Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Happy Ending

Well it has been a long few days here on our homestead.
Jill got her IPod back safe and sound, and she has found out lesson learned as well. As did I.

Mom is still having a lot of confusion, but is a bit better.

I attended both Jaynes and Jill's parent teacher interviews and they both did very well. They are just where they need to be. I was how ever late for Jill's meeting as Jaynes ran late, and I had to pick up my Dad from work, and hurry all the way home to pick up Jill. But she does however have a great teacher and he was very understanding.

I put on a big old pot of hamburger soup into the slow cooker this morning, and thank goodness, Justin and Jill  had something to eat when they got off the bus, Jayne ate when she got home. I was really late getting home with Jill, as we stopped to fill the jeep upwith gas for the morning, and we had coupons and the gas attendent had a lot of trouble to punch them in. We were there for 20 minutes. HB had just sat down from work to eat when I got home, so we ate together.

I tided up a little and got my little carry on bag packed for the morning.
HB went to talk to our neighbour down the road to let him know we would be away for the day.
I am super excited to get away with my family.

I love going to stock up for Winter at Costco. Do you ever get there and if so what are your favorite things to stock up on?

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Mid Week Already

I think we have had all four seasons in the last few days. We had freezing temps up to -15, then it warmed up to 10 degrees and we had plenty of fog, wind and rain. Yesterday afternoon it began to snow and it snowed right till I went to bed. We were awake most of the night as the wind blew so hard.

Jayne had a wonderful 13th Birthday. We had a lovely Roast chicken supper with all the trimmings.

I made from Jayne's request a desert pizza birthday cake.

Just what she ordered

Here are a few pictures from Saturday night

Jaynes birthday supper was super delish. She had nachos, Jill and I had fish &chips.
Jill did not want cake just ice cream.

The girls

We had our very own box seats. Ours even had a couch in it.

Jillian also got her report card on Monday and it was straight A's as usual. Way to go Jill!
Justin and Jayne only get there's later at different times.

Tuesday was one of those days that I wished I could have just went back to bed and let it go by.

It started off with a cool morning, with having to get the fires going. The kiddies got up to maple sausages, and pancakes.
Jayne got up not feeling good,and she did not touch her breakfast. She had a sore belly and sore head. After taking something for it she decided to go to school and at least try as she has so much work at school going on right now that she would fall behind staying home.
It was also nurse day for my Mom. She called late as we now have a new nurse. This put me behind:(

Mom was not having a good day, she was very week, hallucinations, and a low sugar:( but the nurse also decided there was not to much they could do and decided only to come every second week now....again :(

I was only able to come home later then I usually do and I came home to no power. The power did come back on after a couple of hours, but no phone. It is still out and the phone company is not sure why and what is wrong

Then I allow the kids to bring there iPods to school with them as long as they keep them in there book bags. It is a long bus ride and they find reading on the bus makes them motion sickness.

Well poor Jill had hers in her book bag and a little boy in her class took it out of her front pouch of her book bag while it was on her back. She did not know until she got on her bus. She thought he was just punching on Her back.
She cried all evening.
I had to go into town this morning and take Jill to school so I could let the teacher know what had happened. they are going to look into it.
Jayne came home feeling better. Thank goodness. Hubby came home from work a little early, and Justin went to set some more snares.

We had chicken fried rice, boneless pork chops in cream of mushroom soup, and coleslaw.

I did up after supper a 5 gallon pale of beautiful ripe tomatoes that were grown in a greenhouse and given to me from a friend of ours that supply produce to the local grocery stores. He dropped them off Sunday and I have ben putting them off. What a lovely treat.

The kiddies have Friday off for teachers meeting and were are planning a family day to the big city three hours away. Hubby is taking the day off, and my Dad has it off as well to look after my Mom. I am looking so forward to just getting away with my family.
We want to get a little Christmas shopping done, go to the big craft sale, go to John Derre, Costco, and the big Mall. And yes even Wal Mart. :)

Tonight's supper is fried steak, and cheese scalloped potatoes.
I so hope Jill comes home Happy.
well off to Moms for the day.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday Stuff

Our weather has finally warmed up a bit, making it much easier to get outdoor jobs done.
Yesterday we celebrated Jaynes Birthday with her friend. Jayne,Jillian and myself went out to supper at the restaurant in town with Jaynes best friend and her Mom who is a good friend of mine. After a wonderful meal we had a little cake and then headed over to the Civic centre,which is where our ice Rick is located to watch a hockey game. Jayne received box seat tickets for her Birthday from my Dad who got them from work. The girls had a wonderful night.

