Monday, August 22, 2011

A Great Ending To Our Roadtrip

We had a wonderful trip away. We visited 2 lovely farmers markets, shopped at a great mall,Justin bought his very first laptop with his own money.

 went to loads of flea markets, and just had a great time spending time with my family.

Yes we all had a relaxing and fun time.

Here's to another great Family Vacation Road Trip.........

Friday, August 19, 2011

We Were All Dying

We have been busy here on the farm, working very hard at dying. Dying wool that is.
The weather the last few days has been great.
Here is a little of the colors we went with this year.

I have had a lot of phone calls in the past few weeks wondering if I was going to be selling any again this Fall. This is really what put me in the dying mood.

The citrus (yellow,orange) is my favorite for this year.

We are playing a new renovation in the studio soon. Big changes are in store, I can hardy wait.

Terrible Fire

Last evening our town was hit with a terrible thing.
A fire broke out in the stripmall where our local business are, among them my hairdresser, Greco pizza, capitan sub(2 of the 3 take outs that our little town has), a blind making business, and others were all destroyed by fire.
 Fire crews were called in from other areas to help with the blaze.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Family Road Trip Part 2

After lunch we went to the Village of Grand falls to see the sights. The falls and gorge are amazing.

They even have a Zip line now that runs over the falls. The line ups for this is crazy and I think the people are too. (Justin wanted to go and become crazy as well,but there was no way I was letting him)

Our next stop was for a mcflurry at Mc Donalds.
MMMMMMM! they were so yummy.

We then visited a beautiful huge pset store called  Frisky Pet Shop.
This was the most cleanest neatest pet store we have ever been in. (for a small town it had more of a variety then the big cities.)
next we hopped in the jeep and headed towards the town of St. Leonard.

It is a small border town but has the cutest little shops.

After a some fun shopping and treats we headed back to the cottage for supper.
After supper we all went for a walk down through the streets of Plaster rock.
The weeones had a ball running around and playing in the park.

YEP! they really stand up to there name!

We ran over to the store to pick up some popcorn,

This deer was outside the store and the girls thought he was just the cutest thing ever.

We headed back to the cottage to relax in our PJ's and watch a movie.

RIO was a great movie for the whole family, before tucking in for good night's sleep.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Family Road Trip Part 1

Were all home safe and sound. We had a great trip and had beautiful weather as well.
We headed out early Friday morning, after loading up the jeep.

I forgot to take a pic before we headed out

But this is really kinda what we did look like though. 

We made one pee stop along the road, and also to let the weeones change into there cloths as they left in there jammies. about 2 hours in, as we took a tree hour remote road through to save on time. 
We stopped at Hubby's Aunt to say Hello, unfortunately we had to just leave a letter as there was no one home. We came home to a message on the machine wishing they new that we were passing through.

We arrived in Plaster Rock at noon and headed straight  to the grocery store

What a great little super market

We filled our carts with some fruits and veggies, and dairy. 
(Things that we did not want to travel with)

We checked in to our cottage that was located at the local Motel

We unpacked and unloaded everything and ate lunch that we had packed.
They girls made themselves right at home.(Of course) 

right down to the dresser.

Our cottage was very nice. Loads of room, 

Even a washer and dryer (which was great for coming home with a clean suitcase full of cloths)

The master bedroom was also very roomy with a great built in wall for our suitcase.

After taking a bit of a break we headed out to do some sightseeing in near by villages.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Countdown to Our family Road Trip

Only1 days left before we head out.
We  have begun to pack, cook and clean the jeep out. The Weeones are so excited . The girls have packed there travel bags and Justin has charged all his devices. The Weather is suppose to be great for the weekend. 
I want to wish you all a great weekend, and I am not to sure we will have internet so I will not be able to blog until we get back home.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Weather Watch

The weather here has been rainy all weekend and week so far again, the temps have cooled right down and it is beginning to feel so much like Fall already with the evenings getting shorter and much, much cooler.
When the weather is terrible outdoors we spend most of our time in what we call our "Back Room", it is our summer room that keeps us dry, cooled off on hot days, and warm from the winds.
This room serves as a dinning area( we try to eat out here as much as we can all summer long), a entertaining place for when we have guests, a getaway for reading a good magazine with a cool drink(which has not happened as much as I wanted to this summer),
Jill loves to come out and color, and we do a lot of our summer crafting on this table.
I found this really neat plant this year at a local garden center and just had to have it as a centerpiece for this table. It is called Twister.

