Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits

The weather has been true to Fall. We have to put small fires on in the evening and in the mornings. It rained most of the day yesterday.(putting my Monday laundry behind)
HB and I cleaned the barn out yesterday and put in a round bale of hay for the sheep,and llamas. I gave my floors in the studio a quick wash.
While I did my work I put the meat bird in the oven for supper and put some new potatoes out of the garden on with carrots and peas to cook.
Everything was so yummy. I made up HB lunch as he began his night shifts last night and made the chicken sandwiches up for the weeones lunches for today. I deboned the rest of the bird and bagged up 6 bags of chicken to freeze for rice, and kept a bit for sandwiches tomorrow. I put on a stock with the bones to simmer away all evening on the wood stove.
I know that this Thanksgiving weekend and we will be having turkey on Sunday, but I needed a change from red meat and I think we could eat turkey or chicken all the time.hehe!
I am hoping that HB,Justin and my Dad come with a partridge or two very soon as our season started on the first and we are craving a partridge bouillon. (Yep we are going to grow feathers very soon)
 The weeones had there baths and watched a bit of TV before they settled in there beds to read before drifting off to dream land. I was not to long behind them taking my stock off the stove and putting the oatmeal in the slow cooker for the morning.
Today I got up and put a fire on and packed lunches. Put out cloths and made up  breakfast. Oatmeal,grill cheeses,and oranges and bananas.
They all dressed up warm with there hats and thin mittens,as it was only 10 out and it is very windy. We are also expecting more rain today.
I did up some laundry and hung what I could in the house. The rest went in the dryer. EEEK!! I hate to have to be using my dryer already.
I did up the dishes, the barn work and got my things laid out for my class this afternoon. I tided up the house,and took out some hamburger out to make a sheppards pie for supper. I am going to have a pasta salad with it, I am also going to take out some buns I have froze in the freezer and make garlic cheese bread to have with it.
I am going to make up some pudding to have for dessert.
My class is only 2 hours this afternoon from 1-3 so I will have time to have it all done by the time the weeones get home, and HB has to leave for work.
Well I better keep on going and chat with all of you later.
Take care and have a wonderful day everyone.


  1. I love reading about your day. You get so much accomplished. You really get a lot of meals out of one bird! I hate using my dryer too! I am glad I'm not the only one. I just now put my laundry on clothes hangers and hung them on the shower curtain rod to dry. They won't be dry until tomorrow morning though.:( Just the thought of Thanksgiving makes me feel full, warm, and cozy! We won't celebrate Thanksgiving until Nov. 24. We will also put up our Christmas tree on Thanksgiving. Now I am all excited!!

    I hope you have a great day and lots of fun at your class!


  2. You have had a busy day. I don't like using my dryer either. In fact, mine is in the barn so I am not tempted to use it.

    I hope that you have a great class this afternoon. Your chicken sandwiches sound so good.

    Have a wonderful day.