Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Picture Update

Yep I found my cord for the computer. It was under the island in the cupboard. Right where I left it.
So lets go backwards back to the beginning of November.

So remember the beginning of November was not a easy one. My Mother was not well and I spent all the time I could with her. She slept and my Father and I sat by her bedside. But because he still works he could not always be there with me. I decided to take along some knitting projects to keep myself sane as she slept. I completed a lap blanket that will become a Christmas gift.

I also got to read this fabulous book.

I did not get any pictures of my dear daughter Jillian's 8th birthday or Hb's birthday cake (as they celebrate this day together) but on the 13th was my Dad's Birthday and the girls baked him a cake.

It was a million dollar chocolate cake with boiled icing and the smarties was a great idea. The smile on his face was priceless. (I think he needed that)

Next I got outdoors and snapped a few pictures of the new addition before it had any interior walls in.

This is the back end that has a patio door. It will be the master bedroom and I will have a small deck coming off of it. Now It has ty wrap over the logs and we will cedar shingle it.

I know it is hard to see but this what it looks like from inside the patio door looking towards the new living room. I love the 2 big picture windows. That beam is now a log wall that has been covered in tongue and grove cedar boards.
Hb decided to add in another room off of the side of the living room for a small wood stove. Just as added heat for those really cold nights.

Tomorrow I will get out there and take some updated pics and show you how amazing the transformation is.

Next we did our pork up for winter. We did pork chops both boneless and with bone, we did roasts,steaks,ribs, and ground pork for both breakfast maple sausages and bigger ones for honey garlic. We also did up a few bags of pork hawks for boiled dinners. I did up some smaller bags of fat cubes for the beans and rendered the rest for cooking.

On the 18th was Jayne's 11th Birthday. Again I was not able to have any kind of party for her as my Mother was still not settled in and I was still running. But however I did pick her up a cake and we had a little birthday party with just us.

So not being able to be with my children was a terrible feeling. I hated the thought of not being there to share all the fun things we normally do. HB was great and took right over as Mr.Mom when I was away. I am so lucky and Thankful to have a Husband and Father of my Children like that.
So after Mom got settled in and things are beginning to finally slow down and normal is sort of coming around our little farm once again, I decided it was time to do something with my girls. HB went back to work on night shift and I told the girls we would get down and bake some cookies. Well it felt great to cook with my girls and the best part was the smile on their faces. They immediately  took out the Companies Coming Cookie book and choose some good ones.

Yep I love these little moments.

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