Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A yummy new take on Breakfast

This morning I wanted to change the breakfast menu a little. I decided to make these wonderful breakfast sandwiches that I came across yesterday on Chas's blog http://www.heritageacreshomestead.blogspot.com/ (I just love this blog so much) They are made out of pancakes as your bun and we added ham, eggs,and cheese in them. The final touches were to add a little of Justin's homemade maple syrup over the top. YUM! the weeones loved them and I can see that they will become a new family favorite for breakfast.


Have a great day everyone.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Musings

Good morning. The weather here is very cold again. It has been windy all weekend,and has made for the colder winter like temps. The high today is -12 with a chance of flurries.
Mom is doing well, she had a good night and her blood temps have come back down a bit. (still far from normal but much better then it was) My Aunt is spending the time with her so she has someone there with her. She is still awaiting the ok to go to the heart hospital yet. (the Doctors think it will be tomorrow)
I was not thinking I would get a chance to get on and blog for the next few days so this is really nice to be able to do so as I miss all of you so,and miss blogging so very much.
I spent the weekend  mostly on the phone updating friends,and family with my mom's condition. The girls and I went to town on Saturday to buy a few things we were running low on, also a few good specials. The girls picked up couple of movies to rent for Saturday night,and they of course they bought all the junk food to go with it. HB and Justin spent the day in the woods trying to get out as many cedar fence posts as they could as we will need lots this Spring,and we also sell them.
Jill is getting very excited this week as it is the release date on Tuesday for Tangled (she has saved up enough money to buy it as she just loves it.
She has this poster right over her bed.

We also took sometime Saturday to add a few more pictures to Jill's closet door. She is making a collage of all her favorite pictures.

She has everything from her Liv doll Hayden to her Blythe's to her pets,siblings,and of course herself.

Poor Jayne is still awaiting her bedroom makeover. I keep telling it will come. She is so understanding with everything that has been going on, that she says "I Know, I Know" (My little girl is so grown up sometimes)
We had a wonderful yummy supper of meatloaf last night. There were no leftovers at all!Tonight we are having a pork roast that has been in the slow cooker all morning on a bed of chopped up onions,with some spices on the top and a bottle of Coke Cola over the entire thing (it is a great tenderizer ) We will have pulled pork and gravy,with sour cream mashed potatoes,and buttered beans.
Tomorrow we are having meatball and pork fried rice (with the leftover pork) and my families favorite salad,and also my go to salad. Spaghetti Salad.
Very simple........ A box of cooked spaghetti drained in cold water. Some chopped green veggies, (cucs,broccoli,celery, green pepper, and a little chopped carrot for color) and some creamy cucumber salad dressing. THATS IT!!!!!
Wednesday night (If I am home) will be steak and cheese potatoes.

Well I better not sit to long. Time to get the rest of the laundry put away into the drawers.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Well a lot has happened since I last blogged. Wednesday afternoon I received the most terrible phone call. My Mom is in the hospital about three hours away. She was going to have a small operation on her foot to see if there was a blockage there. Well while on the operating table she had a heart attack and her heart stopped. They did get it going but had to call in the family. I got the children off the bus and my HB home and left right away. I stayed over night with her and she is in stable condition. Her only Sister is staying with her. She is going off to the next city on Tuesday as that is where the heart hospital is.(as they are still not sure why this all happened.)
I hope to be back on Thursday to blog again.She has really came a long way since Wednesday and hope it only gets better.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mailbox Waiting

Jayne was not the only one sitting on top of the mailbox waiting for parcels to come. With our Dollar doing so good right we all have been cleaning out our penny banks with online shopping. (we have always shopped a lot this way due to where we are located MIDDLE OF NOWHERE) don't get me wrong I love living here,but I also love to be able to shop all those stores I here you all talk about without having to make a day trip out of it.
Ok back on topic........ I have found a new love......A new passion...... I love to sew,so what better then great patterns....... I am talking about Janelle Wind Collection
I Started off with three patterns from here. When I received I knew right then that this line is for me. Easy to understand, and very straight forward for sewers like myself.
This is my favorite. I can't wait to get it done. I am planning on using this as my new market bag to go shopping with at the general store.
This one Jayne and Jillian can't wait till I get at it. They love journals and love to doodle and write. Won't these be great for Birthday gifts. (What little girl would not want one of these)
This one speaks for itself. I dream one day to have a guest room with this quilt and sham on the bed. (This will be a long term project)

NOW yesterday when I went to the mailbox I got the best gift of all.  The Pieces of me book, from Janelle wind with loads of projects for me to make. I have read this book over and over again last night........

