Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday Musings "Happy Halloween"

Good morning. It is early here in our little home,and well sleep has been had to do the last few days. My mind floats all over whenever I try to get some rest. My Mother's operation is today and for the last few days I have been running and doing all sorts of paper work for her.
I could not believe that it has been since Tuesday when I last posted a blog. (Where has the week gone)
Wednesday I went back to the school and counted more tickets but I was not there long as there was not to much to count for the Fall Fair.
I came home and HB slept most of the day and I made supper and he got up and lazed on the couch for the evening as those overtime night shifts really played him out.
Thursday morning before going back to the school I went to the hospital because Mom did not have a good night. I stayed and talked with her and the Doctor and then after she was all settled back in and was resting I went to the school to finish up counting tickets.
HB had to go to the next town for a part for the new sawmill he has just finished putting together. (My camera is somewhere down at the bottom of my purse so I am sorry but I have not posted any pictures lately) I will do a whole new post on only catch up pictures soon I promise.
ok back on topic. The part was at a friends house so he waited till I got home so I could go as well. I had a lovely visit with his wife and sister (as she was visiting too) It has been so long since I had seen them both and it was great catching up on old times.
Friday was well one of those days that went by before you even knew it was there. We had taken the weeones to school and then we had to go to the SNB where HB had to go put money on our property taxes. Then came home and I went for a hair appointment. I then came home and did my Mother's paper work which included a lot of phone time. I then went into the city to staples to fax a lot of things away. I got back in time for the weeones to get out of school and stayed to help decorate for the Fall Fair, we left around 4:30 and came home to whip up some hamburgers and chips for supper. Then left again to get back to the Fair. I worked canteen and Jayne worked in the gym running a game. Jill went around with her little friend and kept checking in with me . We all had a wonderful time. We got home at around 9. We seen a huge bear just down the road here on the way home. The girls got a little scare. There has been a couple of them hanging out a little close to the house lately and HB is just waiting for them.
Saturday morning I got up at 9!!!!! WOW it felt great great. Mom had a terrible day on Saturday very confused but her Sunday was great ! I had a friend and her daughter come over on Saturday and the girls made Jack O lanterns. (again no pictures yet) We made pizza and fries for Supper with them. THey left around 9, as her HB works away and would be calling. She is also the friend who is taking my girls out trick o treating tonight. Thank you Amanda!
Sunday I slept in again I think it is because I only fell asleep around 5 all weekend just tossing and turning and having so much spinning around inside my head.
We awoke to snow Sunday YEP!!!! SNOW!!!!!! It changed back and for all day from snow to rain and it did not amount here to anything. but higher country got a lot more and it stayed.
I cleaned the house last evening from top to bottom. I finally finished it all at mid night. Floors,laundry, dishes,counters,cleaned off island. moved the living room around,and the kitchen tale as well.
I thought I would fall asleep right away but I was back awake at 330. I got up at 4 with HB and decided to get all the school stuff together and breakfast things in order.
Well the time has come for me to get back to my breakfast thing now. I will leave right after the girls go to school for the hospital with my Dad. I wish you all a great day, and Thank you all so much for your prayers for our family.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall Fair

