Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

Easter has came to our barn with the birth of this beautiful black ewe lamb yesterday morning.

We could have not thought of a better way to celebrate Easter then this....

I wish you all a wonderful Easter weekend with your families.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Week End Chat

Well this week was a short but long week. Tuesday Justin got up sick with a gastro type flu, and Jayne called home sick from school at around 10. Tuesday evening while doing my supper rounds i found a little black lamb dead that must have been born late morning . i am thinking it might have been a still born form the new lamb i received for my birthday as it was in with the little ram lamb all the time. It was a sad moment for me, but I do have to say that lambs are very hard to look after. As someone once told me that lambs are born looking for a way to die.
We received a huge snow storm on Wednesday for our first day of Spring. The kiddies were off and got to laze around in their Jammie's all day. They still were not feeling the best. We ended up with over another foot of snow.
Thursday Justin and Jill went back to school and Jayne just could not do it. She stayed home and laid on the couch for the day.
Franny had her annual vet check up and shots, so I picked Jill up after school and got that out of the way. We picked up dewormer for all the dogs and barn cats and headed home to pop in a casserole I had in the freezer for supper. I love meals like this when I'm rushed.
Franny is so small that those little needles still hurt and she always cries and whines for about 3 days later.
Yesterday was a none stop day. Justin was so sick again he spent his day both in bed,and in the bathroom. Jayne went back to school, i drove her and Jill in, I helped my Mom out, and then headed into town to pay some bills, pick up feed, and a few things. Went to pick up the girls after school.
We picked up Chinese take out for supper, and headed home. I went to bed early and Justin had a bowl of turkey soup that I had made. He kept it down and went to bed too.
Today we are suppose to have Flurries,and it is freezing out there. I am going to spend most of my day indoors cleaning. I really dislike cleaning my house on the weekends when everyone is home, but since I have been looking after my Mother things have bed turned upside down in my routine, and this is about the only time I get to do it.
We had biscuits,and muffins for breakfast this morning, I am not sure on supper plans yet as I have not taken anything out of the freezer. Maybe a homemade pizza would be good.
Well time to get off the computer and put my butt in action. Take care and enjoy your weekend...

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hubby And I

We had this picture taken of us on Saturday night when we went out for supper. I thought I would share it with all of you.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Our Weekend

Our weekend was pretty simple and went really fast. Friday after I picked my kiddies up after school, as I do every Friday as a little treat. We went to town. Jill needed a new top as she is out growing hers and what she has not out grown is pretty ratty. After getting a new one at the general store we walked around and picked up a few staples I needed for this weeks meals and lunch boxes. We ordered our feed for the chickens and horses, and Justin went out to open the jeep for the guy to load us up. We ran into a friend on the way out and chatted for a good half hour.
We got home and the kiddies went out o help Hubby with the barn work while I got busy on supper. I took out some donair meat earlier in the morning and warmed it up with some pits breads. Chunked up some onion, and tomato,shredded some lettuce, and cheese, and made up a batch of donair sauce. YUM!
After supper we all settled in to watch TV before hitting the sac.

Saturday was a nice but cool day. The wind chill made it feel colder then it was. We  grilled some sausages on the grill and worked most of the day on the barn. We thought for sure my old sheep Wolly was going to lamb my night fall, but no luck as of yet.
Hubby and I got ready and went out for supper with a friend for St.Patrick's Day. We had corn beef and caggage with Irish stew. It was delish.

Today was a freezing cold day the wind is still blowing hard, and has made it hard to keep the house warm. We had breakfast burttois for brunch and went out to get the barn work done. I was feeling a bit tired as I have not been sleeping well with awaiting the arrivals of lambing.
I made up a new recipe for cookies for the lunch boxes that I watched on Pioneer Women this morning. Monster cookies. They were really good. They had a lot of ingredients in them but I think that is why they were sooooo good. I had o hide them in the back of the pantry for the evening so I will have something for the morning to put into the lunch boxes. ( I hope they don't read my post before then) hehe!! :)

We are suppose to have another huge snow storm on Wednesday, I sure hope this will be the last of them. I have had my fill of snow for one year.

