Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Thrifty Thursday

We had a good long weekend. The weather was not to bad, and we got a lot of yard work done.
This week was a normal one with HB working, Justin away working down the road for the neighbours. Having to keep a eye on my Mother next door. We are having some trouble with her as she is under a lot of meds and thinks she can do a whole lot more then she can. (I know how she feels after always being a  independent person until now) She is a risk of fall and had fallen a few times since being home from the hospital. She refuses to take any extra help from the outside with Home workers,so it has been very hard on my Father and my family.
 This morning I got her settled in with a little help from a friend of hers,and the girls and I took off to the city for some much much needed girl time. (I have missed that soooooo much)
We were only away for a short time and only did one strip mall (of course the one with the Dollarstore) While there we found some great buys.
I bought a new Handbag
It came from the cutest little shop with a sorts of hand beaded things.
The best part it was in the sale bin for only $2.99

I also bought these great flip flop shoes to go with it at one of my favorite clothing stores "Reitmans"
These were only $6.99

After getting these great deals we headed over to the Dollarstore to get some cloths hangers and pins, while there Jill found a whole lot of Tangled sticker fun. 

She got them all and did very well shopping with her own little pocket money. She loves Tangled so much.

We got some baking goods as well, but Jayne found the best deal with some cupcake toppings.
HOW FUN! these are going to be.

These were only $1.50

We bought a few other things,and Jayne bought her and Jill some junk for the ride home. All in all it was a great morning with the girls.


  1. It looks like some great finds. I hope that your mom can improve and accept some outside help.

    Have a great evening with your family.


  2. oh wow, loving all your finds. It's SO good when you track down such goodness.
    Mel xo

  3. What a fun shopping trip! I love the hand bag and flip flops! Those sprinkles are going to make some cute treats.