The girls are already after me to get those buckets made for there rooms.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Crows In The Garbage

Life has been very different here at our home for the last week, as you all might have read that my Mother has been in the hospital. She is a severe diabetic, and has been through a lot in the last couple of years. Lately her conditions have increased to more, with having a large crack in her foot leading to a bone infection. The bone infection has spread to her blood,and after going into the hospital she has had a hard go with some many other things that have came out and gone wrong. The only good thing is that yesterday she got a transfer to the big city hospital to where they are so much more equipped. It is three hours away,and we are now just waiting to hear from her. Her only Sister lives there and will stay with her. My Mother is in our prayers each and every night, and I also want to Thank all of you for your kind words and thoughts for my Mother as well.
While running back and forth from home to the hospital I have been trying to keep our home a home as well. HB  has been working out well with his new job. (He has been doing a great shift of Monday to Thursday 12 hours shifts and Friday,Saturday,and Sunday off) Thank God as I believe he has been watching over us and trying to help out. HB has been great taking over as Mr.Mom while I am away. However I have had a bit of a chance to hang out with the weeones.I have been helping Jill with a few things, her room is coming along nicely with her new little nook which is her own special space. I think I told all of you before that HB came home from work awhile back with a old school desk, we housed it in our tiny living room for awhile where the children played and  worked at it.(but I really had no room for it) So I had a idea. Put it in the little nook in Jill's room. She loves it.
I added a white board,magnetic board,and a cork board. (all from the Dollarstore)

She really loves to spend time there.

I also gave her tiny room a good cleaning.

A little room with a whole lot of stuff,and a place for everything.....

Jayne has had a little excitement lately as well. She had been pretty sitting next to the mail box for the last couple of weeks waiting for a parcel,and finally last week it came in.

6 New "Mazin Hamsters from Webzins" she loves webkinzs.
She now has 7 mazin hansters and to many other webkinzs......

I am getting ready to paint her room as well. I have just removed the wall paper border and will begin to paint hopefully by next week.
As for my only boy well, he is still skidoo crazy and spends all his money on gas fot it. but has also began anew Hobby for this time of year. He has been taping trees and with the help from the neighbour they have been making maple syrup. How Fun!!! I can't wait to try some.(I have been trying to get him to take some photos so i can post some)
As for Mr.Mom like I said before he is doing well with his new job. Besides work he has been cutting cedar trees out of the cedar swamp before it thaws to much, and he can not get in there. We sold 5 cords to help with our annually property tax bill. We also are going to saw some for our deck.
Now for todays title of my blog. Well Tuesday is our garbage day. We have a rubbermaid garbage can that I use to roll down the lane to the road and snap the cover on and that was it. no problems, well it froze intot he ground and I was not able to take it out today. I only had a bag and a half of garbage and walked down dropped the bags off at the end of the driveway,sprayed them with lysol so that nothing would do near. I came in the house did some house work and looked out the window I could see the crows down there, having a ball tearing my garbage flying around. I think they were even laughing at me. Haha lysol does not bother us! I had to go find a box and take some new garbage bags and clean up and put them intot he box to try to cover it up. I was so mad that I even yelled at the crow flying over. Now that I am sitting here,I am laughing to myself wondering if anyone besides the crow heard me...

Well I should go and put away some laundry and start to cut up my preparing for supper. Tonights supper is a ham with a nice glaze. I am also going to have rice and a noodle side dish. The girls have requested carrots,and broccoli with cheese sauce to go with it as well. HUMMMMM! I guess so.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Blog update

Hello Everyone, Sorry I have not been around to blog,but I have been busy with my Mom. She has not been feeling well and went into the hospital last Friday with a bone infection,that has now spread to the blood. She is having good days and bad ones,but today thank God is a good one.
I have spent a lot of time there and still am. I will be back to blog as soon as I can. I miss you all and miss all your blogs.
I will do my best to get back to blogging as soon as I can. Take care and I hope you are all well.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