Well time to do my barn check before bed. Take care everyone and I hope the weather is nice where you are.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ahhhh cloths on the line...

Yep finally I was able to get laundry our on the line today. Justin shoveled off a good 4 feet so snow off my cloths line stand yesterday and today I came home from my Moms and got my cloths out before lunch. I got the quilts done and we will all sleep so good tonight. I also got a load of towels done. Justin brought then in for me after school as we were rushed as we were going to take the horse trailer we borrowed on Sunday back to the people we borrowed it from.
After coming home from my Moms for the day I got busy once again.
I got supper made early. A big old pot of meaty pasta sauce and some wagon wheels. I set the table before the bus came,and the kiddies ate right away. Hubby was not long behind them and we ate and got the trailer hooked on. We left about 4:45 and got home around 8:30, not bad.
I got to work right away and whipped up a batch of strawberry oatmeal bars, for the the kiddies luch boxes in the morning, and took out some chicken out of the freezer for tomorrow nights supper. Got the kiddies cloths laid out, and book bags packed. The girls went to the barn to help Hubby get the barn work done. Jill's new horse, Sassy Jean is settling in great. They watered and checked my sheep for lambs but nothing yet.
Justin went in and got his bath out of the way, and the girls came in and got there's done and straight to bed.
I took my bars out of the oven,and settled in with a nice glass of my homemade cranberry wine. Yum! Nothing better to end my busy day with. And of course to read all my favourite blogs.

Friday, March 8, 2013

A Afternoon Road Trip

Since things are quite in the barn for the moment, and my Mother was feeling a bit better, and Hubby was able to get off work a couple hours early, and since it is March Break. We decided to leave town for the afternoon.
We only went 2 hours away but it was very nice to get away with my family. We went to visit friends I have not talked with or seen in ages. (With my Mom being ill they new I was busy) we had the most wonderful time. Hubby took the girls to a horse farm to look at a few horses, as we are looking for a well broke saddle horse for Jill. She has outgrown Muffin our pony, and Nellie has arthritis and can only been ridden very lightly around the pen. So she needs a bigger horse now.
After long decisions she found one. She will be delivered on Sunday if the weather permits.
Oh my how everyone's children has grown so much. I could not believe it. As they were the same about ours.
We left all our friends with the truck full of goodies they sent us home with. They are all such good people. They gave game me 2 oil lamp shades as I broke mine. The kiddies got new lead ropes as they get them from a man who makes his own further down the province. I brought them some chocolate goodies and in return they sent me home with a tin of Jill's favorite oat cakes cookies.

We went to Dairy Queen for supper, and then the bulk food store, and the Mall. The girls finally got to spend their gift cards they had gotten for Christmas for their favorite store.
We headed for home in the dark, and got settled back home around 10.
What a wonderful day. Weather was perfect, roads were good,and I got to spend some time with my family.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March Break

Wow, we made it into March. It sure has came in Luke a lion and we are hoping it goes out like a lamb. We have had so much snow, today is the first day in the last 4 days that it is not snowing.

Mom is still at home and we are still going trough good and bad, it is pretty tuff on all of us.

Saturday my good friend and I went out to supper and then decided to go on a little ATV ride to check on her parents camp, as they are away. I really enjoyed myself and it was a nice break for me.

My only little boy turned 15 on Sunday and we had a little family get together.
My goodness time really does fly by.

This week is March break for the kiddies. We do not have any big going away plans like most people for a few reasons. We have animals that need us and sheep that are about to lamb, there is also no one to stay at home with my Mother during the day. Justin went on Monday to my in laws for a few days, and should be coming home today to work down the road for a farmer to clean up snow. The girls have been taking it easy for the last couple of days just vegging out. They do come down to Nannys during the day while I am there. This afternoon we are going to the pool to swim with one if Jillian's friends. Tomorrow afternoon hubby is hoping to get the afternoon off and we are taking a little trip to visit a friends farm in the next town to look at a horse for Jill. Friday my Mother in law is taking the girls to her house for the day to do some crafting.
All in all they can say they are enjoying their march break.
Oh I almost forgot, my hubby bought me a special gift last Friday. I got a new iPhone so now I am able to blog, and read blogs where ever I go. :) :)