Thursday, February 27, 2014

Update and a few pictures

Good day Ladies. Again it sure has been to long since my last post.
So I will try and bring you all upto date.

We had a few huge snowstorms.
But we were are all warm,safe,and cozy indoors.

We had a lovely gathering for our annual pork chop fry.
Great food and even better company.

HB and Jill went to buy 4 piglets for the upcoming seasons. While they were there Jill found 2 new baby chicks to bring home for her and Jayne.
Sochi ( a black one) that Jayne has named after the Olympics of course. Jill named hers Fufu.

BUT..... This morning when I got back from driving my Dad to work. I came into the house and found the Rubbermaid tub at the door, and the headlamp on the floor,and the cover still snapped on the top. BUT... Sochi was missing. The cat was under the table and Frannie met meat the door. I looked everywhere no chick. No feathers. No reason..... I am totally lost. I don't know where it could have ended up. If Frannie or the cat got it then there would be at least 1 feather. But nothing. 
I am so sad for Jayne.

The girls went to their friends Birthday over the weekend. She turned 13 along with Jayne. Funny I remember so well when her Mom and I turned 13. We were good friends as well.

Last night Jerry and the girls began to incubate some eggs. I can't believe it is that time of year again. 

I am so done with Winter. I can not wait to start up for Spring. The signs are coming. Our Canadian coffee "Tim Hortons" has there annual roll up the rim to win" ( which is a sure spring is close sign)hehe!

Next week is March break here for the Kiddies. They are sure excited. 
Next Monday is my only boys 16th Birthday....... I can not believe it.

Next Thursday we are planning a day trip to the big city to go shopping. Costco here we come. My pantry selves are getting low. 

 I have bought some new seedling trays to put on my window ledges in the living room. I have ordered all kinds of seeds and are excited for some heirlom seeds this year. 

Babies are on their way shortly in the barn. Cinnie the goat has a nice bag, as long with Phoebe the Jersey. They both are bagging up nicely. 

Back to piglets. HB got a great deal when he went to buy one so he ended up with all 4. Besides the one we bought a couple months back and left at the farmer over the roads barn as he wanted to keep the little ones all together till they got bigger. Yep 4+1=5..... That's a whole lot of pork.....

My Mom is still the same. Good days and Bad.....Dad is doing well. 
My new fridge is working great. Better then the other. 
It is still soooo cold here. It has been down to -30 this week. And it is not suppose to warm up over the weekend either. 
So I will keep the fires stocked.

My dear friend (who has the daughter with the Birthday) has just lost her Grammie this week. She was very close to her and I feel so for the family. 
I will go to the wake on Friday evening and funeral on Saturday morning.

Well that's about it for now. Hope I can keep up to my posts this time. Take care and stay warm.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Upcoming Storm

Well I'm on the mend after a couple of long druggy days. Feeling better this morning. Still a sore nose ( a little like Rudolph's )
The kiddies are doing well. Hubby is also feeling much better.
Tuesday I got all the turkey stock I made put away. Another 20 cups. (Yeah!)
I made a wonderful turkey and noodles soup. I think that helped me get better quicker.
We had a turkey pot pie for supper Tuesday night with the left over turkey and the lunch boxes got yet another day of turkey sandwiches. Not to mention a little bag for the freezer for turkey fried rice a little later on. Amazing what a wonderful menu you can get from a turkey. Love those weeks :)

Yesterday was yet another cold bitter morning of -30 then as the day got later like 3ish it warmed up in the sun and it was not as cold to do my second barn run.

We had a lovely steak dinner, with beef fried Mac and baked potatoes. 

Today is going to be a busy one. We have a major snow storm on its way for tonight and tomorrow. 
We had a lot of snow at the beginning of winter. It was early this year, but have not had much since, it has been terribly bitter cold, thus keeping the snow that we got earlier. ( don't get me wrong we have had little snow storms but nothing that slowed us down here in northern New Brunswick)
But we are expecting 35 to 45 cms of snow between tonight and tomorrow. 90 km winds tomorrow and frezzing ice pellets as well. 
The kiddies are super excited as they have not had very much in the means of snow days this winter. The girls are not however happy that it is going to fall on Valentines Day. As they have made and prepared for there friends and classmates wonderful gifts. :(
But they can have it on Tuesday instead. ( as Monday is a teacher meeting day and the kiddies have no School)
Super Long Weekend!!!! :)

I am hoping that the city will also close tomorrow then I will not have to get out on those roads to drive my Dad to work.

So I need to run into town today for a feed run, to pick up a few groceries for my Parents before the storm. I am picking the girls up as Jayne's volleyball try outs are cancelled for tonight. We need to pick up a few items also for Saturday, as we are have our hosting our annual pork chop fry here at the house. It was such a wonderful evening last year that we decided to do it again. 
We are expecting 14 adults and 5 children.
I have a few items that I need for my table setting. 

Well that's all for today, I try and check back in tomorrow to let you all know how the storm is going, if I have Internet and power. 
Take care and Happy Valentines Day :)

Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday Again

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I was sure happy to see it come. Last week was a long week with Jillian and Jerry both sick, and then me putting my back out, and Mom not feeling the best.
Jillian recovered well, and Jerry is doing better. ( can't sit still for very long) tipical man.....
Mom had the nurse in on Saturday and she wanted to try a new kind of dressing for her backside.

Saturday I was feeling better so the girls and I worked on cleaning out the spare area upstairs. We are getting ready to expend Jill's room. A very very long overdue project she has been waiting for.

