Saturday, January 12, 2013

Great Day With Mom

This morning we went to get my Mom at the hospital, so she could come home on a leave of absence for the weekend. She spent the morning at my place, then we went to her place for great lunch of lobster rolls, we made a wonderful supper of pork chops, potatoes, veggies,side rice  and green salad.
This is the first time she has been home since Easter last year.
She was pretty tired after supper, so we got her ready for bed and came home. Dad will not sleep a wink tonight as he will be on his nerves. But I think Mom will enjoy sleeping in her own bed.

The weather has finally made a change the last couple of days with the high reaching 1degree. Tomorrow it is suppose to get up to plus 5 and plus 8 on Monday. Much better then -33 like it had been.

Well it is short post tonight as I am pretty tired as well. Just wanted to pop in and let you all know the great news. We are hoping to do the same with Mom next weekend so she can work her way up to coming home for good. So we will keep our fingers crossed that all goes well.
Take care and sleep tight everyone.

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  1. Jessica, I am so glad your Mom got to go home for the weekend! I am sure it felt wonderful for her to sleep in her own bed!