Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Back to Norm

Good Morning.... Things are finally getting back to normal after a long Easter Weekend. The dishes are done,the laundry is just about caught up and the house is turned back the right way.
Yesterday was beautiful day. We hit a high of 11 and the sun was so nice and warm. I decided to even break out my summer shoes and wear them to the hospital to visit Mom.

It felt great not have socks and bulky shoes on.........
But on that note guess what we are expecting tomorrow. Yep snow...... 5 to 10 cm and another freezing rain warning for the morning. (can you believe this? ) The weeones just might get another snow day, and it is the end of April.
I thought it would have been hard to get them up this morning and back into the routine, but nope, they did very well. We had pancakes and bacon for breakfast and they were on there way. I thing the sugar high has warn off. They had spent the whole day till bedtime last evening outdoors.
I wanted to share these little baskets I bought and added some felting too for them for Easter. (I really needed to make at least one thing for Easter for them) They loved them.
It took no time and I must say they turned out pretty darn cute.....

Jill brought some of the eggs they had made to the hospital yesterday to show Nanny as well.
She is still so proud of them

Today I need to give my floors a good washing and maybe just maybe get a little time before starting Supper to work in my back summer room. Tonight's supper is pretty simple sheppards Pie and garlic bread. Strawberry shortcake made out of biscuits, whipped cream and some berries I have left in the freezer. Take care and enjoy a great day.

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  1. More snow on the way? CRAZY I tell ya..just crazy!!
    Time for me to turn the house right side up again too...you're ahead of me!