Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Little Catch Up

It seems like I can never get a minute now a days to sit and blog. Life has sure been busy the last couple of weeks for me. Mom has finally come home and the first week was not so great and we had to call for a ambulance and she was admitted once again for a week. But we are trying again and so far so good.
The cold temps had found us once again. Last week was crazy with -40 throughout the week. It made life as a farmer very hard. I read something a little while back that said "January is not a month it's a occupation." This is so true.
And with all that complaining about the cold weather here we have  no school today, because of a freezing rain warning in effect, and a high of +2 today,and +9 tomorrow. Can you believe these temps.
I was up early with HB getting lunches packed when around 5:50 they announced no school. So I sent HB off and put the sandwiches in the fridge and took my coffee and turned down the lights and went back to bed to rest for a bit,before driving my Dad to work.
I came home and settled in again with yet another cup of Java and thought what a great time to blog.
I sure miss when I don't get to. I have worked a bit more on the new site and it is looking looking really good. I can't wait to get it up and running. I was hoping for the end of the month, but now it is looking more like mid Febuary.
I am still keeping up with my favorite blogs, I don't always get a chance to comment on every post but I wil sure try to let you all know my thoughts to your daily posts.

Tonight we are trying a new recipe for a sauce for my beef roast. I am making it in the slow cooker. I will post some pics and let you know how it turns out. I watched it on pioneer women this week and it looked yummy. We will have it with mashed potatoes,veggies and cheese sauce.

Well I should get up and whip up a batch of oatmeal muffins for the kiddies for breakfast before heading down to get Mom up and ready for her day.
Take care and until next time happy blogging everyone!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday Farming

It sure has been busy here on our little farm today. The temps were spring like. It got to +10 degrees here which it totally crazy for this time of year. January is always cold, and tons of snow. So we took advantage of this and worked outdoors. I house cleaned the winter chicken coop. Took 6 wheel barrows out and replaced a dirty floor with clean dry shavings from the planner at our sawmill. The chicken coop has a lovely cedar smell now!

I took the goats for a walk then put them in my garden for the afternoon to munch on our Christmas tree. They did a wonderful job of decomposing it for me.....

Hb came home from work early so, we took the back hoe and cleaned out the sheep's pen and put in a new round bale.
We brushed the horses,and made sure all the water lines were in tip top shape.

I came in when the Weeones got home from school and made chicken fried steak with gravy and mashed potatoes for supper. The Weeones ate some oatmeal strawberry bars that I made earlier this morning while they waited for supper to cook. They never get full!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Great Day With Mom

This morning we went to get my Mom at the hospital, so she could come home on a leave of absence for the weekend. She spent the morning at my place, then we went to her place for great lunch of lobster rolls, we made a wonderful supper of pork chops, potatoes, veggies,side rice  and green salad.
This is the first time she has been home since Easter last year.
She was pretty tired after supper, so we got her ready for bed and came home. Dad will not sleep a wink tonight as he will be on his nerves. But I think Mom will enjoy sleeping in her own bed.

The weather has finally made a change the last couple of days with the high reaching 1degree. Tomorrow it is suppose to get up to plus 5 and plus 8 on Monday. Much better then -33 like it had been.

Well it is short post tonight as I am pretty tired as well. Just wanted to pop in and let you all know the great news. We are hoping to do the same with Mom next weekend so she can work her way up to coming home for good. So we will keep our fingers crossed that all goes well.
Take care and sleep tight everyone.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Monday Maddness with A Little Tuesday Tib bits

Yesterday was crazy bitter cold. The horses pen had not been finished and you guessed it the water froze again. We had to go get Hb at work at noon,as he had gotten a drive in. He took the afternoon off and we finished the pen. We got the water changed over to the new pen and moved them over just before supper.
They seem to be doing great and the water was sure put to the freezing test last night, as it got down to -33, but it is still running this morning.

I made a big old pot of meaty pasta sauce yesterday morning, and it sat on the wood stove and simmered away all day. It smelled amazing in the house all day. I cooked the wagon wheels and we had a lovely supper with fresh bread. I think being out in the cold all afternoon made it even that much better.

We kept the fires stocked up and our little house stayed nice and cozy. I got Hb's lunch done up and the dishes done as well.
The Weeones enjoyed there last late night by playing and Justin watched TV with Dad,after coming in from the garage. He had a fire on in there to work on his skidoo. Tomorrow the kiddies go back to school. That means back to routine, no more sleeping in, and no more brunches till the weekends. :(
I will miss them, as I love having them around the house during the day. But they are a bit excited o go back and see their friends as well.
Today is a tidy, clean, and get organized day. Time to get ready for back to school.
Back to making 4 lunches,back to baking today, so I have something to put into the lunch boxes. I took out a fewounds of ground beef out of the freezer so I will make a shepherds pie for supper tonight,and meatballs for tomorrow.

Besides the horses I have not talked much about the other barn animals lately. The sheep are doing well. The new black lambs merlot,and Chardenay are still a bit timid of me,but have come a long way. Cinnie belle my toggenburg goat is getting huge. I sure hope that it is because she is bred and not all she eats. I was a bit mixed up from when we got her as the people we got her from said she only cycled in late November last year, and had twins. So I was not watching to see if the billy bred her until then, but I am now sure it was more like September now.
Billy Bob the billy goat is still the funniest, chattiest, and great buddy he has been since he came here. He is just a bit heavier like the rest of us.
Lea the llama is doing well too. She does a fantastic job of keeping the coyotes away from the farm.
My hens are finally giving me what I want. A full basket of eggs everyday. The geese are doing well they have not yet settled into making a nest, but I am hoping they do and make our spring that much better with some goslings. Same with the ducks. We now have 4 Indian runners,3 macoveys and one very large meat duck. We also have buttons ( or who we like to call butt-tan- ous) our big black barn Tom cat, and 2 barn kittens that were born here on the farm late last summer. ( mommy cat disappeared when they were about 5 weeks old) a fluffy orange guy who belongs to Jill. His name is Empress Tang,and a multi coloured girl that belongs to Jayne called Alena.
Brew our border collie is spending the nights now indoors as it is to cold out. Molly our very old and senial St.Barnard is not doing to bad with her joint problem at the moment, but still will not spend to much time in the house as she does not like the heat. She has her chair in the barn. Dakota our red border collie loves the fire too. She does find it to cold outdoors and does not come to the barn with Brew and I these days.
And for Francesca our miniture dachshund  well...... She is still the baby is all I can say about her.