I only night this room with battery lanterns( bought at the dollarstore) candles, and
these great battery operated flower picks (bought at a local craft decor store)
They are so pretty at night lit up.
The girls spend a lot of time out here, and Jill loves to dance in here as well. Hehe!
Well you know my secret to getting through such icky weather.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Preparing For Our Family Road Trip

We are less then a week away till we leave for our annual Family road trip. The excitement is brewing in our home, as we are all looking forward to going.
With a family of five and having a yard full of livestock there is so much preparing to do.
There is always the planning of where we will stay. This year we have booked a cottage at a motel that we have stayed at before.
We are planning our meals as we do not want to spend all our money on food. With having a cottage with a cottage it allows us to make our own meals. I will spend a good part of Wednesday and Thursday making a pasta salad,beef fried mac, rice, rolls, a breakfast dish, sandwiches,and subs,and cookies,and brownies.
Friday night's supper........ chicken wings,rice,beef fried mac, and rolls. brownies for desert.
Breakfast Saturday .......... Breakfast cassorole with toast and Jam.
Saturday Lunch...... sandwiches and subs, pasta salad and cookies for desert.
Fruit for snacking
Saturday supper...... Take out at a old fashioned take out that we have ate at a few times now and it is delish.....
Sunday morning cereal, toast left over rolls, and fruit.
Lunch on the way home, sandwiches and any left overs.
We are planning to visit a couple of Farmer's Markets, a mall, the gorge on a boat tour, and some op shopping.
Now this week is packing, preparing the barns, getting the help everything they might need for the weekend.
I will be taking loads of pictures throughout the trip and will blog lots when we get back.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Old Is New Again

The sun is finally trying to shine out there this morning. After a week of rain, it is time it did. My flowers are looking so icky.(Is the only word I could find)
The weekend is suppose to be a beautiful warm one so I am hoping to bring the yard back to its beauty.
HB is working the weekend but will get time in the evenings without rain to get some more done to the addition on the house. It is coming and we are beginning to see a change with the walls finally up and the rafters are 1/4 up. (I will take some pictures this weekend as it has been raining so hard)
Hay making is a t a stand still at the moment with the fields being so wet.
The garden's are doing well despite all the rain.
Justin has been working for the neighbour down the road almost every day helping him clean out his sheds, basement,and doing yard work. He loves it as he is saving his money up for a special something.
The girls cleaned there rooms this week, baked, did some crafting and then were bored. With me having to run back and forth across the field to my Mother's every couple of hours, they were getting under my skin (In better words) MOM WERE BORED!!!! was ringing in my ears.
Well while at my Mother's I had a idea. When I was younger I had a collection of Strawberry Shortcake figurines and a few care bears as well. I went up to my old room and there in a basket in the closet was my collection. My girls were in love. They could not get over that Mom had these.
They brought them home and set them all up on the living room floor, got all there Strawberry Shortcake's and there houses and began play. AHHHHH!!!!!! no more I"M BORED..........
I don't know if they were more excited about the dolls, or that they use to be Mom's?
but however they loved them and are still playing with them everyday....
I even remembered all there names.


Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Thrifty Thursday

We had a good long weekend. The weather was not to bad, and we got a lot of yard work done.
This week was a normal one with HB working, Justin away working down the road for the neighbours. Having to keep a eye on my Mother next door. We are having some trouble with her as she is under a lot of meds and thinks she can do a whole lot more then she can. (I know how she feels after always being a  independent person until now) She is a risk of fall and had fallen a few times since being home from the hospital. She refuses to take any extra help from the outside with Home workers,so it has been very hard on my Father and my family.
 This morning I got her settled in with a little help from a friend of hers,and the girls and I took off to the city for some much much needed girl time. (I have missed that soooooo much)
We were only away for a short time and only did one strip mall (of course the one with the Dollarstore) While there we found some great buys.
I bought a new Handbag
It came from the cutest little shop with a sorts of hand beaded things.
The best part it was in the sale bin for only $2.99

I also bought these great flip flop shoes to go with it at one of my favorite clothing stores "Reitmans"
These were only $6.99

After getting these great deals we headed over to the Dollarstore to get some cloths hangers and pins, while there Jill found a whole lot of Tangled sticker fun. 

She got them all and did very well shopping with her own little pocket money. She loves Tangled so much.

We got some baking goods as well, but Jayne found the best deal with some cupcake toppings.
HOW FUN! these are going to be.

These were only $1.50

We bought a few other things,and Jayne bought her and Jill some junk for the ride home. All in all it was a great morning with the girls.