Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Picture Update

Yep I found my cord for the computer. It was under the island in the cupboard. Right where I left it.
So lets go backwards back to the beginning of November.

So remember the beginning of November was not a easy one. My Mother was not well and I spent all the time I could with her. She slept and my Father and I sat by her bedside. But because he still works he could not always be there with me. I decided to take along some knitting projects to keep myself sane as she slept. I completed a lap blanket that will become a Christmas gift.

I also got to read this fabulous book.

I did not get any pictures of my dear daughter Jillian's 8th birthday or Hb's birthday cake (as they celebrate this day together) but on the 13th was my Dad's Birthday and the girls baked him a cake.

It was a million dollar chocolate cake with boiled icing and the smarties was a great idea. The smile on his face was priceless. (I think he needed that)

Next I got outdoors and snapped a few pictures of the new addition before it had any interior walls in.

This is the back end that has a patio door. It will be the master bedroom and I will have a small deck coming off of it. Now It has ty wrap over the logs and we will cedar shingle it.

I know it is hard to see but this what it looks like from inside the patio door looking towards the new living room. I love the 2 big picture windows. That beam is now a log wall that has been covered in tongue and grove cedar boards.
Hb decided to add in another room off of the side of the living room for a small wood stove. Just as added heat for those really cold nights.

Tomorrow I will get out there and take some updated pics and show you how amazing the transformation is.

Next we did our pork up for winter. We did pork chops both boneless and with bone, we did roasts,steaks,ribs, and ground pork for both breakfast maple sausages and bigger ones for honey garlic. We also did up a few bags of pork hawks for boiled dinners. I did up some smaller bags of fat cubes for the beans and rendered the rest for cooking.

On the 18th was Jayne's 11th Birthday. Again I was not able to have any kind of party for her as my Mother was still not settled in and I was still running. But however I did pick her up a cake and we had a little birthday party with just us.

So not being able to be with my children was a terrible feeling. I hated the thought of not being there to share all the fun things we normally do. HB was great and took right over as Mr.Mom when I was away. I am so lucky and Thankful to have a Husband and Father of my Children like that.
So after Mom got settled in and things are beginning to finally slow down and normal is sort of coming around our little farm once again, I decided it was time to do something with my girls. HB went back to work on night shift and I told the girls we would get down and bake some cookies. Well it felt great to cook with my girls and the best part was the smile on their faces. They immediately  took out the Companies Coming Cookie book and choose some good ones.

Yep I love these little moments.

Warmer Then Normal Temps.

Good Morning. It is a rainy foggy morning out there and we are expected to reach a high of 15 degrees today. WOW!!!! That is really weird for this time of year.
The weeones awoke to hardly any fire on and the house still warm from last evening. I made sticky buns for breakfast and they had bacon grill cheese with them.
I slept well last night. 10 hours straight and I felt great when I woke up this morning. Very refreshed.
Today I have a bit more Varnishing to do on the tongue and grove boards on the other side of the house, laundry and cleaning out where we are going to bust out the wall.
I also want to go outdoors and work on my window boxes with some greenery and lights. The soil in the window boxes had been to froze to stick any branches in until today.
I took out some cup up chicken out of the freezer and will make a chicken stir fry for supper tonight with rice noodles. Jill's favorite.
Tomorrow is going to be a crazy busy day here. Jayne starts after school sports and she is very excited for this. I pick her up at 4:30 and I want to start the my 25 Days of Christmas with taking the weeones to the hospital for their annual Christmas trees light up. It is simply beautiful. Santa  comes with hot chocolate for the little ones and they even give out gifts of homemade scarves to the children. My Mother and Father will watch it from my Mother's Window. I can't wait to take loads of pics.
I will make up a lasagna tonight for tomorrows supper as we will be pressed for time,and Jill will help make her famous pizza bread. I also hope to pop back in tonight with a special up to date picture post,as I have misplaced my camera/computer cord and can't download any pictures at the moment for all of you to enjoy. So if I can find it I will be back tonight.
I wish all of your a beautiful day and I hope you all are getting this mild temps as well.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