So it is that time of morning again, the last for a while where I should get up and start breakfast as I hear the kiddies moving around in there beds. This morning we are having bagel breakfast sandwiches.
Take care and stay warm.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Wagon Wheels

As you al know, we live in a very little town. So little that we only have one general store. For a small store it does have a lot of goodies, there's a hardware part,feed mill for livestock, grocery store, clothing part, fabric selection and a post office.
Well while shopping there the other day I came across pasta that I have not seen since I was a little girl. They had just got it in and I was super excited. Remember wagon wheels, I do and loved them as a child. My mom often put the little ones in soup. I was so excited that I bought 3 bags.

Tomorrow I am going to whip up a batch of meaty pasta sauce and we will have them for supper tomorrow night. Yum! Can't wait.

Friday, January 4, 2013


Thank goodness it's Friday..... It has been a very long week here with this cold snap. I am hoping that the weekend is a bit warmer. It has warmed up a little to -23 this morning.

Hb worked on the water lines again last night for the horses paddock. He got them running, but has decided to move them closer to the barn well. We will need to make a small paddock at the back of the sheep barn that will go into the woods a bit. (This makes it easier for us to make rails and to have trees to attach the rails too. It will also give the horses more shelter) poor Hb and Justin worked outdoors last night from the time he got home from work, (trying to get as much daylight as possible) till well after 7. They did not have there supper with the girls and I, so they were pretty hungry at 7:30 when they did eat. I made baked beans,winners,partridge,and skillet corn bread.

The girls have farm camp again today. It is just on the next road so I don't mind taking them. It is from 11 to 4. I need to run back into town again today to get Hb some spikes for the fences, and a few other things he needs to build the fence. I am thinking that I might take a cooking break for supper and get take out while in town. This way I am not stuck in the kitchen all afternoon after I get back from town. (Don't get wrong I love to cook in my kitchen, but well need a little break)

I have a few decorations left to put away today. Mount laundry seems to be peeking out of my laundry basket once again, so I guess it's laundry day as well.

Time for breakfast with the Weeones. Take care and keep warm.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 Is Coming In With A Very Cold Bang

Since  the beginning of the week, the temps here have been very cold. The wind chill is making it very hard on the house and the farm. It gets down to -30 at night and we are lucky to see a high of -22. During the day. We had 2snowstorms last week and thank God that we have about 2 feet of snow on the ground for insulation around the house.
Fires are kept on both stoves full force right now around the clock, so it is nice and toasty indoors. But we are not able to be away from the house to long of periods because of this.
This is also taking a big toll on the wood pile.

The sheep,llama,goats, are all in the barn and are not able to go outdoors. We have brought the ducks and geese into the pigs pen at the back end of the barn and have hooked up a heat lamp for them. We had to redo a stall and make it into a winter coop for my hens and my rooster because the chicken coop was just to cold. This will now be a Summer residance only. My hens seem to be at home again as I am getting my egg production back up again.
The water froze yesterday going to the horses in the paddock. Justin and I worked on it in the afternoon, but was not successful until Hb cme home from work and got it going again. At 2 this morning Hb checked on it and was still going, but at 4:30 it was froze again. Hb was late going into work this morning as he had to get it going again. But with the cold wind chill again today I bet it will be froze by lunch time again.

We need to run into town today to pick up a few items. I need milk, and the girls want a few snacks for. Tomorrow as they have farm camp again. They went to camp yesterday but did not go outdoors, they spent the day in the indoor riding ring, riding horses. So are looking forward to going back tomorrow.
They start back to school next Wednesday and I am going to so miss having them around. I am so happy they are home during this cold snap,and not on a school bus. Or even worse waiting for it.
I am also thankful that Hb has not yet had to leave his local job and go to work else where. It would have been a lot harder on me the last few days if I had not had him home. But this is coming to a end very shortly and he is already making the decision on where he is and who he is going to work for. :( :(
My Mom is still struggling. She was not well enough to come home for Christmas, so we went to the hospital Christmas afternoon and had a lovely visit with her.
She was suppose to come home for the day on New Years but had a bad day and so no such luck. She is trying for Saturday now. We are keeping our fingers crossed.

I have decided to try something new with blogging for the new year. I want to start a new blog. Not because I don't love my blog. I do, it is just that I would like to be a bit more organized. I looked at changing my blog around, but in the end I decided that I would start fresh with a whole new blog. I have been working on this for a couple of weeks now and it is coming slowly. It is under construction  as they call it, and as soon as I get it done I will post all about it, and I will just simply move over there and hope that all my blogging friends will follow me on my journey. It might be a couple of weeks yet, so bare with me. I will continue to blog here and let you know how the new blog is coming along.

Well my Weeones are waking up and I promised them breakfast burritos this morning so I better get started on there.
I also need to get my beans on for supper as they have been socking all night. We are cooking a partridge in the beans. Oh La La!