March Break

It had been a few days since I last blogged and have so much to catch you all up on. We are finally have some warmer weather and are finally caught up on snow shoveling.
Last week the girls had a Expo at their school for their enrichment section that they did.( It is when they out some thing they would like to join and they go to these classes once a week for six weeks. There are all different things,like pottary, animals,scrapbooking,cooking, music, crafts, and geo cashing.) Jayne was in cooking and Jill music. THey enjoyed it and both learned a few new things. They got to show me what they learned at the expo.
Jayne looks pretty neat with those Chef hats they gave all the little cooks.
She was selling Banana choc.chip muffins at the expo that they had made that morning.
Jill was setting up her program in which she learned all her keyboarding skills.
She loves music and her teacher told how much she really enjoyed this class.

We are on our annual March break this week.So it has really been a mixed up tossed up week.

We are almost done our March break, and have got a lot done this week. We spent the beginning of the week Spring cleaning the upstairs. We all worked very hard taking everything out of our drawers,and washed everything done. Washed the walls, lights,and went through our closets. We also made some changes in Justin's room and he loves it.(I will post some pics on it a little later this weekend)
Jayne and I worked at taking the border off her walls so that I can paint early next week,or maybe even on the weekend.
HB is loving his new job. He is tired as it is hard getting back into the routine of 12 hours shifts again. He is also working in training so it has been 5, 12 hour shifts for 2 weeks. Yesterday he got sent in for a meeting in the offices and they want his to take a hire posting as he is well over qualified. It will be a staff job. He is happy and will give his disision today. He is also hoping to be off tomorrow and we decided to go to the city and take the weeones to a movie. We usually do something for March break and this year well with the whole new job thing we did not get to. So it will be nice.
We are expecting more rain for the weekend. At least it is not snow. I think the only one around that is not Happy to see Spring come is our Pig.
This weekend is the time change so it will make our days longer. YEAH!!!
So have I been crafting.........
Well not to much. I have some beautiful new fabric I got from EBAY. I also ordered more and am planning a whole lot of sewing for Spring. As soon as I am done Jayne's room I am going to get at it. My sewing machine is still sitting out on the island. (The tension is off set and Hb needs to set it before I can continue anymore) It seems that every time I put my sewing machine away and take it back back out I go through the same thing. HUMMM!!!!
Well I should go and finish up my laundry. Take care and I wish you all a great day.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Snow storm hits us hard! AGAIN!

Yep it has found us once again. 60 cm's and freezing rain. What a storm. What a way to start the March break.
Justin and my parents left yesterday before the storm out of town as my Mother had a Doctor App. tomorrow morning. HB still is not home from work, and the girls and I used the day to house clean the whole upstairs.
We had not lose our power but there are a lot of homes that have.
We are hoping for a nice and bright day tomorrow.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


I have so many projects on the go and so many more to start. I will be posting a lot of Crafting projects throughout the month of what we are doing. I hope you all join in and craft for the month of March. I can't wait to see what projects you all are up to. Please let me know and I will be sure to check them out.

Friday, March 4, 2011

My only boy turns 13 "Part 2"

Well Justin is now my teenage boy. (I wonder if I can still call him my weeone.) I just can't believe how fats they grow up,before long he will be graduated.
Justin had a good Birthday. It was quite and my parents came over for supper,which Justin wanted Manwich. We had hamburgers and he had his manwich.
Can you believe it after everything he could have chose for me to make........

But he enjoyed everybite
After Supper he opened his gifts from us. His Grandparents all gave him money as he is going away next with my parents out of town so he will have spending money.
                                                            He got this new T-shirt
                                                 And his favorite magazine about hunting and fishing

Then it was time for cake..........
I made the cake and bought a skidoo play set at the store awhile back to decorate the top. The candles were kinda neat too. They lite the flame the same color as the candle itself.(dollarstore find)
All in all I think it was a good time. Everyone enjoyed themselves and they all loved the grape soda I sereved as well with supper. Even Hayden and Sophie came to the party.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

My only boy turns 13

Yesterday the temps really warmed up from -20 in the morning to a high of 0 in the afternoon.
Jayne got up with a headache yesterday so she stayed home for the day with me. She spent most of the morning just lazying around and playing on her computer after feeling a bit better. She also decided to take a look into and gather up her sewing notions as she found this little old sewing box at the thrift store a couple weeks ago for .25 cents.

