Saturday, April 30, 2011

Jayne's Great Week

After having a some what normal week. Cleaning, cooking and trying to do a bit of crafting, I decided to run into town on Thursday to pick a few things at the general store and we also had some parcels there at the post office.
I was right on time to go pick up Jill (for a special treat) While I was in the school the Principal asked if she could talk to me in her office. (yep one thousands things were going through my head) BUT!!!!
She wanted to tell me about a special award that is given out once a year to one student in every school throughout the Province. It is called the "Turn around award" it is given to a child for one of many reasons that would be because they started out school with a hard start and have change themselves around a few years later. Jayne was chosen as she struggled so much with her vision, leaving her to fall behind in all her schooling. But she progressed so much in the last couple of years and had worked so hard at doing so that all the staff has noticed. She has come a long way and it feels great to know that our family are not the only ones that have noticed. So the awards gala will be held on the 24th of May and it is a formal affair. She is super excited as are we.
BUT!!!! it does not stop there she is also April's student of the Month and I got to attend there assembly for this on Friday morning. We are soooo pleased.
I took the children out to the take out in town last night for Supper and HB had his when he got home from work. It was good. (nice treat!)
Today was another nice day not as warm as yesterday but still nice. Justin had a friend over for the day and the girls and I worked out in the yard trying to clean up from Winter.
Tomorrow is suppose to be another nice one. My Mom seems to be doing well. She has had a good week and it is great to see her sitting up in the chair now(with of course some help from the nurses)
HB is working his first weekend since starting his new job. It feels funny not to have him home.
I made a pizza for Supper tonight for the weeones and Justin's friend just loved it.
Well time to get back outdoors. Have a great weekend!

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