Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A long Weekend...Monday Menu...and a busy week

After a nice family long weekend, we are all rested. Friday night was Hubby and my anniversary of our first date 17 years ago. Hubby took me to a party at a trailer campground park in the woods along the river.
So Friday night we piled the family into the truck and headed in the rain into the woods for a drive. We took the long way around and went to the trailer park( that is not there anymore) but still went along the water and explained to the kids, all about our evening. They love hearing stories. :) we came home around 1030 and we all went to bed.

Saturday it rained all day and I spent most of my day driving my parents, around.
We had a lovely BarBQue Saturday night of those tasty burgers I had posted earlier last week.  We had homemade fries and corn on the cob with it. YUM!

Sunday the sun shined and we spent the day outdoors, it was great, we went weeding, got the pond ready, and put all the garbage at the road for our special collection large items.
We BarBQued  Sunday night again, pork chops, potatoes in foil, and macaroni salad.
A friend popped in for a quick visit and we settled in with the family with some snacks, and watched Alaska the last frontier.

Monday it rained again, we all slept in, and had a wonderful brunch. Justin went fishing with the neighbour for the day, and the girls and I house cleaned and cooked. We made a pot of homemade soup with a soup bone that I had taken out of the freezer. We also put on a big old pot of meaty pasta sauce. We put bread on to rise. We made malassos cookies. We cooked some penne pasta   And made a green toss salad.

Hubby spent most of the day sawing lumber that we have a order for.

We all settled in early because it was back to normal again.

B.... Pancakes, bacon and warm maple syrup.
Lunch boxes.... Flakes of ham sandwiches, fruit cup, malassos cookies, cheese and crackers.
S... Pan fried trout, boiled potatoes, peas

B... Ham, cheese and fresh herb fatatta, toast
LB... Chicken sandwiches, pudding, celery, carrot sticks with cheese whiz, brownie
S.... Spicy pop pulled pork, potatoes au gratin, clowsaw

B... Scrambled eggs, sausages, grill cheeses
LB... Hot lunch but day!!
S... Dry garlic spareribs, pork fried rice, spring veggie rolls

B... Waffles with fruit, and whipped cream
LB... Chicken and noodles, homemade crackers, jello, chocolate chip cookies
S... Take out

This week we have a lot of little things to get done in the evenings in the yard, along with hooking up the lights and hookups for the trailer and make sure everything is in working order.  I have to take Mom to a eye Doctor appointment early Thursday morning, then Friday we are heading out with our trailer camping to start off the season.


  1. Hi, Jessica! Sounds like such a sweet way to celebrate an anniversary. You have been busy! I like the days that we spend working in the yard best. ALL of your food sounds delicious!!

    Have a wonderful time camping!


  2. Busy, busy! Your date night sounds like fun. We have lots of outside work to get done as well. Enjoy your day and God bless.