Good morning. It is a rainy Fall day here in our little neck of the woods. We awoke to the sounds of rain hitting the roof and it looks like it is going to stick around for a few more days. 
I got up early this morning after having a much better sleep last night. (no sleeping in this morning) I made a ham and veggie with cheese quiche for breakfast and had bacon,toast,and apple juice. I got everyone ready and the girls and I headed into town to school where I volunteered to help out with counting and sending home tickets for the annual Fall Fair on Friday night at the school. It is the grade 5 year end fund raiser and we pre order the popcorn,cotton candy and pop, so I got this underway this morning. It took a couple of hours and I will be going back tomorrow and Thursday to finish up. 
I came back home cleaned up from breakfast and noticed that HB had ate up the leftovers from breakfast that I had put out for him when he got home from night shift, before heading to bed. 
I ran the dishwasher and took the towels out of the dryer and put them away as well. 
The weeones and I made a huge bowl of popcorn last night and stayed up from 9 to 10 to watch the Martha Stewart's Halloween Special. It was very good and very neat how they decorate for Halloween. I thought they would be tired this morning staying up so lat on a school night. But they were not hard at all.
I just put on a soup from the ham bone I had left from our supper the other night and will freeze most of it for those cold Winter days ahead. 
Tonight we are having a lasagna for supper with pasta salad. (Justin has been asking for one for awhile) I am not sure what we are having for dessert but maybe banana splits a little later in the evening as I have so many bananas to use up,and there is still some whipped cream left over from the pumpkin pie in the fridge as well. (change) 
We have a busy weekend ahead of us with Halloween fast approaching and HB having the weekend off,and with snow not to far away there are a million things left to do around the farm yet before Winter hits. I promised the weeones we would make up some treat bags for them to take into their classes,and to carve pumpkins. I need to have a lot done before Monday because Monday is not not going to be a easy day for me. My Mom is having a amputation on Monday for her foot and it is a major surgery and we are not sure if she is even well enough to go through it. I have a friend who has offered to take the girls out trick or treating if we are unable. I want to have everything done and ready before and supper made ahead on Sunday so that if I am unable to come home there will be lots for them and no work for anyone. 
Last before I go I want to Thank everyone for their great comments yesterday on my post. I enjoy sharing all our happenings here on our little farm and love the feed back you all give.
Have a wonderful day everyone.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Sunday into Monday 2 for 1

I started this post yesterday morning and had to take a break and did not get back to it until this morning so I will begin as if it was Sunday morning.
Good morning. It is a beautiful calm Fall morning. We had a heavy dew last night and the steps were very wet this morning when I took the puppy out. HB came home at the same time. We did not need to put a fire on in the house this morning. (which is a change for once) Jill was the first one up after me and she thought Oatmeal muffins would be good for breakfast. Thank God for Cheryl's great recipe. We seem to use it on a weekly bases now. We love them as is but the last 2 times I whipped them up we have added a little something else. From chocolate chips and this morning we added apple. YUMMY! (I used a little of the glazed apple that I done up) We had toast and bacon with them. And I had a wonderful cup of coffee from our new Keurig. (I love hazelnut) but have recently found pumpkin coffee from a dear friend. Thank you Joyce for this little peice of Heaven.

I am often asked about our preps for Winter. What we need to have in our home as we are a little ways out from the stores. I just received 2 more emails yesterday wondering. (I think it has a lot to do with the time of year)
I thought I would explain while I sip away on a cup of Java, a little of what we have in the freezer and what our pantry holds to get us through the winter.

Ok we start back in July when the berries are in season. We pick both wild and tame strawberries and make jams,jellies, and freeze the rest on cookie sheets to put up in freezer bags with my vacuum seal machine.I try and make up a few pies at the time when we pick and make up some sweets with berries and freeze what I can. I do the same a little later on when we make hay with the raspberries that surround the fields where we make hay.

 Next on the list is peas, then yellow beans. I blanch and freeze them in my vacuum seal bag machine again. We stack them in neat little squares in the freezer.
When the hay is done and we sell some the money from the hay is used to buy the weeones needs to go back to school but we do take a little to buy our staples for the winter. We buy our flour in bulk 50 pound bags (that the general store brings in for us.) We buy baking goods like baking powder,baking soda, white,and brown sugar in bulk as well. The pantry is filled with not only jams,jellies, and pickles,but also our baking needs for the winter. We stock up on paper towel,toilet paper,tooth paste,shampoo,and all the needs for making laundry soap and other cleaning items are all bought on sale then as well.
 We pick hazelnuts and shell and freeze them in little bags to use for cooking throughout the winter as well.

