Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sun, Sun Mister Golden Sun.....

"Please shine down on me".... And he did today. The weather finally turned nice today. I filled the line and opened the windows. The sheep and goats got to come out of the barn today. O
Lea the llama danced around.

It made it to 20 degrees today.

After supper when Hubby got home, he got the lawn mower going for me and I mowed the lawns for the first time this year. It took about 2 hours,and then I was tired. I brought in the laundry and the girls folded it after they got back from there trail ride.

Now it is suppose to rain for the next 2 days again ...... But I'll take the sun shine while we can.

Hubby and Justin worked on fiberglassing there new boat they got. They are trying hard to get it ready for the weekend to take to the trailer.

Mom had a good day today. She still only gets up to eat and then it is back to bed, as she finds her bum is to sore.

I helped my Dad out, by doing up there laundry and putting out on the line to dry for him. He would only have to bring it after work at supper time. Saves putting it into the dryer,as he always has so much for my Mom.

Now that the kiddies are all bathed and ready for bed I will go tuck them in,and I think I will do the same. I guess I'm not use to all this fresh air yet.

Take care and enjoy your evening.

Monday, May 27, 2013


Well if I could sum up the past weekend in one word it would be "WET".
Thursday it rained making it yucky to get the trailer packed and ready to go away with.

Friday morning the kiddies went to school for a half day, and I picked them up at lunch. Hubby worked till 1, but was only able to get home at 2 because he had to pick up parts for Monday at work. By the time we got the truck hooked to the trailer and were ready to take off it was 5. The rain died down and we had a good drive up. We settled into the park around 7 and with the rain pouring down again got a fire going, opened up the beds, put a kettle of water in the fire pit, and filled the hot water bottles to put into the beds.
We settled into bed around 1030 and all slept like babies till 9 the next morning. It felt great. I so needed that.
The rain had changed over to a wee mist and we made cheese stuffed sausages on the fire pit for breakfast and had some muffins that we brought along. I sat and enjoyed every second with my family and my cup of coffee. ( I don't think there is anything more relaxing then sitting by a campfire in the morning in your pjs sipping on a cup of coffee)
After breakfast we got the dishes done and Hubby and the kids left to go fishing. I tided up and then the rain came again. It rained really hard and the kids came back with Hubby socked and no fish. We decided to back up and head for home as we were expecting a lot of heavy rains and wind.
We got back home around 4. And did it ever rain hard Saturday night. I thought the winds were going to knock over the house.
Sunday was the same kinda day. Rain,rain,rain. We got some house cleaning done, and made some burgers and fries for supper.
Today the sun came out and it made it made it up to 11 degrees. Not to warm, but at least it was not raining.

Here is our menu for the week....

B...fried eggs, bacon, toast
L...subs, apple sauce, chocolate cake, apple
S...pork steak in tomato sauce, baked potatoes, curry noodles
Desert...ice cream,chocolate cake

B...omelettes, pan fries,toast
L...flakes of ham sandwiches, fruit salad, oatmeal cookies, banana
S...Slippery go down, garlic bread, toss salad
Desert... Jam jams
B...pancakes, sausages, hot maple syrup
L...veggie soup, biscuits, jam jams, apples
S...steak, rice, veggies
Desert...lemon pie

B...oatmeal, apple sauce, toast
L...hot lunch buy day...
S... ???

I need to go into town, as I have not gone into town for a while. I am making all my meals this week from my pantry, freezer,and fridge... I hope to get there by Friday as we plan on going back to the trailer this weekend again.

I wish all my American friends that I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Praying for Oaklahoma

Our prayers are with all the people of Oaklahoma. I held my children a little closer these last few days.

I am praying that none of my blogging friends are effected by the tornados.
God Bless....

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A long Weekend...Monday Menu...and a busy week

After a nice family long weekend, we are all rested. Friday night was Hubby and my anniversary of our first date 17 years ago. Hubby took me to a party at a trailer campground park in the woods along the river.
So Friday night we piled the family into the truck and headed in the rain into the woods for a drive. We took the long way around and went to the trailer park( that is not there anymore) but still went along the water and explained to the kids, all about our evening. They love hearing stories. :) we came home around 1030 and we all went to bed.

Saturday it rained all day and I spent most of my day driving my parents, around.
We had a lovely BarBQue Saturday night of those tasty burgers I had posted earlier last week.  We had homemade fries and corn on the cob with it. YUM!

