Saturday, April 30, 2011

Jayne's Great Week

After having a some what normal week. Cleaning, cooking and trying to do a bit of crafting, I decided to run into town on Thursday to pick a few things at the general store and we also had some parcels there at the post office.
I was right on time to go pick up Jill (for a special treat) While I was in the school the Principal asked if she could talk to me in her office. (yep one thousands things were going through my head) BUT!!!!
She wanted to tell me about a special award that is given out once a year to one student in every school throughout the Province. It is called the "Turn around award" it is given to a child for one of many reasons that would be because they started out school with a hard start and have change themselves around a few years later. Jayne was chosen as she struggled so much with her vision, leaving her to fall behind in all her schooling. But she progressed so much in the last couple of years and had worked so hard at doing so that all the staff has noticed. She has come a long way and it feels great to know that our family are not the only ones that have noticed. So the awards gala will be held on the 24th of May and it is a formal affair. She is super excited as are we.
BUT!!!! it does not stop there she is also April's student of the Month and I got to attend there assembly for this on Friday morning. We are soooo pleased.
I took the children out to the take out in town last night for Supper and HB had his when he got home from work. It was good. (nice treat!)
Today was another nice day not as warm as yesterday but still nice. Justin had a friend over for the day and the girls and I worked out in the yard trying to clean up from Winter.
Tomorrow is suppose to be another nice one. My Mom seems to be doing well. She has had a good week and it is great to see her sitting up in the chair now(with of course some help from the nurses)
HB is working his first weekend since starting his new job. It feels funny not to have him home.
I made a pizza for Supper tonight for the weeones and Justin's friend just loved it.
Well time to get back outdoors. Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Back to Norm

Good Morning.... Things are finally getting back to normal after a long Easter Weekend. The dishes are done,the laundry is just about caught up and the house is turned back the right way.
Yesterday was beautiful day. We hit a high of 11 and the sun was so nice and warm. I decided to even break out my summer shoes and wear them to the hospital to visit Mom.

It felt great not have socks and bulky shoes on.........
But on that note guess what we are expecting tomorrow. Yep snow...... 5 to 10 cm and another freezing rain warning for the morning. (can you believe this? ) The weeones just might get another snow day, and it is the end of April.
I thought it would have been hard to get them up this morning and back into the routine, but nope, they did very well. We had pancakes and bacon for breakfast and they were on there way. I thing the sugar high has warn off. They had spent the whole day till bedtime last evening outdoors.
I wanted to share these little baskets I bought and added some felting too for them for Easter. (I really needed to make at least one thing for Easter for them) They loved them.
It took no time and I must say they turned out pretty darn cute.....

Jill brought some of the eggs they had made to the hospital yesterday to show Nanny as well.
She is still so proud of them

Today I need to give my floors a good washing and maybe just maybe get a little time before starting Supper to work in my back summer room. Tonight's supper is pretty simple sheppards Pie and garlic bread. Strawberry shortcake made out of biscuits, whipped cream and some berries I have left in the freezer. Take care and enjoy a great day.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend Recap

Well I hope all of you had a wonderful Easter with your families. Ours was a little different this year, but we sure made the best of it. My Mother took a bad turn on Good Friday and spent the weekend in ICU. However she is back to a regular room and being watched carefully. We took the weeones up to visit her for Easter yesterday,and she loved it.
Saturday in between running back and forth to the hospital, I got a chance to spend some time with the girls making there Easter eggs. They had a whole lot of fun, and they turned out so pretty as we used some of the banty chicken eggs (Much smaller then my brown eggs)
We had our Easter supper last evening with my Father. I had cooked a large ham and we had mashed potatoes,veggies,and homemade rolls. Lemon pie for desert. It went over very well and the girls did the dishes after supper for Mom.
Today I put the ham bone and few other pieces of ham into the slow cooker and made up a soup to have for supper tonight, with homemade bread.
This is a recipe I came across and thought I would give it a try. I did however change a few things in it and also added a few. (I had no more green peppers left in the freezer so I put celery instead.) I also added a little carrot.

