Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Prayer Request

My Mother is not doing well and the Doctors have called in the family. Please continue to pray for my family in this time of need.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wednesday To Wednesday

Wow a week has gone by since I last blogged. Where oh where have the days gone.
Here is a little recap of the past week. (without pics as my camera will still not upload on the computer)

Wednesday afternoon HB and I took off to get 2 new piglets. There were so many piglets there to chose from and we were only suppose to buy one but we decided since they were so good looking and healthy we would take 2. The girls have named them Babe and Bailey.

Thursday afternoon Mom had a terrible afternoon, with her heart stopping and they were able to bring her back. I only got home very late Thursday night. But she is doing much better and nothing else has happened since.

Friday the weather got really nice and HB and the weeones worked on the garden. We had take out for supper after I got home from the hospital around 6. We decided since everything was still good we would head over to our friends who have a large sheep from for a evening in the barns enjoying over a 100 lambs and helping them out a bit. We had coffee and cookies and enjoyed our visit and got home around 11.

Saturday was another beautiful day. We all got up early and after the barn work was done and we had breakfast out on the front porch decided to go to a few yard sales before I had to head into town to the hospital. We did not buy anything but was just nice to get out.

Sunday was spent cleaning up the yard and doing a bit more gardening.

Monday was a holiday and it was a real hot one. It got to 33 degrees. We again had yet another BBQ as we had done all weekend.

Tuesday was HB 's last day off and he got the fence put up around the garden to keep the dogs,and geese out. We planted a few more veggies and moved out a few plants from the green house. It went up to 26 degrees and we are so much enjoying the sun.

Today it rained all night and into most of the morning here. It is still 20 degrees and the sun is now back out and after getting back around lunch time I decided to stay indoors and clean the house. I did up the laundry and dishes,washed the floors and everything smells so fresh in here. I opened the windows and my Mom in law called and told to drop the weeones off at her house when I go back to the hospital and she will make a big cassorole of shipwreked for supper as they all love it and HB can pick them up on his way home from work.

Mom is out of isolation now and because of this I can start and bring in some projects to work as I sit with her. This will help me as well.

Thank you for all who is praying for her and my family. Please continue to do so. So far it is working. We will know more within the next 48 hours as we are suppose to meet with the Doctors and she is suppose to have a CT scan done of her stomach to see if the meds worked.

Take care and I wish you all a great rest of the week.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Little Homemade Goodness

These past few weeks have taken a real toll on my pantry, freezers,and counter jars. As you know my Mom has been ill in the hospital for over a year now, but the last few weeks have been really bad. So I have been been not around the house,or the farm as much as I like to. Thus also meaning that everything was not getting a replenish like I usually do.
Today I came home from the hospital at lunch time and due to the rain I was not able to do anything outdoors. HB is working night shift so I decided to go to the Kitchen and work as he slept.
I got busy and made up a batch of brown sugar as I was all out.
I made a batch of laundry soap. I also put laundry into the washer.
I put on a mason jar of Vanilla on as I do not have to much left.
I made supper of baked chicken thighs with dipping sauce and baked potatoes, with carrots.
I made a batch of raspberry cookies.
And I was done......
I set the table and put supper on it, the weeones will be getting off the bus anytime now and HB and the weeones will eat and HB will drop them off at my inlaws on his way into work. I am heading back to the hospital and will pick them up later tonight.

Please put my Mother into your prayers.

Monday, May 14, 2012

A Update Part 1

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day. Here is a little recap of mine.

I got to sleep in a bit, as I have been at the hospital for pretty much a entire week and was getting pretty exhausted. (HB snuck  out so I could sleep) it felt great to get a good sleep.

HB came back with take out breakfast and the weeones joined me in bed for breakfast in Bed. It was wonderful.
I got hugs,kisses, a beautiful card
and these pretty flowers by my bedside.
Jayne made a cute decoration
HB and the weeones bought me a new halter and matching lead for my horse.(Yep just what would be expected from my HB as a gift hehe!)
I got up and went to visit with my Mom. We had a BarBque of steak,potatoes in foil, mushrooms and onions,and corn on the cob.
The weather was beautiful and I could have not asked for a better Mother's day.

And now as I am done my post I am noticing that my camera is not uploading my pics to the blog. HUMMMM! I guess I will have come back again later with a second part to my Mother's day post and post my pics. SORRY.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Mystery Girl

It was a rainy weekend, so the girls and I baked Saturday. We made bread.(which I am trying to teach my girls) It turned out yummy!
We made a beef stew to go with the bread,and a gingerbread cake with brown sugar sauce. Again yummy!
We even had some cream left in the fridge and made some whipped topping to go with it. (hello calories, but hay who's counting) 
Sunday Mom was not doing good and had to be moved to ICU so I took the girls to my inlaws for the day till HB got home from work and was able to go get them. They had a full day of traveling to the spring to collect water and helped Nanny in her green house. 