Sunday the sun shined and we spent the day outdoors, it was great, we went weeding, got the pond ready, and put all the garbage at the road for our special collection large items.
We BarBQued  Sunday night again, pork chops, potatoes in foil, and macaroni salad.
A friend popped in for a quick visit and we settled in with the family with some snacks, and watched Alaska the last frontier.

Monday it rained again, we all slept in, and had a wonderful brunch. Justin went fishing with the neighbour for the day, and the girls and I house cleaned and cooked. We made a pot of homemade soup with a soup bone that I had taken out of the freezer. We also put on a big old pot of meaty pasta sauce. We put bread on to rise. We made malassos cookies. We cooked some penne pasta   And made a green toss salad.

Hubby spent most of the day sawing lumber that we have a order for.

We all settled in early because it was back to normal again.

B.... Pancakes, bacon and warm maple syrup.
Lunch boxes.... Flakes of ham sandwiches, fruit cup, malassos cookies, cheese and crackers.
S... Pan fried trout, boiled potatoes, peas

B... Ham, cheese and fresh herb fatatta, toast
LB... Chicken sandwiches, pudding, celery, carrot sticks with cheese whiz, brownie
S.... Spicy pop pulled pork, potatoes au gratin, clowsaw

B... Scrambled eggs, sausages, grill cheeses
LB... Hot lunch but day!!
S... Dry garlic spareribs, pork fried rice, spring veggie rolls

B... Waffles with fruit, and whipped cream
LB... Chicken and noodles, homemade crackers, jello, chocolate chip cookies
S... Take out

This week we have a lot of little things to get done in the evenings in the yard, along with hooking up the lights and hookups for the trailer and make sure everything is in working order.  I have to take Mom to a eye Doctor appointment early Thursday morning, then Friday we are heading out with our trailer camping to start off the season.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

My Heart is with Texas

Our hearts are going out to the families today in Texas, I have never been under tornado watch but could only imagine how scary it would be. Even worse to lose everything you worked so hard to build.
My heart is also going out those families who lost loved ones.
We will continue to pray.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wonderful Idea Wednesday

I'm back again today with yet another fantastic idea from a great family blog I follow.
Mel over at One Crafty Mumma has just posted a wonderful recipe for tasty hamburgers with a little bit of a twist.
With the May long weekend approaching us this weekend, there will be a lot of BarBQueing going on here in our household. So I  have gone ahead and put these tasty burgers on the menu.

  • 500 grams mince 
  • 2 massive garlic cloves {we love our garlic}  
  • 1 carrot, grated
  • 1 egg
  • 1 level tablespoon dry mustard
  • salt & pepper - nice & generous :)
  • 3 rounded tablespoons shaved parmesan
Mix the above ingredients together and form into hamburgers.  Pop in the fridge for at least an hour before cooking.  We like to serve ours with caramelised onion, lettuce, sauce, tomato slices and delicious Gouda cheese.

Pop on over to Mel's blog  at melissagoodsell.typepad.com  and check ou the pictures of these babies. YUM!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Burrrr Tuesday

We awoke to only 1 degree this morning. We were not long putting a fire on in the kitchen side. By the time the Kiddies got up things were all toasty.
It is only suppose to get to a high of 10 here for the day and it is so damp and wet out from all the rain.

After supper last night we all bundled up and went to do the barn work, and put a hay bale inside for the sheep. We put some more chips down for bedding in the summer hen house.
We are waiting of the hatching off our goslings which should be any day now.

We all settled in and after baths sat and watched a little TV together before bed. But our night was a long one, because poor Franny was up all night with having to go to the bathroom, we must have got up to let her out at least a dozen times. But she seems to be all better this morning.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Menu


B... French toast, with Berry butter
Lunch boxes... Roast beef sandwiches, fruit, chocolate chip squares, cheese
Supper.... Pork roast, mashed potatoes, gravy and veggies
Desert.... Ice cream sandwiches


B... Ham and cheese quiche
Lunch boxes... Pork sandwiches, fruit, chocolate chip cookies, pudding, cheese
Supper....  Chicken pot pie with biscuit top, green salad
Desert... Lemon pie


B.... Scrambled eggs, sausages, toast
Lunch boxes... Veggie soup, rolls, apple sauce, molasses cookies
Supper... Chicken fried rice, BarBque ribs, beef fried macaroni
Desert... Left over sweets


B... Homemade waffles, bacon
Lunch boxes... Hot lunch day !!!! Bought at school
Supper... Salmon on the grill, boiled potatoes, peas
Desert pineapple squares


B.... Omelette (cheese) ham, toast
Lunch boxes... Subs, fruit salad, cheese, blueberry muffins
Supper... Take out!

