Thursday, April 21, 2011

I am Still Around

Good morning. I know I promised to blog more but this week came and went way to fast. I have been busy spending time at the hospital with my Mother who has good days and bad ones. The weeones have had me doing the whole "Mom's Taxi" thing and I can't believe that this weekend is Easter.
We have had yet another snowstorm again. (Unusual for the end of April) It is still coming down pretty hard out there but is suppose to change to rain later today.
Monday night the girls went to the High School's Drama play, called "Sussical" which was a a bunch of different Dr. Seuss stories made into a musical. They really liked it,and Congrats! to the high school students who put this play one. They are really a bunch of great actors.
Tuesday evening I took the weeones up to the Hospital to visit Nanny. She was having a good day and I just love to see the smile on her face when they are with her.
Wednesday evening was the girls School's 3rd Annual Easter Basket Auction. This is a event that we all look so forward to going to. There were over 75 baskets this year,and it was a hard choice to decide which ones to bid on. We put in a family one,which we called " Girl Doodle Fun" that had a journal that I made with a owl on it. A package of bright glitter pens, Easter pencils, some funky erasers, a sheet of girl stickers,some giant paper clips and a chocolate Bunny. Our basket sold for $50. We bought a small basket for Jill filled with loads of Easter Goodies, a tinker bell book, bubbles,playdoh, and many other little fun things. Jayne got one pretty close to those things as well. Justin got one with some cool bath products, a penny bank and 4 coupons for the take out in town. All in all it was a great night out. All proceeds going to the play ground upkeep in which they have just built.
As promised I told you last Thursday (while there was no School due to a storm day! that turned out to be a beautiful day) the girls and I went into town to shop. I bought myself a new Spring/Summer purse and wanted to share it with all of you.
I had to just buy the matching wallet to go with it. I love handmade bags but sometimes you just fall in love with store finds like this one.
Well I off to finish putting my house back together for the weekend as I have not had to much time to get to much done this week. I am very excited about this weekend and can't wait to get into baking with weeones tomorrow.
take care and have a great day!

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  1. That is a cute purse and wallet. I hope that your mom continues to heal and have more good days. You all have been busy. Have a great weekend with your family.