Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Family Road Trip Part 2

After lunch we went to the Village of Grand falls to see the sights. The falls and gorge are amazing.

They even have a Zip line now that runs over the falls. The line ups for this is crazy and I think the people are too. (Justin wanted to go and become crazy as well,but there was no way I was letting him)

Our next stop was for a mcflurry at Mc Donalds.
MMMMMMM! they were so yummy.

We then visited a beautiful huge pset store called  Frisky Pet Shop.
This was the most cleanest neatest pet store we have ever been in. (for a small town it had more of a variety then the big cities.)
next we hopped in the jeep and headed towards the town of St. Leonard.

It is a small border town but has the cutest little shops.

After a some fun shopping and treats we headed back to the cottage for supper.
After supper we all went for a walk down through the streets of Plaster rock.
The weeones had a ball running around and playing in the park.

YEP! they really stand up to there name!

We ran over to the store to pick up some popcorn,

This deer was outside the store and the girls thought he was just the cutest thing ever.

We headed back to the cottage to relax in our PJ's and watch a movie.

RIO was a great movie for the whole family, before tucking in for good night's sleep.


  1. The falls are beautiful. I sure wouldn't zip across it either.

    Have a great day.


  2. Oh..I could not have done the zip line either..nor let my I'm very scared of heights. That scenery is beautiful there! How cute the girls look beside that deer! I bet you all had a blast!

  3. The falls are so pretty! Cute pictures of your kids! Looks like they were having so much fun!