Sunday, August 7, 2011

Preparing For Our Family Road Trip

We are less then a week away till we leave for our annual Family road trip. The excitement is brewing in our home, as we are all looking forward to going.
With a family of five and having a yard full of livestock there is so much preparing to do.
There is always the planning of where we will stay. This year we have booked a cottage at a motel that we have stayed at before.
We are planning our meals as we do not want to spend all our money on food. With having a cottage with a cottage it allows us to make our own meals. I will spend a good part of Wednesday and Thursday making a pasta salad,beef fried mac, rice, rolls, a breakfast dish, sandwiches,and subs,and cookies,and brownies.
Friday night's supper........ chicken wings,rice,beef fried mac, and rolls. brownies for desert.
Breakfast Saturday .......... Breakfast cassorole with toast and Jam.
Saturday Lunch...... sandwiches and subs, pasta salad and cookies for desert.
Fruit for snacking
Saturday supper...... Take out at a old fashioned take out that we have ate at a few times now and it is delish.....
Sunday morning cereal, toast left over rolls, and fruit.
Lunch on the way home, sandwiches and any left overs.
We are planning to visit a couple of Farmer's Markets, a mall, the gorge on a boat tour, and some op shopping.
Now this week is packing, preparing the barns, getting the help everything they might need for the weekend.
I will be taking loads of pictures throughout the trip and will blog lots when we get back.

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  1. A road trip sounds like so much fun! We will be taking our "summer" vacation to the beach in October. We will be camping and cooking all our meals at the campsite. I hope you all have a wonderful trip!!