We bottle Ketchup,Barbque sauce, tomaotes, with the tomatoes we pick out of the garden. Then add them to the pantry as well.
The same is done with the green peppers out of the garden

We bottle beets, celery relish, hamburger relish, bread and butter pickles, and baby dill pickles adding these as well to the pantry.
Pumpkin preserves, and puree pumpkin are done up in freezer bags as well for loads of pumpkin goodies all year long. We also make many pies ahead and freeze.
Fish is also caught throughout the season and froze along with partridge.

We make our mayo as we need it, and when we get to many eggs ahead we make a big batch of picked eggs and place them into the pantry shelves as well. I also dry a lot of herbs to have as well. We also dry baking beans.
Potatoes are planted and we all help to being in the harvest. The same with turnips, carrots, and many other veggies.

Apple harvest is a big one here, as we make so much out of apples, from juice,cider, desserts,pies,apples in glaze and froze,and bagged apples, baked apples,and my favorites apple butter,and apple sauce.

OK are you all still with me.
Now it is Monday and due to having to get things done here on the farm, I was unable to finish my huge post from yesterday. I was up a lot during the night fighting with a nose bleed. So by the time I finally did get to sleep, it was time to get back up. (GUESS WHAT!) I slept in till 6:55. OH NO! I ran and hauled out the leftover bread and whipped up some grill cheeses and put out some apple juice and leftover muffins. I make up the fastest fruit salad I think I have ever made. I got the lunches while the weeones ate. I finally got them on the go and we ran down the lane of the driveway to the bus stop. Came in tided up and ran the dishwasher. HB worked over time again and only got in at 9. He was so tired he went right to bed. I did the laundry and hung most of it throughout the bathroom as it is damp out and we are expecting rain today again.
I took out some ground beef to make a shepherds pie for supper tonight with toss salad and garlic bread. I also took out a pumpkin pie out of the freezer as well.

Back to where I left off yesterday. We do up our own meat birds. I do cut up some having separate thighs,breasts,legs,and wings. I leave the rest whole for roast chickens. We did our meat birds about a month back and we had 54 to do this year. I left 28 whole and the rest were cut up.
(No gory pics of this ok)
We do a couple of geese at the same time,and meat ducks as well. The turkeys are done too, this year we had 8 turkeys.
Besides partridge if the men get any that is our poultry part of the freezer.
As for pork We do 2 pigs a year. Spring, and Fall. Spring pig is what we call out pork chop pig trying to get as much grilling as we can out of it.
Fall pig is a little different as well try for more ground pork to make sausages both maple for breakfast ans larger ones in honey garlic spice. We do a lot of boneless chops to have in the oven and oh course roasts. Ribs,chops,and pork hawks are also in the freezer.
I also render the fat to use for cooking later and keep some in little squares for my beans.
Beef is pretty much the same as the pork, where we do 2 a year. Spring and Fall. Spring getting as much steaks and ground beef as we can for the grill. Fall more roasts ground beef,boneless steaks,and ribs. We do a lot in ground beef as we also make meat balls up for later winter use.
We have 3 freezers and our own meat room with all the needs to make ground  meat, sausages,and  slicers,and saw.
There you have it the most of what we do to get through the Winter and although we no longer having milking goats,or a cow, we sure miss it. I am looking once again and am hoping that I will not have to buy a whole lot of milk ahead a freeze it like I have had to do in the past. We also make our own breads,rolls,and only need to go out to the general store throughout the Winter for those things that I can not grow here, like bananas, oranges, and other fruits and veggies.
I do buy frozen fruit and also canned in the Winter as well.
OK Now that you are all waiting for this post to end it is here.
I wish you all a great day and hope you will come back tomorrow for a shorter post.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturday Stuff