November Madness

Good Morning. It is a frosty morning here on the farm. The horses all have white on their whiskers as they eat away out in the paddock.
I must apologize first for not blogging more. It seems like to get time to sit and blog is almost impossible lately.
I will give you once again a run down on what has been happening here in our neck of the woods.
First things first Mom is recovering very well. She is working hard in the hospital on her physiotherapy  and is coming along great. She has no more oxygen hooked up to her and she is eating very well. Every day is a big change.
Again I want to Thank everyone who has had us in their prayers for my Mom and my Family. It means so much to us.
We celebrated Jayne's 11 Birthday on  November 18th. We had a cake and just a little family togetherness.

I can't believe it is almost Christmas. The time goes by so fast. I usually have my tree up and the house decorated by now, but nope nothing. This is this reason for a few reasons.
First we are getting ready to bust out the wall to the other side as our new living room is almost complete,and we are waiting to put our tree up over there. We also want to put another small primitive one up in the new dining room. So thus is the main reason why no tree or decor yet.
Second with running to the hospital every day and opening the shop three times a week and teaching 2 classes a week I was not able to fit anything else in.
And finally we have been running here from early morning to late night with our first big snow fall last Wednesday there was so much to pick up and put away and to get ready for winter. Water bowls had to be turned on, electric fences taken down. Hoses put away, and so much more with the joys of the cold months ahead.
The big news is we are almost ready to move into the new side. I am so excited. Friday we should be ready to BUST the wall down. YEPPEE!
Justin has been working with both HB and my Dad putting the rest of the fire wood for both homes. The girls have been busy trying to rearrange their rooms for Christmas and helping clean up the yard for Winter.
The shop has been doing great. I sold almost all my wool,and yarn. I am teaching 2 classes a week but will stop next week till after the Christmas break.
We went to the city on Friday as HB was off and we took the weeones out of school for the day. We had a sort of Christmas shopping,a little us shopping and some Birthday money shopping. We ate out and had nothing  good for us and enjoyed every moment of our day together as a family.

Once again this year I have decided with the help of the weeones I want to being our 25 days of Christmas blog posts.
We will begin on Thursday with 25 posts of Christmas baking, crafts, and holiday decor for our home. I hope you all join and do the same. (making sure that I know as I can't wait to see what your families come up with.
Well that's it for today, I wish you all a great day and see you all tomorrow.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Monday, November 14, 2011


It was a great couple days of dying.

It makes me feel great to get out and be home doing what I love.

