Saturday, April 16, 2011

April Showers, Brings May Flowers

We have had a lot of rain for the last few days. Temps have been very different, ranging from +14 down to to -12 with the wind chills. Thursday morning the weeones got a great treat. Because of the a freezing rain warning for our area, all schools were closed for the day. (by lunch time the temps raised and it was a beautifu; 10 degrees out.)
The girls played outdoors skipping with there Blythes and then went into town for a little shopping. I bought myself a really nice gift that I needed. ( I will post these pics tomorrow) The girls got each a Spring time barley toy sucker (it was a giant flower) YUM!
Last night was the Spring Fling Middle School dance for Justin. I drove him there and then he was sleeping over at his friends house. We are good friends with there parents so I was ok with it. The boys are working on his friends 4wheeler for the day. (Boy stuff)
Last evening after getting settled in we just lofted around with Hb and the girls and ate some chips and dip that Jayne and I whipped up and with our jammies on we watched a little TV before heading off to bed. It was a very cold day and very damp out too. -12. Burrrrr!
Today is going to be a nice sunny day. I want to get our house work done so I can use the afternoon to go out and work on my back summer room. (I have so many plans for back there this Summer)
I wish you all a great weekend.

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