I also added a little fresh parsley that I had int he fridge to use up.

It is another beautiful Spring day outside. The weeones have spent all morning out there,and I think it is time that I do the same. Enjoy your day.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


I wish you all a beautiful and great Easter.
Hope the Easter Bunny finds each and everyone of you,and leaves you all a sweet treat.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

As Martha Stewart says "it's a good thing"

I have been wondering for awhile now about those dryer hook ups that work as a dryer sheet in your dryer for up to 3 months.
Last week I finally decided to give it a try as I still need to use our dyer. (with the weather we are having)  I hate dryer sheets as I was looking for another alter to Vinegar. I bought this one and love it. It is good for up to three months and my cloths are coming out great. 
I give it 4 1/2 stars.......
They were $8.00 and I wrote the date on the calendar and we will just see if it holds up.

Have a great Easter Weekend Everyone!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I am Still Around

Good morning. I know I promised to blog more but this week came and went way to fast. I have been busy spending time at the hospital with my Mother who has good days and bad ones. The weeones have had me doing the whole "Mom's Taxi" thing and I can't believe that this weekend is Easter.
We have had yet another snowstorm again. (Unusual for the end of April) It is still coming down pretty hard out there but is suppose to change to rain later today.
Monday night the girls went to the High School's Drama play, called "Sussical" which was a a bunch of different Dr. Seuss stories made into a musical. They really liked it,and Congrats! to the high school students who put this play one. They are really a bunch of great actors.
Tuesday evening I took the weeones up to the Hospital to visit Nanny. She was having a good day and I just love to see the smile on her face when they are with her.
Wednesday evening was the girls School's 3rd Annual Easter Basket Auction. This is a event that we all look so forward to going to. There were over 75 baskets this year,and it was a hard choice to decide which ones to bid on. We put in a family one,which we called " Girl Doodle Fun" that had a journal that I made with a owl on it. A package of bright glitter pens, Easter pencils, some funky erasers, a sheet of girl stickers,some giant paper clips and a chocolate Bunny. Our basket sold for $50. We bought a small basket for Jill filled with loads of Easter Goodies, a tinker bell book, bubbles,playdoh, and many other little fun things. Jayne got one pretty close to those things as well. Justin got one with some cool bath products, a penny bank and 4 coupons for the take out in town. All in all it was a great night out. All proceeds going to the play ground upkeep in which they have just built.
As promised I told you last Thursday (while there was no School due to a storm day! that turned out to be a beautiful day) the girls and I went into town to shop. I bought myself a new Spring/Summer purse and wanted to share it with all of you.
I had to just buy the matching wallet to go with it. I love handmade bags but sometimes you just fall in love with store finds like this one.
Well I off to finish putting my house back together for the weekend as I have not had to much time to get to much done this week. I am very excited about this weekend and can't wait to get into baking with weeones tomorrow.
take care and have a great day!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

April Showers, Brings May Flowers

We have had a lot of rain for the last few days. Temps have been very different, ranging from +14 down to to -12 with the wind chills. Thursday morning the weeones got a great treat. Because of the a freezing rain warning for our area, all schools were closed for the day. (by lunch time the temps raised and it was a beautifu; 10 degrees out.)
The girls played outdoors skipping with there Blythes and then went into town for a little shopping. I bought myself a really nice gift that I needed. ( I will post these pics tomorrow) The girls got each a Spring time barley toy sucker (it was a giant flower) YUM!
Last night was the Spring Fling Middle School dance for Justin. I drove him there and then he was sleeping over at his friends house. We are good friends with there parents so I was ok with it. The boys are working on his friends 4wheeler for the day. (Boy stuff)
Last evening after getting settled in we just lofted around with Hb and the girls and ate some chips and dip that Jayne and I whipped up and with our jammies on we watched a little TV before heading off to bed. It was a very cold day and very damp out too. -12. Burrrrr!
Today is going to be a nice sunny day. I want to get our house work done so I can use the afternoon to go out and work on my back summer room. (I have so many plans for back there this Summer)
I wish you all a great weekend.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Another Sign Of Spring

