supper. I am serving it tonight with mashed potatoes, veggies, pasta salad, gravy, and potato stuffing. Take Care.