Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Upcoming Storm

Well I'm on the mend after a couple of long druggy days. Feeling better this morning. Still a sore nose ( a little like Rudolph's )
The kiddies are doing well. Hubby is also feeling much better.
Tuesday I got all the turkey stock I made put away. Another 20 cups. (Yeah!)
I made a wonderful turkey and noodles soup. I think that helped me get better quicker.
We had a turkey pot pie for supper Tuesday night with the left over turkey and the lunch boxes got yet another day of turkey sandwiches. Not to mention a little bag for the freezer for turkey fried rice a little later on. Amazing what a wonderful menu you can get from a turkey. Love those weeks :)

Yesterday was yet another cold bitter morning of -30 then as the day got later like 3ish it warmed up in the sun and it was not as cold to do my second barn run.

We had a lovely steak dinner, with beef fried Mac and baked potatoes. 

Today is going to be a busy one. We have a major snow storm on its way for tonight and tomorrow. 
We had a lot of snow at the beginning of winter. It was early this year, but have not had much since, it has been terribly bitter cold, thus keeping the snow that we got earlier. ( don't get me wrong we have had little snow storms but nothing that slowed us down here in northern New Brunswick)
But we are expecting 35 to 45 cms of snow between tonight and tomorrow. 90 km winds tomorrow and frezzing ice pellets as well. 
The kiddies are super excited as they have not had very much in the means of snow days this winter. The girls are not however happy that it is going to fall on Valentines Day. As they have made and prepared for there friends and classmates wonderful gifts. :(
But they can have it on Tuesday instead. ( as Monday is a teacher meeting day and the kiddies have no School)
Super Long Weekend!!!! :)

I am hoping that the city will also close tomorrow then I will not have to get out on those roads to drive my Dad to work.

So I need to run into town today for a feed run, to pick up a few groceries for my Parents before the storm. I am picking the girls up as Jayne's volleyball try outs are cancelled for tonight. We need to pick up a few items also for Saturday, as we are have our hosting our annual pork chop fry here at the house. It was such a wonderful evening last year that we decided to do it again. 
We are expecting 14 adults and 5 children.
I have a few items that I need for my table setting. 

Well that's all for today, I try and check back in tomorrow to let you all know how the storm is going, if I have Internet and power. 
Take care and Happy Valentines Day :)


  1. Good Morning.. Glad you are all feeling better.. I have been trying to find out exactly how much snow we are getting here in Southern New Brunswick but they are not sure if it will be snow or rain and snow mixed. We much prefer snow as rain freezes, eh? We are planning a little Valentine Supper but it depends on the weather as our friends live half an hour away.. Hope your hydro stays on.. Are you near Cambellton or Edmunston? Just curious.. Take care....

  2. Hi, Jessica! Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family! Glad everyone is feeling better. We have nearly 2 feet of snow on the ground which is much more than we usually get and it all fell within 24 hours. It was nice that Quentin got a snow day yesterday. :) Your pork chop fry sounds delicious and fun!


  3. Happy late Valentines Day to you! I hope you are now feeling better and have survived the storm. Your pork chop dinner sounds delicious and fun. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  4. I would be happy to help you with the milker! I know the hand pump part we got at an auto parts store.