Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Musings

Good morning. The weather here is very cold again. It has been windy all weekend,and has made for the colder winter like temps. The high today is -12 with a chance of flurries.
Mom is doing well, she had a good night and her blood temps have come back down a bit. (still far from normal but much better then it was) My Aunt is spending the time with her so she has someone there with her. She is still awaiting the ok to go to the heart hospital yet. (the Doctors think it will be tomorrow)
I was not thinking I would get a chance to get on and blog for the next few days so this is really nice to be able to do so as I miss all of you so,and miss blogging so very much.
I spent the weekend  mostly on the phone updating friends,and family with my mom's condition. The girls and I went to town on Saturday to buy a few things we were running low on, also a few good specials. The girls picked up couple of movies to rent for Saturday night,and they of course they bought all the junk food to go with it. HB and Justin spent the day in the woods trying to get out as many cedar fence posts as they could as we will need lots this Spring,and we also sell them.
Jill is getting very excited this week as it is the release date on Tuesday for Tangled (she has saved up enough money to buy it as she just loves it.
She has this poster right over her bed.

We also took sometime Saturday to add a few more pictures to Jill's closet door. She is making a collage of all her favorite pictures.

She has everything from her Liv doll Hayden to her Blythe's to her pets,siblings,and of course herself.

Poor Jayne is still awaiting her bedroom makeover. I keep telling it will come. She is so understanding with everything that has been going on, that she says "I Know, I Know" (My little girl is so grown up sometimes)
We had a wonderful yummy supper of meatloaf last night. There were no leftovers at all!Tonight we are having a pork roast that has been in the slow cooker all morning on a bed of chopped up onions,with some spices on the top and a bottle of Coke Cola over the entire thing (it is a great tenderizer ) We will have pulled pork and gravy,with sour cream mashed potatoes,and buttered beans.
Tomorrow we are having meatball and pork fried rice (with the leftover pork) and my families favorite salad,and also my go to salad. Spaghetti Salad.
Very simple........ A box of cooked spaghetti drained in cold water. Some chopped green veggies, (cucs,broccoli,celery, green pepper, and a little chopped carrot for color) and some creamy cucumber salad dressing. THATS IT!!!!!
Wednesday night (If I am home) will be steak and cheese potatoes.

Well I better not sit to long. Time to get the rest of the laundry put away into the drawers.


  1. I tried commenting yesterday but it was storming here and my connection kept breaking up. I am glad your mom is doing somewhat better. I have been keeping her on my prayer list and do hope she recovers soon and is able to go home. I know you are so glad your aunt is there to be with her.
    My daughters are excited to see the Tangled movie as well. We rented Yogi Bear this weekend and the kiddies really liked it.
    Your menu sounds yumm :)
    I have missed reading your daily blogs. I always enjoy reading them and seeing your pictures .
    Hope you have a great week and keep us updated on your mom whever your able to.
    Blessings, Cary Ann

  2. Thank you so much for your kinds words,and prayers.

  3. I'm catching up on your blog...your post this morning said she is doing well after the surgery! So good to hear....and how wonderful your child was patient through all this...having a sick loved one is so stressful!