Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Good morning. Well everything went well yesterday. She is in ICU and the next 8 hours are very cricale now. I called this morning and besides the pain she is fine so far. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR YOUR PRAYERS AND THOUGHTS! I can not explain how much it has meant to me.
I will be going up to the hospital after the weeones get on the bus.
Please contiue to pray for her.
Thank you all again for your prayers.


  1. Jessica, I am glad everything went well. I will continue to pray for your family and mom.

  2. Oh, I'm glad it went well. I hope she will continue to get good reports from her doctor! I will be keeping you all in my prayers.
    Cary Ann

  3. I am so glad the surgery went well. I will continue to pray for you all.


  4. Prayers for your mom and your family!