Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Happy Ending

Well it has been a long few days here on our homestead.
Jill got her IPod back safe and sound, and she has found out lesson learned as well. As did I.

Mom is still having a lot of confusion, but is a bit better.

I attended both Jaynes and Jill's parent teacher interviews and they both did very well. They are just where they need to be. I was how ever late for Jill's meeting as Jaynes ran late, and I had to pick up my Dad from work, and hurry all the way home to pick up Jill. But she does however have a great teacher and he was very understanding.

I put on a big old pot of hamburger soup into the slow cooker this morning, and thank goodness, Justin and Jill  had something to eat when they got off the bus, Jayne ate when she got home. I was really late getting home with Jill, as we stopped to fill the jeep upwith gas for the morning, and we had coupons and the gas attendent had a lot of trouble to punch them in. We were there for 20 minutes. HB had just sat down from work to eat when I got home, so we ate together.

I tided up a little and got my little carry on bag packed for the morning.
HB went to talk to our neighbour down the road to let him know we would be away for the day.
I am super excited to get away with my family.

I love going to stock up for Winter at Costco. Do you ever get there and if so what are your favorite things to stock up on?


  1. I am so glad that she got her Ipod back. You are keeping busy. I am not a typical Costco shopper. We mainly get TP, butter, cheese, and Cheerios there. When Harold does need pants, we get those there as well.

    Have a wonderful day.


  2. Jessica, I am so glad Jill got her IPod back. I hope you had a great shopping trip. I have never been to Costco but would love to go. :) Today we are shopping Krogers sale for our Thanksgiving goodies. :)

    Have a great Sunday with your family.


  3. I am glad Jill got her IPod back safe and sound. As you say, a definite lesson learned. I have never been to Costco but I shop regularly at Sam's Club which I understand is very similar to Costco. We go almost every month or at least every other month. I buy things like flour, sugar, rice, lot s of bulk things like that. I also buy produce there as they have the best prices and the best looking produce in our area. Enjoy your trip and God bless.