She found a few threads inside and began digging out her things. She has not yet finished but has moved everything into a laundry basket in her room.

Jill came home from school and dug out her new coloring book, she had gotten the last time we went to Wal-mart. It is a giant one and she uses those lovely coloring pencils that she had got for her Birthday. She really loves to color and these big ones are really great.

Of course she got it in Tangled as they just can't wait for it to come out on video. The girls love Rapunzel, so this will be even better.

I love that little guy, that is her best friend. His name is "Pascel" to cute! (Jayne has the new webkinz cameleon    
named Pascel and you will meet him soon)

So after supper we went out for a walk and to play abit as it was so nice out. (It was nice for a change to do the barn work and not freeze) then we came in and the weeones took their baths. Jayne worked more on her sewing box and Jill decided to make some changes in her room. She has just in a old school desk that HB brought home from work awhile back and it has been housed in my living room ever since.(Like my living room was not small enough without that in there) So Jill declared it and we moved it into her room. She has this little nook in her little room due to the stairs being right under her. So it fit in there without a inch to spare.
I will post more about it on Friday.
Today the weather is snapping cold it dropped down to a freezing-30 throughout the night and will stay there all day.(and we wonder why we get sick,hummm! 0 to -30) It is also very windy out and it blew so hard all night.
HB starts his shifts today. He left at 5 this morning, and will be home around 6:30 tonight. (Makes for a long day) He is on day shifts for a couple of days and might even get the weekend off,as he needs to get into his regular shift next week. They work 2 days, 2 nights, and 4 off.

wow where has the years gone. I will bake a cake today,and can you believe it he wants manwich for supper as it is his favorite. HAHA!
So manwich it is!
I bought his a shirt for his birthday and tomorrow I will post all about his special day!

Tonight the girls have there guiding group and it is going to be sooooo cold to go there but........ gotta go as they are working for a new badge.
Well I should go and start breakfast as the weeones willl soon be getting up. Take care and I hope it is warmer in your parts of the country then mine.
Here is a cute picture of Molly on the lawn I took yesterday afternoon.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Someone should let the groundhog know to look into his predictions better

We have had nothing but cold weather and snow with wind for a week now. Friday we had another storm,and again on Monday. The weeones had their first snow day of the year Monday. (Which they really should have had about 10, but that's a whole other story) anyhow, I am so sick of shoveling off roofs,steps,and doorways. I have had enough!
Yes it is not over yet as we are seeing more tomorrow and at the end of the week again..........
This is what I see when I open my front door. yep that's my 6 1/2 foot lamp post there buried in the snow.Well that's what is left to it anyway.
And when I look out the window this is what I see. 

OK enough about me complaining about the snow,as it is here to stay for a while longer. So I have made the best out of it by moving into the fiber studio in the barn. Cleaning and catching up with my spinning projects.
Oh I need more days of this.......

Saturday the girls penny circus day for their guiding group was cancelled till after March break,due to the storm. They did however go to their friends Birthday party at the pool in the city, and we had a ball. It is Jayne's best friend's party so Jayne got to sleep over at her place after that.
The highlight of the party was this new thing for the pool. It is called a hammerhead,and the children run or crawl and try to get to the end without falling off. 
Can you make out Jayne trying to get across it. 

Sunday we picked up Justin at my in-laws as he spent the weekend down there. Then we picked Jayne up,yep Jill had us all to herself and even though she missed her brother and sister she ejoyed having us all to herself. We had lovely turkey supper before getting ready for our Sunday family night of our favorite TV show Heartland. 
Monday morning HB began his new job he will spend most of the week on courses,medicals,and all that fun stuff before going into the job. I am feeling so much better now that I know he is working,as I was beginning to wonder what Spring was going to behold.
We had hot turkey sandwiches last night for supper with fries. We cleaned snow and then off to bed. Today it is drifting out so bad. The weeones still had school with only a few buses not running and only one school in the area closed for the day. 
Tonight we are having pork chop,baked potatoes, side rice dish,and toss salad. 
My house is pretty much back to norm. So I think I will now take a hour for myself,and do some sewing. Take care and I hope to be back tomorrow blogging, as sometimes I just can't seem to get 10 mins to get on. But always try to at least read my daily blogs.
Have a warm day!