Another week gone again. WOW! It was a busy as usual around our little neck of the woods. Wednesday I helped HB get the windows in the new addition along with the patio door. It is finally taking shape over. Thursday I had a class to teach. It was so much fun telling all the ladies all the exciting news I had learned while I was away. Friday morning I opened my shop and was very busy as I had not been open to the public for a little while and it was like they were all waiting for me to open again.(what a good feeling) Friday afternoon I took the girls into the city to go to the annual "Bows of Holly" Which is a local city business that sells housewares and she rents a spot every year and decorates every room in the building with a differant theme Christmas tree and the room as well. You can buy right off the tress (but we don't buy to much as they are very expensive) But We do enjoy going to see the beautiful trees all decked out. We did pick up a few decorations for the tree and were happy with our puraches.
We then went to the grocery store there to pick up a few of the specials they had on. We get the flyer but don't often get to go there because it is so far away and with the price of gas we would not be saving.
Next stop was the bulk barn to pick up my brown sugar supply for winter. The girls bought some little penny candy to have for a snack on the way home. We stopped for a special treat for supper at KFC for a bucket of chicken.
Then back home to get HB fed before heading to work for the start of his 5 night shifts.
I tucked in early last evening with my new book and soon found my eyes getting very tired.
We were up early this morning and HB got home around 8. We had oatmeal muffins for breakfast (a great recipe from a good blogging friend) I served apple sauce with it and toast. The weeones had hot chocolate as well for a treat.
The weather today is calling for more rain, it seems like that is all it has done all week long and the long range looks to be the same.
Today is going to be a clean up tidy up morning and I have a afternoon class as well.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Well THAT Was Fun!

This past weekend I was away to my annual Woman's retreat,at a wonderful guest ranch in the mountains. . It is a whole weekend filled with fiber, laughs, and meeting new friends.
Friday night was our meet and greet, we had supper at the lodges restaurant. I had roasted carrot with squash   soup as my appatizer. YUMMY! for supper I had the chicken nachos. YUM Again!  then we headed up to the cabin to get unpacked and prepare for the morning.

(we stayed up chatting with the other ladies,relaxing in the hot tub on the deck. Then off to bed for a early morning.
Saturday we awoke to a wonderful champane breakfast, filled with homemade biscuits,homemade jams and jellies, (a new one I have never tried before) Cucumber jelly. YUM!!! again. We also had wonderful warm and yummy apple spice muffins. (Do you notice how many times I have said both YUM and wonderful in this conversation.) It is so true.

After our bellies were filled we headed into fiber mode. There was a lady named kate who was running this,who took time and demoed a lot of new and helpful things. She was amazing and I learned so much from her.

Kate really was amazing

It was a great morning with her teaching loads of new ideas. For lunch they served chicken wraps, leftover roasted carrot with squash soup. A lovely warmed apple crisp for dessert.
After a long day of crafting with fiber by spinning,felting,carding, and seeing the latest gadgets, we ended with a delicious supper of chicken parmesan served over bettered herb penne. For dessert chocolate cake.
Sunday we awoke to blueberry muffins and coffee and tided up and packed. At 11 we headed down to the restaurant once again to finish our great weekend with a brunch that was to die for. Ham,turkeys. apple crisp french toast,and so much more yummy things.
We then said our good byes and headed back to reality.
What a great weekend and I can't wait till next year.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Back To Reality

