Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Cold Weather

There was only one word to describe this morning. Burrrrr!
We awoke to -15 with our wind chill. We kept both fires going all night. I got up and took the dogs out and almost froze with the wind.
It sure felt good to come back indoors and have a cup of coffee next to the fire. 

The farm animals water bowls are freezing so I am going to have to haul out the heaters. We will need to move the Chickens over to their winter residence in the barn over the weekend too.
It seems winter is coming faster then I thought.

Mom is doing about the same. Tomorrow she has a eye treatment at the hospital, and I will pick my Dad up at 1 from work and we will take her for 2. After they are settled into the hospital I will run over to pick Jill up from School and see if we can get her hair cut. Her bangs are in her eyes and I am not sure if I can cut her hair straight. Better to get someone else to do it. :)

We had our first thick pork chops with the bone in for supper tonight from this years pork. They were delish. I marinaded them in crushed pineapple for the day and fried them up in the cast iron fry pan with butter and oil. We had fanned baked potatoes and rice with them. 

Tonight we tryed a new donut recipe. We found our sugar donuts that we made last year for Christmas  got hard after the next day. So I was on the lookout for a light and fluffy recipe. I found one on the Internet with grand reviews. They called to rise the dough. The girls and I made a batch and so far not to bad. 
If anyone has a great donut recipe, I would love to her about it. 

Being Canadian we had our Thanksgiving a few weeks back. We had a turkey then, but I'm still craving  turkey. I don't think I can wait till Christmas before having another. I am planning on Monday for Jaynes Birthday. ( great reason right?)
Well that's all for tonight Ladies. Time for this chicky to hit the sack. 

Goodnight and keep warm.

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  1. I got cold just reading this. :) Our temps have warmed back up for a bit, and I am dreading the cold once again! Your pork chops do sound delicious. I will have to remember to try them with crushed pineapple. We are looking forward to a turkey dinner this Thanksgiving! Can't wait to make turkey stock too! :)

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.