Today I was up early watched a few of my cooking shows with my cup of coffee. The girls slept in. So the house stayed nice and quite. The guys had went to bring home the rest of the round hay bales that were still in the fields. I then got a great brunch made up of ham, bacon,sausages,eggs,and mini cheese biscuits.

I spent most of the afternoon outdoors it was very damp and foggy but a lot warmer then it has been.

I made up sweet and sour meatballs and a lovely homemade Mac and cheese casserole for supper and it smells so good in here at the moment with them cooking in the oven.

Tonight is our family TV night with our Heartland show, and then Alaska the last frontier. I made up some special treats of spring rolls for this.

Tomorrow is Jaynes 13th Birthday. I can not believe she is going to be a teenager.

I smell supper ready and Jill is trying to set the table around me, so I better go.

I wish you all a good evening.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Cold Weather

There was only one word to describe this morning. Burrrrr!
We awoke to -15 with our wind chill. We kept both fires going all night. I got up and took the dogs out and almost froze with the wind.
It sure felt good to come back indoors and have a cup of coffee next to the fire. 

The farm animals water bowls are freezing so I am going to have to haul out the heaters. We will need to move the Chickens over to their winter residence in the barn over the weekend too.
It seems winter is coming faster then I thought.

Mom is doing about the same. Tomorrow she has a eye treatment at the hospital, and I will pick my Dad up at 1 from work and we will take her for 2. After they are settled into the hospital I will run over to pick Jill up from School and see if we can get her hair cut. Her bangs are in her eyes and I am not sure if I can cut her hair straight. Better to get someone else to do it. :)

We had our first thick pork chops with the bone in for supper tonight from this years pork. They were delish. I marinaded them in crushed pineapple for the day and fried them up in the cast iron fry pan with butter and oil. We had fanned baked potatoes and rice with them. 

Tonight we tryed a new donut recipe. We found our sugar donuts that we made last year for Christmas  got hard after the next day. So I was on the lookout for a light and fluffy recipe. I found one on the Internet with grand reviews. They called to rise the dough. The girls and I made a batch and so far not to bad. 
If anyone has a great donut recipe, I would love to her about it. 

Being Canadian we had our Thanksgiving a few weeks back. We had a turkey then, but I'm still craving  turkey. I don't think I can wait till Christmas before having another. I am planning on Monday for Jaynes Birthday. ( great reason right?)
Well that's all for tonight Ladies. Time for this chicky to hit the sack. 

Goodnight and keep warm.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

More Picture Update

The snow has finally hit beginning Sunday night, we awoke on Monday morning to a white blanket.

Last week we had meatloaf for supper, and the next day I made these delicious meatloaf sandwiches. These I can say are far by the best meatloaf sandwiches I have ever made.

Backing up a bit here is our Halloween evening of trick or treating with friends.
Jerry celebrated his 40th Birthday on the 5th along side with Jillian our youngest who turned 10.
I had a surprise supper for HB 2 Saturdays ago at a local resturant. Besides me having no voice we had a wonderful evening out.
Tuesday we had a roast chicken birthday supper and I made a farm cake for the 2 Farmers.

I even put a few raisins for poop.  :)

On Sunday Jillian had her Birthday party with her friends at the local pool in town.
everyone had a great time.
November is a big Birthday month in our household. Tomorrow is my Dads Birthday and Jayne is next Monday.

Everyone is doing good a the moment here in our Family. Phoebe is back home and I am pretty sure that everyone is bred now. Spring Babies will be coming just around the corner. Hard to believe.

Christmas music has been filling our home and we have started the cooking and baking menu dates already. I am slowly hauling out holiday decor and putting away the fall decor.

i have so many ideas of crafts to do with the girls in the next few weeks, and some special ones i am wanting to make for Christmas gifts.

I hope you are all doing well as well.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Baking powder???

I have always used just plain baking powder. I guess it is wht you call single acting.
The other day I went into the next town to the local coop store there. They always have great items marked down in the front of the store in shopping carts. I can find at least one great deal. Well that day I hit a good one. I got lots of candy decorating sprinkles in a variety of Christmas colors for 50cents a pack, a few packs of icing, and a large can of double acting baking powder for $1.00
I'm not sure what it is. Can you substitute double acting for single?
Does anyone else know? Has anyone ever used the double acting before?
I wonder if I use the same amount?

I figure I should try and make something with it and see if it turns out :)