Good Morning, it is a crisp damp fall day this morning.(great morning for bird hunting) I awoke to a chill in the house this morning, HB got up at the same time and put a nice crackling fire on so the weeones would be warm when they awoke.
I made oatmeal in the slow cooker last evening and added a little honey to it for breakfast this morning. I made toast and heated up the left over biscuits from last nights supper.
It has been awhile since I have been around blogging and there is a couple of reasons why. First being that since Wednesday morning we have had no phone lines here, so this means no internet as well. They were only fixed at noon on Saturday. The wiring had burnt coming up the lane and they had to rewire the whole thing.
It was so funny to reach for the phone or to try to get on the computer and and say "oh ya I forgot no phone,or no internet" (and I did that more then once) hehe!
The second reason is I was away to my annual Women's retreat this past weekend. I left on Friday afternoon and arrived back home on Sunday late afternoon. It is a weekend of learning new and neat things to do with spinning. I always love going and the food is super and the women are too. I plan on a post this week on my trip.
The weeones stayed next door at my Dad's for the weekend as HB had to work day shift. They all had a ball and my Dad enjoyed having them.
Mom had a good weekend and had a nighbour visit her over the weekend in the hospital so it gave my Dad a break as well.
I always find it so busy the first couple days after going away to get back into the routine around here. I spent the day yesterday washing,cleaning cooking, sweeping and unpacking. Got bread made and biscuits to go with the baked spaghetti for supper.
Today I just wanted to pop in and update anyone who was wondering where I have been and why I have not been commenting on any of the blogs I follow.
Tonight's supper is sort of still up in the air, as I totally forgot to take out a ham and will instead have it tomorrow night. I might take out some tomato soup that I made earlier this fall and froze and have a pizza board, and homemade crackers with it tonight. (It is just that kind of cold weather here for soup)
The weeones have a short week this week with Thursday and Friday off of school for teacher's meetings. HB only goes back in on Friday night, so it will be a nice break this week. We are invited out to supper with our friends on Thursday night as he will be coming home from working away on Wednesday. (We always try to get together when our friend comes home for the week)
I guess that is about it new around here.
Till tomorrow have a great Fall day everyone!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Taking It Easy

We had a wonderful long Thanksgiving weekend. The weather was amazing with a high of 30 degrees on Saturday ans Sunday.(this is so abnormal for this time of year)
Saturday the girls went to a kids scrap at the local scapbooking shop. They did a 2 page Halloween layout.

These are Jill's layouts

and here's is Jayne's

This class happens the second Saturday of the month and Jayne has gone before but not in a very long time,and this was Jill's first time. They both had a great time and did very well. They can't wait to go again.

We had a nice Thanksgiving Day on Monday with a cool breeze and temps around 17 degrees and the colors were amazing as well.
I cooked a turkey and stuffed it with a potato stuffing. We had new potatoes out of the garden,and carrots,beans,peas,and broccoli. I boiled up some fresh cranberries and we had a pasta salad, lemon pineapple   salad, coleslaw, and homemade rolls. For dessert we had of course pumpkin pies that I made on Saturday topped with whipped cream.

We all were stuffed after and lazed around for the rest of the evening.
Today I am taking it easy, due to the fact that I had my laser surgery for glaucoma this morning. It was not to bad but I do have a a little bit of a headache and light sensitivity. I have drops to take for the next few days and am not able to bend my head for 2 days as well. (I guess someone else gets to make my bed)
I was up very early this morning. I made up a quiche for breakfast with some ham and toast. I put a roast of beef into the slowcooker with some broth and onions to cook for the day. HB will help me with the weeones boil some water and cook some egg noodles to make some buttered herb noodles to serve with the roast. There is also leftovers in the fridge of stuffing, veggies,and salads, and of course pie too.
I am almost bored laying on the couch in my PJ's watching TV and checking out my favorite blogs on the laptop. (I am not use to this)
So I guess I'll have a little rest now and wish you all a great Fall day!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

O la la !!!!

Good afternoon everyone!
The weather here is beautiful today for a Thanksgiving weekend.We are in the high 20's. (what a difference)
Yesterday was a busy day so I was unable to blog.
Morning up without making breakfast as we were going to the annual school's Family breakfast. (For family week)
The girls and I were there at 7:30 to get into line. We met HB on the road coming home from his last night shift. Justin had a activity day at school and there was nothing he enjoyed so decided to stay home for the day. We had a good time talking with all those parents that I never get to. Breakfast was pancakes,toast,cereal,muffins and fruit. Served by the teachers and staff at the school.
After 8:30 I left the weeones and headed into town for a long overdue perm in my hair.It felt great having someone else working at my hair for the day.
I headed back home to find the men in my life gone and a note saying that they had to run into the city for tractor parts and would be home for supper.
I cleaned up a bit kept a fire on as it was freezing out with a high of 4 yesterday all day.
I got ready and headed back to get the girls after school (for there Friday pick up treat) We stopped at the take out and picked up some supper and went home.
HB had got back and decided to by us all a new gift for the house.
 HE bought us a new Keurig

