Saturday, March 23, 2013

Week End Chat

Well this week was a short but long week. Tuesday Justin got up sick with a gastro type flu, and Jayne called home sick from school at around 10. Tuesday evening while doing my supper rounds i found a little black lamb dead that must have been born late morning . i am thinking it might have been a still born form the new lamb i received for my birthday as it was in with the little ram lamb all the time. It was a sad moment for me, but I do have to say that lambs are very hard to look after. As someone once told me that lambs are born looking for a way to die.
We received a huge snow storm on Wednesday for our first day of Spring. The kiddies were off and got to laze around in their Jammie's all day. They still were not feeling the best. We ended up with over another foot of snow.
Thursday Justin and Jill went back to school and Jayne just could not do it. She stayed home and laid on the couch for the day.
Franny had her annual vet check up and shots, so I picked Jill up after school and got that out of the way. We picked up dewormer for all the dogs and barn cats and headed home to pop in a casserole I had in the freezer for supper. I love meals like this when I'm rushed.
Franny is so small that those little needles still hurt and she always cries and whines for about 3 days later.
Yesterday was a none stop day. Justin was so sick again he spent his day both in bed,and in the bathroom. Jayne went back to school, i drove her and Jill in, I helped my Mom out, and then headed into town to pay some bills, pick up feed, and a few things. Went to pick up the girls after school.
We picked up Chinese take out for supper, and headed home. I went to bed early and Justin had a bowl of turkey soup that I had made. He kept it down and went to bed too.
Today we are suppose to have Flurries,and it is freezing out there. I am going to spend most of my day indoors cleaning. I really dislike cleaning my house on the weekends when everyone is home, but since I have been looking after my Mother things have bed turned upside down in my routine, and this is about the only time I get to do it.
We had biscuits,and muffins for breakfast this morning, I am not sure on supper plans yet as I have not taken anything out of the freezer. Maybe a homemade pizza would be good.
Well time to get off the computer and put my butt in action. Take care and enjoy your weekend...


  1. Hi, Jessica! I hope everyone is feeling 100% better now. I am sorry the little black lamb did not make it. :(

  2. Sorry about the little lamb. I hope everyone gets well soon. God bless.

  3. I hope everyone is on the mend. I'm sorry about your lamb. I enjoy having items in the freezer also. It makes life a litter easier on hectic days. Hope you have a great week.