Jill also cleaned out her drawers and we went through all of our cloths and made up bags for the Salvation Army.

Saturday night Hubby made fries and chicken tenders for supper. Justin took out some speghetti sauce out of the freezer for Lasagna and Jerry took a turkey out as well.

I went to bed early as my back was acting up again for doing to much Saturday.
Sunday morning Jayne was up early as she was volenteering at the local arena for skate for the heart. ( it is heart and stroke month here)
Jerry drove her for 9 and she was working till 5.Jill and Frannie went with him to take her.

I felt better so Sunday morning I got to work in the kitchen. I cleaned up and got busy making the potato dressing for the turkey and then when Jill came back she helped me and made up the lasagna for Monday nights supper. We let it cool before putting it into the fridge.
We got the turkey stuffed and into the oven, cut up the veggies and put on the stove for later, and made up cranberries.

We picked Jayne up and had a lovely supper. I began sneezing after supper and my nose ran, and yep you guessed it. I was up all night with a terrible cold......
Soup, honey,Kleenex, and homemade vapor rub for me.....
Not a great way to start the week.
Take care and I hope you all are well.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Mid Week

Yesterday both Hb and Jill were home sick.
I put a big pot of beef stew on with loads of broth so they could sip on some, and also I find the dough boys absorb a lot.
It was a early night, and everyone got a good nights sleep. We all had a good morning. Homemade waffles, HB went to work, and all the kiddies went to school.
It was a very cold morning. -27 and it did not warm up to much.
Around 8 ish my back began to ache.   By 10 I could barly move. It was not a pleasant day for the rest of the day for me. Mom was very sleepy today so I did not stay to long inbetween meals so both she could rest, and I could come home and rest my back a little before going back.
I made a penne casserole with a green salad for supper.
I had a very hot bath and slipped into my PJ's and relaxed a bit on the couch before the kiddies got home.
They set the table for supper, and HB did the barn work for me. Justin filled the wood boxes,and the girls cleaned up after supper and cleaned the kitchen.
Did I mention that I love my family.
I sure hope I feel better tomorrow. The last time I put my back out it took awhile. Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday and my Dad will be off for the weekend.
Well I'm going to go lay down and see if the pain will settle a bit. Take care and I wish you all a great weekend.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Oh My! Where To Begin

Well it sure has been way to long since my last blog post. Life sure gets busy is all I can say.
It has been a terrible cold month and we have plenty of snow on the ground.

The freezers are getting dug into and the wood sheds are as well. The pantry shelves are going down, and the root cellar is not as full anymore.

The children all have had a terrible cold, along with HB. It seems to linger on and getting rid of it has become a challenge. Thank goodness I have not had any symptoms.
Poor HB ended up with pneumonia.

Mom is still the same no change. Dad is hanging on, I wish I could do more but I need to home in the evenings with my own family.

The barn family are all doing well, for these cold conditions. No more frozen water lines so far. I am hoping those days are behind us now.

I moved Cinnie my Toggenburg goat to the front pen with Wolly our old sheep. They both should be bred and due this month. I have been heavily grainy them, and if they have there young during the night when no one is around then I will have no worries about it happening outdoors or the babies wondering out into the cold.

I moved the geese into the old pig pen at the back of the barn. I had to make a move a little early as they were destroying my barn with "crap" the alleyways, my square bale hay mound and my goat milking stand. WHAT A MESS! I just could not take it any longer. I hope they decide to get comfy and lay.

My lay hens are back to laying full time again. This makes me very happy. We were only getting 2,to ,4 to sometimes none a day.

As for my fridge dilemma well after a month with it breaking down every 4 days the company we bought it from finally gave in and gave us a new one of a different brand. We ended up with a LG.
And so far so good.

The biggest thing that has gone on around here in the last month was the disappearance of Jill's Cat "Buttons" He was a huge black cat that stayed out doors over night sleeping in the barn and coming into the house to eat in the mornings, going out frequently throughout the day to use the washroom as we did not keep kitty litter in the house. He would come to the window in the dining room when he was ready to come back and meow. Well a month ago he disappeared. Three days led to a week and a week led to two. The weather was at a dead cold of -40 with the wind chill most days and HB spotted him about a mile down the road crossing it. He stopped yelled for him and he was gone in a flash. Then that was it no Buttons again. Then after a month and a very sad little girl who spent weeks after school walking the trails around and up to the sawmill shaking the bag of kitty food, calling his name it happened.
HB went to see the farmer over the road who has our next piglet. To see when he wanted it to come home. They were standing in the barn talking and Buttons ran past HB. He was shocked the farmer said that he came about 2 days ago and is pretty scared. HB tried to catch him but no luck. He came home got Jill up and they went back down. Within 10 mins they were back with Buttons. He came right to her.
She was so happy she cried.
Buttons is doing great except for losing a bit of weight, and a couple Scratches on his face. It looks like the pads of his paws must have froze but he is back to norm now.

He had a dry shampoo bath because he stunk of barn BAD! Now he smells like a blueberry muffin.

A happy ending to a very sad month. We are making a appointment for him to get checked and to get fixed and they have put out a kitty litter and Jill says he is not allowed back outdoors. So I guess we have a house cat. As long as he stays off my kitchen countertops.

Well it's time for me to hit the sack. Jill and Justin told me they would like french toast for breakfast so I need to go take out a baguette out of the freezer for morning. Good night and I hope you all are well.