Tuesday, November 12, 2013

More Picture Update

The snow has finally hit beginning Sunday night, we awoke on Monday morning to a white blanket.

Last week we had meatloaf for supper, and the next day I made these delicious meatloaf sandwiches. These I can say are far by the best meatloaf sandwiches I have ever made.

Backing up a bit here is our Halloween evening of trick or treating with friends.
Jerry celebrated his 40th Birthday on the 5th along side with Jillian our youngest who turned 10.
I had a surprise supper for HB 2 Saturdays ago at a local resturant. Besides me having no voice we had a wonderful evening out.
Tuesday we had a roast chicken birthday supper and I made a farm cake for the 2 Farmers.

I even put a few raisins for poop.  :)

On Sunday Jillian had her Birthday party with her friends at the local pool in town.
everyone had a great time.
November is a big Birthday month in our household. Tomorrow is my Dads Birthday and Jayne is next Monday.

Everyone is doing good a the moment here in our Family. Phoebe is back home and I am pretty sure that everyone is bred now. Spring Babies will be coming just around the corner. Hard to believe.

Christmas music has been filling our home and we have started the cooking and baking menu dates already. I am slowly hauling out holiday decor and putting away the fall decor.

i have so many ideas of crafts to do with the girls in the next few weeks, and some special ones i am wanting to make for Christmas gifts.

I hope you are all doing well as well.


  1. Your snow is so pretty. We have not had snow yet, but it getting plenty cold enough. :) Your meatloaf sandwich looks yummy. My mom loves them. I made meatloaf from ground deer this week, but there were no leftovers. I love the Halloween picture! Your girls are getting so grown up. Happy Birthday to everyone! I love the birthday cake. Even the raisin poop. :) So glad Phoebe is bred. We are expecting goat babies around March 24. Hopefully we will get more milk this go around. My mind was too preoccupied to continue milking this past summer. We have been listening to Christmas music by the fire today, and hope to get our tree next week. Such an exciting time of year!!

    Have a great evening with your family.


  2. Happy Birthday to your family members. What great cakes. We have been listening to Christmas music as well. We need to get going on some crafts for Christmas presents.

    Have a wonderful day and stay warm.


  3. Snow...how pretty! We have been listening to Christmas music too! Happy Birthday to everyone at your house!