Yes, we kinda are having a lot of pork this week. Oh well if we start to oink I'll let you all know. LOL

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Rain Is A good Thing

After a wonderful week of  beautiful weather, it had decided Friday to begin to rain. We so needed rain for a few reasons. First and formost our province is fighting terrible forest fires. Over the last few days there have been so many people evacuated from there homes and a few lost theirs as well.

The gardens were terribly dusty when we tilled them up. So this rain will do them good as well.  It is also great for the grass in he fields.

It is Saturday morning and it is still raining , and it is raining hard. And it is suppose to rain right up till tomorrow afternoon.

Last evening after supper we went to pick up our piglets. We got 2 again this year, and are happy with the way they look. Good and healthy.

The girls have Farm Camp today, I am thinking it will be done mostly in the barn. Due to the Weather. But I am sure they will have fun still the same.

Justin was suppose to work today for the farmer over the road but due to the weather he will be helping Hubby saw lumber all day.

As for me ..... Housework is calling my name.
Yep, all the stuff that I don't get done during the week due to being at my Moms. All that stuff is still waiting for me. The mountain of laundry in the bathroom, the dirty floors, the untidy dining room and the unclean bathroom.... Yep they are all still there. And oh course my crazy torn apart craft corner.

Hubby was up early, so he got all the barn work done for me. I just need to go and feed Reggie and my hens,and collect the eggs. Thank you honey!

As for supper well I am thinking about putting on a stew to cook on the wood stove for the day.
Hearty meal on a camp day.

Tonight I am taking my Mother in law out to the city to see Merle Haggard. I bought the tickets for a Christmas gift for her and I, and we are finally going to get to go.

So rain can be a good thing.....

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wonderful Idea Wednesday

I learned something new yesterday that I could not wait to share this with all my blogging friends.

The next time you go to grab your brown sugar, and it has gone hard or has clumps of chunks in it. Take a microwave safe bowl and put it in , then take another microwave bowl and put water in this one. Place the 2 of them into the microwave and heat at 30 second intervoles until the sugar is back to its ornignal condition....

I love little tips like these

Have a wonderful day everyone

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tuesday Tib bits

The weather has been beautiful here. Today is suppose to be the hottest yet. 30 degrees. :)
We had a lovely weekend and thanks to the weather we were able to get a lot of outside work done.

Yesterday evening after supper we were back at it again. Hubby and Justin worked at tilling the kitchen garden and preparing raised boxes.
The girls and I raked more and hauled more away around the yard.

We headed in after 830 (which is late for a school night) but we are working with the weather right now.
After we all got washed up we were not long for this world. I have been sleeping much better the last few nights and I am thinking its the fresh air doing it.

Tonight hubby and Justin are going to do some sawing for the front porch and pool deck. I will get the girls to give me a hand and we will work on the front fish pond that will house the goldfish.

The girls are having a ball transferring frog eggs the last coulpe of weeks from our large pond behind the saw mill to my old fish pond in the front of the house. They got there butterfly nets out and have been hard at work. They have always loved playing with the frogs. I have even seen them move a few frogs into my goldfish pond. Grrrrrr!

Here are my pictures from last nights supper

Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday Menu

Here is our week long menu. If there is something you would like to have for a recipe please let me know :)

I will TRY and post daily pics of supper.

