Saturday, April 9, 2011

A great Gift

On Thursday I finally had got to a bag that was given to me by my Mother in law. Someone had dropped it off at her place from a house they had to clean out. As soon as she looked at it she knew it was made for me. She brought it up while I was out of town with my Mother and sat it away for me.
It was filled with Fabric scraps,and some more fabric in meters. But the best of all was all the patterns. (It is no secret I love Patterns!)
Look at the great mess on my living room floor. It was so much fun.......
Look at all these. Some are a little fancy and dressy and some are really old style but I love them all. (I know I collect some strange things)

I want to use the scraps to make hex alongs. (this is by the way one of my favorite websites,I have learned so much from this lady)  there are so many people making such great things out of hexs and I have so wanted to do some for awhile now,but with everything going on here I just have not had anytime. But I sure do have it on my to do list

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