Monday, June 27, 2011

Jayne's Award

On Friday Morning it was the Awards assembly at the school for the girls. I was invited and my Mother decided she was going to try to get out of the hospital on a pass for a few hours. I picked her up loaded up her wheel chair into my Beetle. (yep I got it to fit) and headed to the school.
Jayne received a beautiful award. "Overall Growth Award" she received a metal with her award and date and name on it.

Way to go Jayne we are so proud of you.

All the weeones passed their year and did very well. Justin will go into grade 8. Jayne into grade 5 and Jill into grade 3.
After taking my Mom back to the hospital and getting her settled back in, I took the weeones out for lunch in the city. We went for the Pasta Buffet and it was delish.......
We are all very proud of them.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Lovely Thank You

Thursday Afternoon Jill and Jayne came home with a letter addressed to me.
Inside was a very special letter.
This was so nice I cried.
I feel very blessed to have my girls go to a small School that really is like a big family.

School's Out For Summer

Yes it has finally arrived "Summer Vacation"

The Children are both Happy and Sad for this time of the year.
It has been a very busy past week here at our home.
Tuesday Jayne's class was invited to the Teacher's Aid's house that was close to the school for a BarBQue. But the weather was bot in favor and it was damp and showers. So they made the best of things and went inside and boiled their hotdogs.
I was asked to come along as a invited guest. I was very happy and enjoyed myself, as this small class is a great class to work with.
Mr.Brooks the TA's Husband kept the children amused while Lunch was being cooked, with his Helicoptor.
After having their lunch and having cookies for desert,
 they were in for some real treats.

Each Child was asked to bring in 4 treats to share. They all did very well. (Look at all that junk)

They got to pick numbers and then chose a treat.

What a great day..... What a great bunch of children....... They even got to end there day at the park as the sun did come out for a little while.

Wednesday I went in and finished up our last class for the scrapbooks. I did not not get any pictures as I was busy helping the children finish up, they all did a great job and I will email the teacher to get her to send over a few pictures that she took,and I will post those as soon as I get them.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Session 2 complete for Scrapbook album

Yesterday's class went great the children were all able to finish up their pages on there paper bag albums.
Tomorrow we will finish our last day decorating them with buttons,flowers, and pullouts. I have not got to take any pictures as of yet as I have been so busy working with them. But I will tomorrow as the children are now settled and pretty much are working on there own designs.
Last evening I received a special call from Jayne's Teacher. She was inviting me to there BarBQue at the park near the school today at lunch time. I thought it was a very nice offer and even though it is raining out a bit I am excited to go.
On a sadder note. My Mom is having another bad day. More bad news. She was hoping to get out this week and be able to come with me on Friday to the awards at the school. She called this morning and has said that the infection is back in her foot and will need to start treatment again for 6 weeks. She is also moving floors in the hospital to the second (long term section)
I am trying to come up with a idea that would bring up her spirits.
HB is off tomorrow for 2 days. We have so much to still do outdoors. The rain is just putting a damper on things.
We are still looking for a travel trailer we have found a couple but are still undecided and the next couple of days will have to make a move as we are suppose to go camping on the Canada Day long weekend. (If Mom is alright)
On a brighter note the Humming birds are crazy here this year. They go from the apple tree blossoms to the large feeders in the front windows, to the mini ones in my planters. then back again. We all need to be so careful as every time we seem to walk out the doors, they zoom by. I have been hit twice already.
Well I am off to go do a bit more laundry before heading out. Take care and have a Great Day Everyone!!!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday Musings

We had a quite weekend. HB had to work overtime all weekend,and it rained very hard all weekend as well. The weeones and I cleaned the upstairs and watched a few movies. We ate junk and enjoyed every minute of it. We baked a cake for HB and had homemade chicken tenders with homemade fries for supper last night. The weeones bought him a new fishing vest as well.
Today it is cool and cloudy. the high for today is only 17. not turning out to be a good summer so far.

Current Conditions
15 °C

Observed at:
Bathurst Airport
11:00 AM ADT Monday 20 June 2011

  • Condition:
    100.7 kPa
    24 km

  • Temperature:
    67 %
    N 15 km/h


Chance of showers
  • 18°C
  • 30%


Chance of showers
  • 15°C
  • 10°C
  • 30%


Chance of showers
  • 20°C
  • 10°C
  • 30%


  • 20°C
  • 8°C


  • 18°C
  • 7°C


Chance of showers
  • 16°C
  • 9°C
  • 40%


Chance of showers
  • 16°C
  • 11°C
  • 60%
Issued : 11:00 AM ADT Monday 20 June 2011
Cloudy with sunny periods and 30 percent chance of showers. Wind northwest 20 km/h becoming north 20 this afternoon. High 18. UV index 7 or high.
Cloudy periods. Wind north 20 km/h becoming light this evening. Low 10.
Cloudy with sunny periods and 30 percent chance of showers. High 15.
A mix of sun and cloud with 30 percent chance of showers. Low 10. High 20.
Sunny. Low 8. High 20.
Sunny. Low 7. High 18.
Cloudy with 40 percent chance of showers. Low 9. High 16.
Cloudy with 60 percent chance of showers. Low 11. High 16.
Historical Data

9.2 mm
Speech from the Throne
  • Canada’s Economic Action Plan
  • 2011 Census

I did my usual Monday cleaning this morning,and put my stickers on my plates for my Beetle. I wil drive it for the summer now. I miss my little car and all the great miles I get to put on it.

Today I am going back to the school to teach the second part of our mini Paper bag album. 

