Monday, October 3, 2011

Grand Opening

WOW what a great weekend. The shop was filled with loads of smiling friends, new customers,and lots of chatter.
My sales were so good that I almost sold to much. All that spinning is going to have to happen more now.
I opened at 9 and by 10:30 I had sold almost over three times as much that I thought I would.
It was so amazing.
I closed at 1 to begin my first class it was so nice and cozy and all the women (both familiar faces and not) enjoyed it so much. They all booked in again for tomorrow afternoon. I never would have thought.

Thank you to all that came out and had took time to take a look around, and those how came and bought and also those who stayed and had a wonderful afternoon of spinning and knitting.

So what did my weeones do all Saturday well..... the girls had birthday parties to go to. Jayne went to a Halloween costume birthday party and had a blast. (very creative Mom) ans Jill went to the stables for a birthday party. They both had a great day, and Dad was off to take them. Justin spent the day with Grampie.  So needless to say we all did not have to be rocked to sleep Saturday night.
Sunday was a very cold day we had to keep a fire on all day in the house. HB worked a bit on the addition and I cleaned and took the girls with me to the hospital for the afternoon to visit with Nanny.
We had a meatloaf for supper last night and I took a meatbird out for tonight.
I got everybody up and running this morning with pancakes and sausages and have been trying to get the house back in order,after a busy weekend.
Today is mostly a cleaning day and cooking. So I better get a move on.
Have a great day everyone.


  1. Wow! I am so glad for you. It sounds like you will be keeping busy with your shop.

    Have a wonderful day with your family.


  2. So excited for you!! I am so proud all turned out wonderful! Oh how I wish I could come learn! Sounds like the girls had a great time as well. Have a wonderful week there!
    Cary Ann

  3. Learning to spin looks like so much fun! I am glad you had such a wonderful first day. The girl's parties sound like so much fun too!

    Have a great weekend.


  4. Thank you all for the wonderful comments. I am pretty excited as well.

  5. I wish I lived closer I would love to spin with some company. No one around here seems to have the addiction. Maybe I should move?????