Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Warmer Then Normal Temps.

Good Morning. It is a rainy foggy morning out there and we are expected to reach a high of 15 degrees today. WOW!!!! That is really weird for this time of year.
The weeones awoke to hardly any fire on and the house still warm from last evening. I made sticky buns for breakfast and they had bacon grill cheese with them.
I slept well last night. 10 hours straight and I felt great when I woke up this morning. Very refreshed.
Today I have a bit more Varnishing to do on the tongue and grove boards on the other side of the house, laundry and cleaning out where we are going to bust out the wall.
I also want to go outdoors and work on my window boxes with some greenery and lights. The soil in the window boxes had been to froze to stick any branches in until today.
I took out some cup up chicken out of the freezer and will make a chicken stir fry for supper tonight with rice noodles. Jill's favorite.
Tomorrow is going to be a crazy busy day here. Jayne starts after school sports and she is very excited for this. I pick her up at 4:30 and I want to start the my 25 Days of Christmas with taking the weeones to the hospital for their annual Christmas trees light up. It is simply beautiful. Santa  comes with hot chocolate for the little ones and they even give out gifts of homemade scarves to the children. My Mother and Father will watch it from my Mother's Window. I can't wait to take loads of pics.
I will make up a lasagna tonight for tomorrows supper as we will be pressed for time,and Jill will help make her famous pizza bread. I also hope to pop back in tonight with a special up to date picture post,as I have misplaced my camera/computer cord and can't download any pictures at the moment for all of you to enjoy. So if I can find it I will be back tonight.
I wish all of your a beautiful day and I hope you all are getting this mild temps as well.

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  1. That is warm. We are in the 40s with wind. It sounds like a fun evening ahead for you.