Monday, May 27, 2013


Well if I could sum up the past weekend in one word it would be "WET".
Thursday it rained making it yucky to get the trailer packed and ready to go away with.

Friday morning the kiddies went to school for a half day, and I picked them up at lunch. Hubby worked till 1, but was only able to get home at 2 because he had to pick up parts for Monday at work. By the time we got the truck hooked to the trailer and were ready to take off it was 5. The rain died down and we had a good drive up. We settled into the park around 7 and with the rain pouring down again got a fire going, opened up the beds, put a kettle of water in the fire pit, and filled the hot water bottles to put into the beds.
We settled into bed around 1030 and all slept like babies till 9 the next morning. It felt great. I so needed that.
The rain had changed over to a wee mist and we made cheese stuffed sausages on the fire pit for breakfast and had some muffins that we brought along. I sat and enjoyed every second with my family and my cup of coffee. ( I don't think there is anything more relaxing then sitting by a campfire in the morning in your pjs sipping on a cup of coffee)
After breakfast we got the dishes done and Hubby and the kids left to go fishing. I tided up and then the rain came again. It rained really hard and the kids came back with Hubby socked and no fish. We decided to back up and head for home as we were expecting a lot of heavy rains and wind.
We got back home around 4. And did it ever rain hard Saturday night. I thought the winds were going to knock over the house.
Sunday was the same kinda day. Rain,rain,rain. We got some house cleaning done, and made some burgers and fries for supper.
Today the sun came out and it made it made it up to 11 degrees. Not to warm, but at least it was not raining.

Here is our menu for the week....

B...fried eggs, bacon, toast
L...subs, apple sauce, chocolate cake, apple
S...pork steak in tomato sauce, baked potatoes, curry noodles cream,chocolate cake

B...omelettes, pan fries,toast
L...flakes of ham sandwiches, fruit salad, oatmeal cookies, banana
S...Slippery go down, garlic bread, toss salad
Desert... Jam jams
B...pancakes, sausages, hot maple syrup
L...veggie soup, biscuits, jam jams, apples
S...steak, rice, veggies
Desert...lemon pie

B...oatmeal, apple sauce, toast lunch buy day...
S... ???

I need to go into town, as I have not gone into town for a while. I am making all my meals this week from my pantry, freezer,and fridge... I hope to get there by Friday as we plan on going back to the trailer this weekend again.

I wish all my American friends that I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day!


  1. Sounds like you had a nice weekend camping even with the rain! I think our rain might be over with for a while even though we could use more right about now. Your meals do sound so good!!

    I hope you have a wonderful week!


  2. Sounds like fun even if it was wet. We all need a break now and then. Your menu sounds delicious. God bless.