Friday, November 11, 2011


Since my absence there has been a few new things that have happened, here at our little family farm living.
So let me rewind and grab a cup of coffee and bring you all to date.
First things first Mom is recovering well for the third day in a row. (thank you all so much for your concerns and prayers for my Mother and our family) It really means a lot to me having my blogging friends caring so much. 
Thursday November 3rd they moved my Mother out of ICU to the second floor. She had a terrible day of vomiting and diareea. This had completey drained her and she began to go down hill from there. By Friday afternoon it was terrible and My dad and I spent all Friday evening with her until 10. Saturday morning it was getting worse. She had now did not even have the energy to open her mouth to take her pills. This brought her blood pressure up and she was running a temperture. She went to the OR Saturday afternoon to have a central line put in.(meaning they would now longer have to try to pick her for blood or IV's as she has no veins to begin with) She was not well but did get through it. 
Saturday was also Jill and HB's  Birthday.My baby turned 8. (I felt so bad) I left my Mom for a hour and ran to the general store before it closed at 6 to pick up a store bought cake and got them to mark on it for me. 
I cried all the way home in the jeep feeling so bad for my daughter. Felling terrible for what my Mother was going through. I took a few deep breaths and wiped the tears away when I got home. HB had taken the girls to his Mother's and his sister's as they had not yet gotten there Halloween treat bags and they also had birthday gifts. We all sat and we had cake. Jill cried because of not having a birthday party and it took me everything I had not to cry when I told her how sorry I was. I did not even get any pics of her and Daddy with there little cake. HB had made them fries and pork chops on the BarBque for supper and gave them Dr. Pepper.
Sunday my Mother's Sister came from out of town and she spent the day with her. I got to spend a little time at home cleaning and doing some laundry. The weeones have been great keeping everything pretty tidy and the dishes.
Monday after the weeones went to school I headed back to the hospital for a long day with my Mother, Tuesday was the same and Thank God HB was on his days off as he got the weeones off the bus fed them supper and made sure there homework was done.
Wednesday was the first day of my Mother's improvement. Wednesday was also the day HB brought home our new cow to feed for one month before she will go into the deep freeze.Wednesday was also HB's first night back on night shifts for 5 nights.
 Thursday was even better eating almost all her soup. She has gained a little strength. She even sat up in the chair. Today was a another great day and she is excited for the day she can come home. She has told the DR.'s and nurses that she wants to be out of the hospital in 3 weeks. She has come ahead so good the last few days.
Throughout the weekend and week HB has also worked very hard on our new addition with adding yet another small open room for a small wood stove.
HB has been my saint through all of this. It was so good to know that the weeones were alright with there Daddy home. Mind you they ate a little to much deep fried foods, and not enough veggies but I think they will live.
I must try to get out tomorrow and take some update pics of the new addition and the new cow. Tomorrow the girls are going scrapbooking again. I need to run into town and pick up some staples for the fridge and pantry as well.
With all that has gone on I am needing a little down time,and I figure what better way to do this then Christmas decorating our home for the next week or so,and cannot wait to share that with all of you while I do it.
I also finished a few things while at the hospital. I finished my book I was reading (The Pioneer women a Love story) and my lap blanket that I knitted. I will blog pics of this soon. I think it was what kept me sane throughout all the ordeal.

Again I want to say Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your prayers and cares. miracles really do happen. 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Good friends

My dear friend took the girls out trick or treating on Monday after school. She went to the school picked them up,made pizza and helped them into their costumes. She helped Jayne paint her blue face for to be a Avatar person. She took them up the road to meet up with another lady from the school who had her daughter and a friend. They all had a wonderful time. 
Here is Jayne as a Avatar,Jill as a pretty cute little good witch.( who does not like to have her hat on)
and Veda Jayne's BFF as a little good Devil. 
It was very cool out and as you can see there was still a bit of snow out there. 

This is one of the whole gang with Margie at her farm. Margie and children just click together. (she runs a horse stable and has day camps all the time,the children love going there) 

We live in a very remote area and the houses are so far apart. Thanks to Amanda,and Diane for transporting the girls from house to house they were able to fill there bags and enjoy Halloween to it's fullest. 
They were very tired and poor HB had to work a hour overtime on Monday night. So with the hour of overtime and a hour of driving I got home before he did at quarter after 9. I got back into the jeep and drove right up to get the girls(who I thought would have been home ion the PJ's by this time) but we got home around quater to 10 and HB had just gotten home as well. The weeones washed up got into there PJ's and off to bed. Tuesday morning they were tired and Tuesday afternoon when they got off the bus they were very tired. But they keep telling me it was so worth it.
I am so thankful for having good friends at this time of need. If it was not for them the weeones would not have been able to go trick or treating. I thank God everyday for good friends. 
I hope someday,somewhere I will be able to repay them with help if they should need it. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Good morning. Well everything went well yesterday. She is in ICU and the next 8 hours are very cricale now. I called this morning and besides the pain she is fine so far. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR YOUR PRAYERS AND THOUGHTS! I can not explain how much it has meant to me.
I will be going up to the hospital after the weeones get on the bus.
Please contiue to pray for her.
Thank you all again for your prayers.