Today was a beautiful day outdoors, I went to the hospital first thing to see Mom after the weeones went to school, she is still pretty stable. Because of her being in ICU I could only stay a short while and then came back home to clean up a bit and make Supper. I then headed outdoors to finish up a few things that I did not get to this morning in the barn and around the yard before leaving for the hospital. 
While I was out taking down the rest of the electric fence that had broken pieces from the hash winter months in the front pen next to the driveway, I noticed a car pull in at the end of the lane. I have seen this car there many times before and always thought it was just people stopping to admire the animals.(I get this all the time) 
This time I was a lot closer to the car and watched a girl get out of the car and then after a few moments get back in. (HUM!) 
Then she noticed I was watching her, so she drove up the lane to me and got out. She said hello and asked if I lived here. 
After a few moments she said that she often comes to my driveway. I told her I have seen her car there many of times. She laughed and told me I was not going to believe this. 
She moved to our little town about 3 years ago. She lives in a apartment in town and works for the town as a payroll clerk.(still in my mind i'm thinking ok and you love horses and you want see mine) BUT.......
She tells me that she is from a farm. Her mother and step Dad raise beef cattle and sheep and have a few horses. She is from about 5 hours away and she so misses the farm. The worst part about living here is she dose not feel like home. For a long time there was something missing. She took a drive out to the country one day and found our place. When she stepped out of her car she knew right away that it felt like home. The smell of Farm that she inhaled brought her back home and she felt so much better. She went back to her apartment feeling better and sleeping better. Then every week when she got a chance she wold drive out to our farm and smell the air. Happy she would head back to her apartment. 
Who would have thought that my smelly place would make someone so comfortable. 
I invited her in to visit with the animals and we had a wonderful time. She told me stories of her place,and I told her a little about ours. 
She has been driving out here every time she gets a day off and gets out and smells the air. I invited her to come back anytime or if she prefers just to stop in the lane and smell the air. 
I came back into the house and thought about her and thought that she was nice and only wanted to feel like she was home. 

Friday, May 4, 2012


This morning was a beautiful one. HB got up early and started back on 4 day shifts of work.
I slept in till about 8. (Which was like a dream come true) I awoke to the birds singing and could not believe I had slept that late and good.
I got up and took the dogs out for a run, it was so warm and the sun was beating down at the front of house. I came in and whipped up some waffles and coffee and the weeones got up and joined me on the front porch for breakfast.
We cleaned up and went back out to do the barn work. The wind picked up and it cooled off. I put a small fire on in the front stove, just to burn the garbage. I went back outdoors and cleaned the ford escape that needed a well overdue cleaning.

then I did a bit more transplanting of some plants.
I moved my bleeding heart so that it will not be hanging over into the walkway this year
 I cleaned up some more in the beds.
 and took a pic of the far end of the front porch that HB built yesterday.
I finished my afternoon by making some hummingbird food and cleaning my feeders as my HB's grandmother has the hummingbirds visiting her and I guess they are back for the season.

Justin went fishing, and the girls and I made supper. Chicken burgers with homemade fries. Our potatoes are begging to go down very fast, so I think this will be one of the last batched of homemade fries till fall harvest.
HB came home from work and has gone back in the woods to cut up a few trees before it gets to wet to get into the cedar swamp.
Tonight I think I will relax a bit and watch TV with the family while doing a little stitching.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Lobster Supper

Today We had our first feed of lobster for the season.
 It was very tasty
 Jill sucked the juice from the claws her favorite part
 Jayne was not to sure about all the different parts
but found her favorites

It is our annual lobster season here in our little part of the world

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Evening Stroll

Yesterday after supper, I decided to go outdoors with the rest of the family and enjoy some of the nice weather we were having.
I took the camera out with me and snapped a few pics.

Jill stopped by to say hello while out on her four wheeler
Oh No! Mr. Fox was out last night,and got a hen out that stayed out last night.
Jill found a couple of friends
I stopped the sheep house and one of my friends came over for a pic.
Lea the llama came in to see what I was up to
Hb finally put out of the garage the old crawler that he was working on
Like Father like Son, busy working on Jayne's little dirt bike
Brew wanted his picture taken too
my bleeding heart is beginning to come up, I need to move this one as it gets so big in the summer and leans on the walk way

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I can not believe that today is the 1st of May. What happens here in our little piece of the world.
Lobster season started today.
The weeones only have a 3 day week this week.
The 21st is the Victoria day, so another long weeeknd for us. (It is also the weekend I met my HB and we went on our first date 16 years ago.)
May is when all the camp grounds open and the parks as well.
May the yard sales begin.
May is when we are going to haul our trailer to park for the season.
May is when we start to plant flowers in the ground and maybe by the end of May our veggie garden.
May is my Mother in laws Birthday
May the chick order comes in.
May is special clean up in the garbage and we go shopping. hehe!

So yes May is a very busy month here on our little farm as well.

What does May mean to your family?