Can't wait to see what the children all come out with as their first class went well, they really have a great eye for color.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Finally Friday

WOW What a week it has been.
Monday was Jill's field trip that I went to as well to help out.
Tuesday we went to watch Jayne at her Track and field day.
Wednesday I took my Mom's dog to the vet to get fixed,and then off to the hospital to check on my Mom. (Which is doing good,but the health care here is terrible)
Thursday was Jayne field trip to bowling(the pool had to be closed for a broken pipe so no swimming) then we went to the park in the city for a take out lunch and a play time in the new park.
Today I went to the school to help out and teach a scrapbooking class. The kids were great and we had a whole lot of fun. (We still have Monday and Wednesday left to finish up)
I took the weeones into the city for take out for supper. HB got a call for 2 overtime shifts this weekend, and since we are expecting a lot of rain this weekend we thought it would be great for some extra cash.
Tomorrow I decided with the rain we are expecting then it would be a great time to clean up the up stairs before it gets to warm upstairs and the weeones are on summer break.
The garden is just about finished being planted. I know most of you are almost ready for some first harvest, but here in north we are just starting.
My flowers in the front yard are finally beginning to look good.
Well I wish you all a good weekend.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Track and Field

Yesterday Jerry and I went to watch Jayne compete in the Annual Track and Field for the District of schools. This was her second year and she was competing in 3 events. Long Jump, Baseball throw, and hurtles. THe weather was perfect, not to cold, sun was shining,and it was just right for them.
Jayne did very well. She came in 3rd in both the Baseball throw and the long jump.
She received a ribbon and participation certificate as well as her 2 3rd place ribbons.

We all are so proud of Jayne. Way to go Girl!!!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Fun Scrapbook For Kids

Last week I was asked by the school to come in for three sessions to teach a scrapbook class to around 18 grade 4 students. Well I racked my brain trying to decide what I could do with them. I decided to go with a basic paper bag album.
Here is a little preview of what I have decided to do with them.
this album uses only three brown paper bags.
 I have added some pull outs as well.

I went with a "You are my sunshine" theme for this one. 

Now I need to decide how to divide this project into three sessions.(Friday, Monday,and Wednesday) I will be back with a post about our classes. (I really am excited to see what the children will come up with) 

Monday, June 13, 2011

Wednesday Field Trip

Last Wednesday I was asked to come along and help with the grade 4(Jayne's Class) field trip to the local Ducks Unlimited Marsh. It was a warm beautiful day and we all had so much fun.
The Ducks Unlimited workers were on hand to teach the children all about our marsh lands and why they are so important.
After a great teaching class it was time to play some games on what they had learned.

We then got to get some hands on with finding what little creatures live in the Marsh. With a net and container that was provided.

Some of the children were so excited to see what they had found.

Jayne had so much fun and did get a little wet.
After they were all done catching they were able to dump and see what they have all found.
Then they got to go bird watching.
What a great Outdoor learning experience!!!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

2 Weeks Left

Yep, only 2 weeks left then the weeones will be off for 10 weeks. (can you believe the summer is finally here) They are getting so excited and so am I.
We have started the pool. I have been working cleaning it up,and getting ready for some heat,lazy days sitting by the pool watching the weeones while I sip on my lemonade and reading a good book or magazine.

The next 2 weeks are going to be busy ones. The weeones have field trips and I (the stay at home Mom) have said I would go along and help.
Monday Jill is going into the city bowling and then to the park for lunch and play time.
Thursday Jayne is going into the city to the Pool,and then to the park for a take out lunch.
Friday I have been asked to go to the school for 3 sessions (Friday, Monday and Wednesday ) to teach Scrapbooking to 18 children. WOW!!!! I am not even sure yet what we are going to do. I am looking for ideas and if you have any I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR THEM!!!!
I was thinking a little book or 2 page layout!
How do I get myself into these things.
Take care everyone and enjoy your weekend.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Family Fishing Trip

On Sunday our family decided to go fishing for the day with friends of ours. It was a beautiful day. The flies were not to bad and even though the water in the ponds was still high we did manage to catch a few fish.
Jayne decided to take off her rubber boots and go bare feet.
Jill went in her socks.

The water was not cold at all. 

Dad's and there girls

Nothing more peaceful then a day of fishing. Having a picnic and having all those little goodies,like Mom's cookies and peanuts in the shell.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What a Week

Last week started off as a normal week, but soon ended up very busy.(even more busy then usual.
Thursday afternoon Justin was playing at the school with his friends waiting for their bus,and the boys were tossing their bookbags at each other and Justin got hit in the face with one. He got a nose bleed, but did not complain anymore. Friday morning he got up did not complain and there was no black eyes. He went to school, at 9:30 he called me and said that the school thought that his nose was broken. I picked him up went to the hospital and 3 1/2 hours of waiting to see a doctor found out it was. We had to wait until Saturday afternoon to go and have it fixed and he was ok with the whole thing.(better then Mom)
Here he is with his little cast on.

While this whole thing was going on, the girls had there annual family fun day at the school. I thought because of me having to go with Justin and HB having to go and get our meat birds and turkeys at the feed store that the girls were not going to be able to attend,but!!! thanks to their Grampa they were able to go after all and I got to go for the ending with Justin.
They Won at the scavenger hunt!!!!

They had a ball with the water Balloon Parachute Game.
We had more photos but they did not turn out.

Sunday we decided to go fishing with another Family. The weather was beautiful and the flies were not to bad. Justin had a great time and said that his nose did not hurt at all.
I will post about our fishing trip again.

And to end our weekend we had 2 new arrivals here on the farm. Meet Daisy and Donald.