Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Crows In The Garbage

Life has been very different here at our home for the last week, as you all might have read that my Mother has been in the hospital. She is a severe diabetic, and has been through a lot in the last couple of years. Lately her conditions have increased to more, with having a large crack in her foot leading to a bone infection. The bone infection has spread to her blood,and after going into the hospital she has had a hard go with some many other things that have came out and gone wrong. The only good thing is that yesterday she got a transfer to the big city hospital to where they are so much more equipped. It is three hours away,and we are now just waiting to hear from her. Her only Sister lives there and will stay with her. My Mother is in our prayers each and every night, and I also want to Thank all of you for your kind words and thoughts for my Mother as well.
While running back and forth from home to the hospital I have been trying to keep our home a home as well. HB  has been working out well with his new job. (He has been doing a great shift of Monday to Thursday 12 hours shifts and Friday,Saturday,and Sunday off) Thank God as I believe he has been watching over us and trying to help out. HB has been great taking over as Mr.Mom while I am away. However I have had a bit of a chance to hang out with the weeones.I have been helping Jill with a few things, her room is coming along nicely with her new little nook which is her own special space. I think I told all of you before that HB came home from work awhile back with a old school desk, we housed it in our tiny living room for awhile where the children played and  worked at it.(but I really had no room for it) So I had a idea. Put it in the little nook in Jill's room. She loves it.
I added a white board,magnetic board,and a cork board. (all from the Dollarstore)

She really loves to spend time there.

I also gave her tiny room a good cleaning.

A little room with a whole lot of stuff,and a place for everything.....

Jayne has had a little excitement lately as well. She had been pretty sitting next to the mail box for the last couple of weeks waiting for a parcel,and finally last week it came in.

6 New "Mazin Hamsters from Webzins" she loves webkinzs.
She now has 7 mazin hansters and to many other webkinzs......

I am getting ready to paint her room as well. I have just removed the wall paper border and will begin to paint hopefully by next week.
As for my only boy well, he is still skidoo crazy and spends all his money on gas fot it. but has also began anew Hobby for this time of year. He has been taping trees and with the help from the neighbour they have been making maple syrup. How Fun!!! I can't wait to try some.(I have been trying to get him to take some photos so i can post some)
As for Mr.Mom like I said before he is doing well with his new job. Besides work he has been cutting cedar trees out of the cedar swamp before it thaws to much, and he can not get in there. We sold 5 cords to help with our annually property tax bill. We also are going to saw some for our deck.
Now for todays title of my blog. Well Tuesday is our garbage day. We have a rubbermaid garbage can that I use to roll down the lane to the road and snap the cover on and that was it. no problems, well it froze intot he ground and I was not able to take it out today. I only had a bag and a half of garbage and walked down dropped the bags off at the end of the driveway,sprayed them with lysol so that nothing would do near. I came in the house did some house work and looked out the window I could see the crows down there, having a ball tearing my garbage flying around. I think they were even laughing at me. Haha lysol does not bother us! I had to go find a box and take some new garbage bags and clean up and put them intot he box to try to cover it up. I was so mad that I even yelled at the crow flying over. Now that I am sitting here,I am laughing to myself wondering if anyone besides the crow heard me...

Well I should go and put away some laundry and start to cut up my preparing for supper. Tonights supper is a ham with a nice glaze. I am also going to have rice and a noodle side dish. The girls have requested carrots,and broccoli with cheese sauce to go with it as well. HUMMMMM! I guess so.


  1. I have been praying for your mom and you all. So glad to hear that HB job is going well. What a blessing that he can be there to help out while you have been busy with your mom.

    I love the little nook in Jill's room. How fun that must be. I like how you have utilized the space and made a shelf next to it. Our upstairs slopes down as well.

    How fun for Jayne to get her parcel finally. It is always fun to get something in the mail.

    I hope that the crows leave your garbage alone. I know we have had to pick up from the wind, and dogs, and it isn't fun.

    Have a great day and enjoy your supper. It sounds wonderful.


  2. I do hope your mom gets to feelong better! I am glad her sister lives near the hospital so she can stay with her.I love what you did with Jill's room. That desk fit perfectly in that nook! What a great place to spend reading and writting :)We have lots of crows at our house too. I would of been yelling at them too :) Hope you have a great day today.

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