Breakfast.....ham,cheese,and red pepper quiche, and toast.
Lunchboxes... Chicken sandwiches, rainbow cake, fruit,cheese.
Supper.... Honey garlic meatballs, rice and green salad.
Desert strawberry shortcakes

Breakfast.... English muffin breakfast sandwiches, apple sauce
Lunch boxes.... Flakes of ham sandwiches, fruit, chocolate chip cookies, cheese.
Supper.... Pork chops on the BarBQue, baked potatoes with sour cream, broccoli,carrots with cheese sauce.
Desert butterscotch pie

Breakfast.... Scrambled eggs. Peppercorn bacon, toast with homemade strawberry jam.
Lunchboxes... Homemade soup, crackers, roll, small green salad, strawberry oatmeal bars.
Supper.... Casserole for a crowd, and biscuits.
Desert ice cream

Breakfast... Pancakes, maple sausages
Lunchboxes.... Buy hot lunch day!!!!
Supper.... Pot roast with root veggies, rolls,
Desert cheese cake

Breakfast... Omelettes, bacon, toast
Lunch boxes.... Subs, fruit, brownie, cheese

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Farm Critters

A little bit of the farm family

Saturday Fun

Saturday was a outdoor filled day of beautiful weather, a whole lot of picking up, and a new fence in the sheep paddock. The fence would not have been complete without paint.

The girls worked trying to get the paint on the fence.

Friday, May 3, 2013


It has been so long since I last blogged that I am not sure where to start.

Lets start with Mom......
She is still at her own home next door. She is about the same. We have not seen any ups lately though. She has the Extra mural come for weekly visits. ( these are nurses that come to you) they have moved her on the scale from cronic to palliative. So the outcome will not be good. She has now lost her sight and the diabeties are destroying her nerves in her brain. All we do now is pray all the time. I am there during the day with her, as she still has refused any outside help. I am hoping to break the ice with her as summer is fast approaching and I will need to be there for my children. So she will need help besides myself and my Dad.

The children are all well and healthy except for allergys. It is peek season here in our home and Justin,Jillian and Hubby are all sufferers.
Jayne is coming along with school. It has been tough this year with entering middle school. The work load is collage stuff. The team she is on is all about seminars, papers, and very heavy work loads. But she likes the challenge.
She is going on her big school trip next month to Ottawa Ontario for 5 days and is super excited about that.

Jillian is doing great. She is still my little straight A's student. And is so different from the other two. She had a little accident on the playground last Wednesday morning. She was playing a game with the other children and tripped over a piece of broken pavement, and came down on someone's head pretty hard, she had a bad nose bleed. Which I had to run and get her.
Her coat,shirt,pants,and book bag all got a lovely coating of blood. She was pretty upset and came home crying all the way. But after getting her washed up and washing her cloths, she cheered up pretty fast to making root beer floats with Mom.

Justin is finally back on track at school, after a couple of hard months. He really try's way to hard to fit in and find friends. This making him not wanting to be there in the first place, this making him not want to learn and do his school work. It has been a tough year for him S it is his first year of high school. But things (knock on wood ) the last couple of weeks have been much better.

Hubby (Jerry) has been able to stay on town working so far, we are hoping it stays this way. He has been very busy using every available minute he can get to work on and rebuild a dueley truck to haul his hay home with.
He fired up the saw mill the other day as well and has began sawing lumber for all sorts of yard projects.

The farm is coming alive. The horses are doing well and have been moved back to the front paddock.the ducks were laying until Molly our dog got I. The barn and ate the eggs.
They have been trying to lay again.
The geese are laying and we should be expecting goslings any day now. Lily our lamb is getting sooooo big. Cookie the kid goat is getting big too.
The sheep will be sheared this month.Lea the llama is also doing great. Along with Billy and Cinnie Belle the goats.
We are expecting 2piglets next Friday, coming from PEI.
Alena Jaynes cat had Kittens this week. 1 did not make it but the other 2 are doing good.
And finally my hens are giving me lots of eggs daily and my rooster wakes me every morning.

The weather has finally turned nice we get up to 11 to 22 degrees durning the days but our mornings and evenings are still chilly leaving us to put fires on.

This weekend we are fencing, raking and moving the hens to the summer house.

AND......... I will try and get some pics from the farm over the weekend to post as well.

I hope everyone is doing as well.
Take care

Thursday, May 2, 2013

I've Been Hacked

A couple weeks ago, I could not receive my emails, nor could I use my pass word to access my email account.
I tried to get help from my email account company but was not successful. After researching what had happened to me, I come to find out I was hacked. :(
This left me with having to choose a new email and losing all my info like addresses, notifications and the worst part is knowing that someone could use my email to send others viruses.

I wonder how this could happen I follow all the info and have all the latest anti theft for my computers, and spyware, and virus controls.
Anyhow I'm back and if anyone of my blogger friends has received a email from me with my old email address please delete it.

My new address is


I will be back later with a little update as it has been forever since I last blogged.