 We have always wanted one and finally

He bought a selection to have of teas,coffees,and cocoa.

I went for the teas right away,

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Good Afternoon. I am a little late in the day doing my blogging post. We awoke to freezing cold temps here this morning, and sleeping a little later then usual I was running around trying to get things in order. After putting a fire on in the stove and getting breakfast under way I made a pot of coffee, and set the table. I whipped up some biscuits and popped them into the oven. I fried up some sausages and put out some homemade jam. I used up the rest of the fruit in the fruit bowl that needed to go and made it into a fruit salad. Like I said it was freezing here this morning with a high of -2. There was even ice in the puddles.
The weeones crawled out from under there warm beds and got ready for their day. They all dressed warm and Guess What?????
It began to snow.........
Yep we had our first flurries of the year.
After I got the house work done, I dressed warm and went out to get the barn work done as well. Came in and  filled the stove up with more wood and made up and  put on a chicken stew,and  made a lemon pie.Then did some mending  of HB's work pants.
The house smelled wonderful all day and was so cozy in here. I spent the most of the afternoon knitting. It was so peaceful.
HB got up around 1 and said it was so cold at work last night. I fixed him up a BLT and some coffee and we sat and talked for awhile before he got ready to go out and work on a brake line on his truck. Tonight is his last night shift.
The weeones got home and Jayne finally received her plaque from this past Spring when she was given the turnaround award. (the plaques came in with the wrong dates on them so needed to be sent back)

HB ate and got ready and left and the girls are now finishing up their homework. Justin is gone on the four wheeler with the neighbour to look for partridge (I don't think so because it is still so windy)
But we will wish them luck.
All in all it was a good and and until tomorrow, I wish you all the same.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mail Call

Good Morning. It sure is a chilly morning here, with a high of only 7 for today.
Yesterday's class went well and I am overwelmed with the calls and people stopping in wanting to do more. I never would have imagined this.
Yesterday afternoon after I just finished up my class HB had ran into town to pick up something for his truck. He asked if I needed anything and I asked if he could pick up a parcel at the postal office that was in for me. I was not sure on what it was as I am waiting on a few things. He returned as I was standing in the yard talking with a lady who had just learned to spin and was excited to learn more. He brought me over my parcel and I thought what could this be from a friend of mine. I quickly said my goodbyes to the lady and hurried in to open it. (like a big kid at Christmas)
Cee had sent me a beautiful gift.
Four of the most amazing scrapbooking  things.

The cutest patterned paper
The newest Basic gray Christmas card kit for 2011 (I love these kits)

These woodland rub on's (Look at those toadstools,arn't they just the sweetest thing)

These are my favorite. Fabric Fall stickers. (More owls)

Thank you so much Cee. I already have plans for them. I can't wait to spend a day making my Christmas cards.

 I had to put another fire on last night and again this morning. I had to add wood and keep it going this morning as it is still very cold out, we are expecting a wind surge today and more rain.
The weeones had eggs,ham and toast for breakfast,and dressed up warm again.
I cleaned up and put the dishes in the dishwasher to turn on later today as I had to do up the laundry first. I went to the barn and got everyone feed and watered. I collected the eggs.(Weather change so egg production is down) I went to the freezer and took out some meatballs and put them into the slowcooker with BarBque sauce. I will serve it with rice and now that the house id warmed up I will make bread to go with it. I also took out a pan of raspberry squares from the freezer to have for dessert.
I washed up had another cup of java and began my daily blog reading.Burrr! it is cold out there. (hum! what am I going to do this Winter) As I am typing it has began to rain and the power has blinked twice so the winds are picking up. I must go and fill the stove and hope that the power does not go out as I will be having to transfer my meatballs to the wood stove.
Have a great day everyone.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits

