Saturday, October 8, 2011

O la la !!!!

Good afternoon everyone!
The weather here is beautiful today for a Thanksgiving weekend.We are in the high 20's. (what a difference)
Yesterday was a busy day so I was unable to blog.
Morning up without making breakfast as we were going to the annual school's Family breakfast. (For family week)
The girls and I were there at 7:30 to get into line. We met HB on the road coming home from his last night shift. Justin had a activity day at school and there was nothing he enjoyed so decided to stay home for the day. We had a good time talking with all those parents that I never get to. Breakfast was pancakes,toast,cereal,muffins and fruit. Served by the teachers and staff at the school.
After 8:30 I left the weeones and headed into town for a long overdue perm in my hair.It felt great having someone else working at my hair for the day.
I headed back home to find the men in my life gone and a note saying that they had to run into the city for tractor parts and would be home for supper.
I cleaned up a bit kept a fire on as it was freezing out with a high of 4 yesterday all day.
I got ready and headed back to get the girls after school (for there Friday pick up treat) We stopped at the take out and picked up some supper and went home.
HB had got back and decided to by us all a new gift for the house.
 HE bought us a new Keurig

 We have always wanted one and finally

He bought a selection to have of teas,coffees,and cocoa.

I went for the teas right away,

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  1. I love your new tea/ coffee maker! I bet you are going to love that this winter when the snow is flying and your cuddled up with a steaming cup of cocoa! Your breakfast at school sounds so nice! I am tellling you...the schools here DO NOT do stuff like the one your kids go to! I bet your new perm looks great! Hope you have a great week.
    Cary Ann