Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mail Call

Good Morning. It sure is a chilly morning here, with a high of only 7 for today.
Yesterday's class went well and I am overwelmed with the calls and people stopping in wanting to do more. I never would have imagined this.
Yesterday afternoon after I just finished up my class HB had ran into town to pick up something for his truck. He asked if I needed anything and I asked if he could pick up a parcel at the postal office that was in for me. I was not sure on what it was as I am waiting on a few things. He returned as I was standing in the yard talking with a lady who had just learned to spin and was excited to learn more. He brought me over my parcel and I thought what could this be from a friend of mine. I quickly said my goodbyes to the lady and hurried in to open it. (like a big kid at Christmas)
Cee had sent me a beautiful gift.
Four of the most amazing scrapbooking  things.

The cutest patterned paper
The newest Basic gray Christmas card kit for 2011 (I love these kits)

These woodland rub on's (Look at those toadstools,arn't they just the sweetest thing)

These are my favorite. Fabric Fall stickers. (More owls)

Thank you so much Cee. I already have plans for them. I can't wait to spend a day making my Christmas cards.

 I had to put another fire on last night and again this morning. I had to add wood and keep it going this morning as it is still very cold out, we are expecting a wind surge today and more rain.
The weeones had eggs,ham and toast for breakfast,and dressed up warm again.
I cleaned up and put the dishes in the dishwasher to turn on later today as I had to do up the laundry first. I went to the barn and got everyone feed and watered. I collected the eggs.(Weather change so egg production is down) I went to the freezer and took out some meatballs and put them into the slowcooker with BarBque sauce. I will serve it with rice and now that the house id warmed up I will make bread to go with it. I also took out a pan of raspberry squares from the freezer to have for dessert.
I washed up had another cup of java and began my daily blog reading.Burrr! it is cold out there. (hum! what am I going to do this Winter) As I am typing it has began to rain and the power has blinked twice so the winds are picking up. I must go and fill the stove and hope that the power does not go out as I will be having to transfer my meatballs to the wood stove.
Have a great day everyone.


  1. What a wonderful parcel you received. I hope that you can stay warm today. We are getting rain today and I might build a small fire in the living room stove.

    Have a wonderful day. Your supper sounds really good.


  2. Your friend sent such a nice gift! I love the scrap booking supplies and the Christmas card kit. I might have to look for me one of those. :)

  3. Hello :) I've been posting on all your post and they just do not want to am trying again. That was sweet of your friend! Looks like you and the girls are gonna have lots of fun with it all. Glad the class is still going great!
    Cary Ann

  4. Sorry Cary Ann not sure what happened. I am glad it worked for you this time.
    I wish I could reply to all of the comments without having to post a comment as well. Humm! maybe I will figure this out someday.
    Take care