The weather has been true to Fall. We have to put small fires on in the evening and in the mornings. It rained most of the day yesterday.(putting my Monday laundry behind)
HB and I cleaned the barn out yesterday and put in a round bale of hay for the sheep,and llamas. I gave my floors in the studio a quick wash.
While I did my work I put the meat bird in the oven for supper and put some new potatoes out of the garden on with carrots and peas to cook.
Everything was so yummy. I made up HB lunch as he began his night shifts last night and made the chicken sandwiches up for the weeones lunches for today. I deboned the rest of the bird and bagged up 6 bags of chicken to freeze for rice, and kept a bit for sandwiches tomorrow. I put on a stock with the bones to simmer away all evening on the wood stove.
I know that this Thanksgiving weekend and we will be having turkey on Sunday, but I needed a change from red meat and I think we could eat turkey or chicken all the time.hehe!
I am hoping that HB,Justin and my Dad come with a partridge or two very soon as our season started on the first and we are craving a partridge bouillon. (Yep we are going to grow feathers very soon)
 The weeones had there baths and watched a bit of TV before they settled in there beds to read before drifting off to dream land. I was not to long behind them taking my stock off the stove and putting the oatmeal in the slow cooker for the morning.
Today I got up and put a fire on and packed lunches. Put out cloths and made up  breakfast. Oatmeal,grill cheeses,and oranges and bananas.
They all dressed up warm with there hats and thin mittens,as it was only 10 out and it is very windy. We are also expecting more rain today.
I did up some laundry and hung what I could in the house. The rest went in the dryer. EEEK!! I hate to have to be using my dryer already.
I did up the dishes, the barn work and got my things laid out for my class this afternoon. I tided up the house,and took out some hamburger out to make a sheppards pie for supper. I am going to have a pasta salad with it, I am also going to take out some buns I have froze in the freezer and make garlic cheese bread to have with it.
I am going to make up some pudding to have for dessert.
My class is only 2 hours this afternoon from 1-3 so I will have time to have it all done by the time the weeones get home, and HB has to leave for work.
Well I better keep on going and chat with all of you later.
Take care and have a wonderful day everyone.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Grand Opening

WOW what a great weekend. The shop was filled with loads of smiling friends, new customers,and lots of chatter.
My sales were so good that I almost sold to much. All that spinning is going to have to happen more now.
I opened at 9 and by 10:30 I had sold almost over three times as much that I thought I would.
It was so amazing.
I closed at 1 to begin my first class it was so nice and cozy and all the women (both familiar faces and not) enjoyed it so much. They all booked in again for tomorrow afternoon. I never would have thought.

Thank you to all that came out and had took time to take a look around, and those how came and bought and also those who stayed and had a wonderful afternoon of spinning and knitting.

So what did my weeones do all Saturday well..... the girls had birthday parties to go to. Jayne went to a Halloween costume birthday party and had a blast. (very creative Mom) ans Jill went to the stables for a birthday party. They both had a great day, and Dad was off to take them. Justin spent the day with Grampie.  So needless to say we all did not have to be rocked to sleep Saturday night.
Sunday was a very cold day we had to keep a fire on all day in the house. HB worked a bit on the addition and I cleaned and took the girls with me to the hospital for the afternoon to visit with Nanny.
We had a meatloaf for supper last night and I took a meatbird out for tonight.
I got everybody up and running this morning with pancakes and sausages and have been trying to get the house back in order,after a busy weekend.
Today is mostly a cleaning day and cooking. So I better get a move on.
Have a great day everyone.