Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Jayne's Big Night

As promised I wanted to explain more on Jayne's Big Award.
It is called the turnaround Award. It is given to one child in each of the schools and it can be given for many of reasons. (Behavior, Academic, or social) Jayne has struggled throughout the past few years with her academic learning due to her visual disabilities. She has however overcome this in the last two years. Her teachers,friends,and family have all noticed this. Jayne was chosen through the school for this award. She was given a beautiful tear jerking speech from her teacher.
Mrs. Loisier explained Jayne to a tee.

Jayne had a very nice "Thank you" speech for this award. She did a wonderful job thanking her teachers,staff,friends,and family.
Jayne looked so grown up thanking everyone.

We had a wonderful supper provided for us and Jayne fit right in.
Her name was all over the table on different things. (Which she got to take home for later scrapbooking)

Jayne has had a lot of help throughout her schooling provided by APSEA. (This is a school that has teachers that help children with visual and hearing problems) Jayne's Apsea worker Linda Joined us for this great event.

Linda has been nothing but a super teacher that has gave Jayne a whole new world.

Jayne is still just glowing over this night. She was given a new laptop bag, filled with tons of goodies inside. She was also presented with a plaque. (however the dated were sent in wrong on all of them so we had to give them back and are awaiting the new ones)
There were 20 youth getting this award that night. I heard so many wonderful speeches on how theses children have turned there lives around. Many brought tears to my eyes. The children all had there picture taken for the local paper and it was even on the radio news.
Congrats Jayne !!!!!!!

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  1. Way to go Jayne! What an accomplishment. That is great that the teachers are very willing to work with the children.

    Have a great day.