It is a nice day out +8 out there. I got the laundry done,floors done, and dishes. I took out tomatoes,ground beef,ans will make a baked spaghetti for supper with biscuits. I need to get to the general store this week and pick up some staple things for the fridge as we are getting low.
Last night after having a lovely supper of BBQ sauced pork steak that I left simmer in the slow cooker all day and herb rice with beef fried noodles, we went outdoors to do some more spring clean up. HB made more little drains in the driveway so the water could run off better. I picked up a few more things to be put away. Then I went to get the keys for my car. I started it up and took it around the yard for a spin. I missed driving my beetle all winter. But I know it was better off parked for Winter. HB wants to put it in the garage and give it good tuning up.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Music Festival

This morning was the annual Music festival held for our area. The School Choir was again this year in it. Both girls are in the School Choir this year.
They did four pieces of music.First was "The garden son" they scored very well with a big 88%, They also did a song called "Cuckoo" which was 87%, They even put a Newfoundland folk song in there "Jack was every inch a sailor" 88% again. They finished with a piece from Annie, which was great. "You're never fully dressed" 89%
They all looked there best and the girls left here singing Annie this morning.

Can you see little Jill with her Shirt all sideways

Here is Jayne looking so sad, But she really is happy.

I tried to video the ending but it only worked for like 2 seconds. 

Monday, April 11, 2011

Are You Ready for Easter?

Easter time in our home is very colorful, playful and filled with yummy goodies.
I love Easter because it means that with Easter comes a change of season. It means new life.
For Easter every year we try to have a outdoor Easter egg hunt for the weeones. (some years we have had to have them indoors due to rain and yes even snowstorms) This year with Easter being late I have found that it has made everything else late as well. (Almost like everything is coming slow)
Also with Easter comes baking YUM! We always make yummy easter sugar cookies decorated with pretty spring colors, along with cupcakes,and chocolate pops.We already have a few things planned for next week in the Baking subject.
This week I plan on decorating the house a bit too.(so stay tuned and I will post pictures as I go along) There are so many pretty decor now for Spring.
I also found this great idea for all you crafter's. It is a Hip Hop Happy Crafting
So if any of you do craft for Easter Please send me along all your lovely pictures. I would love to see all those great Springtime crafts. 
We are in for another beautiful day as far as temps go. A high of 10 and maybe even a thunder shower. Yes Spring has finally sprung.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hubby's New Project Finally Done

The weather here today was beautiful, it made it to 15 here today. WOW just like a real Spring day. 
I did get to enjoy it a bit. I shoveled out the back room in order to get into the door. Now I will be able to get in there and do some spring cleaning. 
HB also finished up his latest project today as well. He built a homemade Band Saw Mill. He will be putting this one for sale as he wants to add a few things to his Rotary one. 
Here is finished mill

Congrats! Hubby on a job well done. 
I hope now we can get back to the addition on the house.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

A great Gift

On Thursday I finally had got to a bag that was given to me by my Mother in law. Someone had dropped it off at her place from a house they had to clean out. As soon as she looked at it she knew it was made for me. She brought it up while I was out of town with my Mother and sat it away for me.
It was filled with Fabric scraps,and some more fabric in meters. But the best of all was all the patterns. (It is no secret I love Patterns!)
Look at the great mess on my living room floor. It was so much fun.......
Look at all these. Some are a little fancy and dressy and some are really old style but I love them all. (I know I collect some strange things)

I want to use the scraps to make hex alongs. (this is by the way one of my favorite websites,I have learned so much from this lady)  there are so many people making such great things out of hexs and I have so wanted to do some for awhile now,but with everything going on here I just have not had anytime. But I sure do have it on my to do list

Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Already

Wow the weeks are going by fast. We have had a good weather week here. The winds are cool but the temps are getting up there. We are expecting a nice weekend of 10.
My Mom is being transfered back to our home town hospital today. The weeones are very excited to be able to go and visit Nanny.
There is no school here today as the weeones got their report cards on Monday and last evening and today is parent teacher interviews.
They all did very well this term. We went to parent teacher last evening and it was student lead so HB went with Jill and I went with Jayne. We met at the book fair afterwards.
The girls bought each a couple of books throughout the week while their classes visited. Jayne won the draw for $30 of free books and she was so excited. She bought 2 great horse books that teach drawings,and a few little things at the cash.
Today Jayne had her eye check up at the hospital. She has to have her glasses changed again. She has been complaining of headaches for a few weeks and they feel this could be the cause.
The girls and I are going to town a little later as we need to go and get a few items and go to the glasses shop. HB has today off and after staying in with Jill this morning while we were gone, he has now taken off for the woods to cut some more trees.
Tonight we are having homemade pizza and garlic fingers. The girls want to go to town to rent a movie for tonight as well.
If you have not yet had a chance please do stop by and take a look at Jayne & Jill's new blog. They are so Proud!!!!!!
Well I'm off to do up the dishes and the rest of the laundry before heading into town. I hope you all have a great weekend.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Girls Now Have There Own Blog

Jayne and Jillian have been bit by the blogging bug. They have been after me for awhile now to get them there own blog. Well I finally helped them and they are off and running.
CONGRATS GIRLS!!!! and have fun.
You can use my side bar to view and see what the adventures they are having.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday Tib bits

Good morning. It seems like I am up to only being able to blog weekly now instead of daily. I hope things do begin to slow down a bit around here so I can blog more often.
Here's a little run down of what's been going on here since last week.
I traveled last Wednesday 4 hours to my Mother who was having a heart operation. Which was very successful. She has been recovering well,and transfered back to the other hospital (which is only 2 1/2 hours away from us). Yesterday she had another operation on her leg and foot that had 8 blockages. Again she did very well,and has been resting. I spoke with her this morning,and she seems to be doing well. She told me that she had a good nights sleep. Things are finally looking up for her. Thank you all again for your kind thoughts for my Mother.
Friday I bought Jill her movie. "Tangled" and she was excited.

 She invited Jayne and her Liv doll Sophie over for a slumber party with Hayden,and Kate, and even made a tiny invite for them.

They had tons of junk and were happy all Friday night.
Saturday We had yet another major snow storm. (Yes the snow was finally beginning to go away and then this) It was a nice but cool day Sunday so the yard had become very sloppy, slushy, and muddy altogether. (A REAL BIG MESS)
Yesterday and today all that snow is finally going. We reached a high of 8 yesterday and today it is expected to rain a lot with a high of 14. (It is finally feeling like Spring!)
I put on bread this morning as I was right out. We have used a lot of things out of the freezer that I made last fall. Most of the pies,are used up and all of the squares are as well. The last few weeks have been hard on the food in the freezer with frozen casseroles and deserts while I was away and Mr. Mom had to cook.(But that is why it is there.)
Tonight is chicken with dipping sauce and pork fried rice with veggies for Supper.
I tidied up this morning and got most of the laundry done before the weeones were even up. I got everyone where they needed to be.
I am fighting a terrible cold,at the moment. It hit over the weekend and the last 24 hours have been nothing but blowing my nose. I feel better if I keep moving then laying down. I did not sleep to much last night as I coughed and blew my nose. I think I also keep everyone else up as well,although they said not.......
OH YEAH! I forgot it is a new month. Where did March go to? I need to start and get my weeones Easter baskets ready.
Well I must go and get creative yet again. I enjoyed my time I got to spend here this morning, and I want to read a few of my favorite blogs as well.
Take care and I hope you all are enjoying your day.