Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Stuff

Well the sun did come out and is shinning this morning. However the temps did not warm up any. we are still sitting at a big fat 0, and with the windchill it is -7. So I had to get the fire going when I got up this morning. Justin went out to the wood shed and split me some kindling. We got the fire going good and started on breakfast. Justin and Jill helped me as Jayne was still sleeping. We made scrambled eggs, honey garlic sausages and toast, Jill had a white hot chocolate in the Keurig while Justin and I made a coffee.
I put in a load of laundry and we tided up the table and got the dishes into the dishwasher.
Justin went out to do the barn work and Jill helped me fold laundry and sweep the floors.
Today the girls are headed back to the music festival. They did such a super job that they were asked to come back today or the Concert o the stars.
I have washed and pressed their white dress shirts and are ready to go later this afternoon to sing Tomorrow once again.

Their Principal is also their music teacher and she takes great pride in working with such a great group of students.
This is HB's last night shift tonight. So I am hoping to get a little outdoor work done if the weather works.

I also received a nice package in the mail the other day I wanted to share with you.

You might remember awhile back I was raving about these great candles I had gotten.

Well a good friend of mine sent me some more of the best ever smells I have ever smelt. If you are able to get your hands on some of these then do, I guarantee you will want to eat them when you smell them.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Slush Puppies

We are having a early evening tonight just me and the weeones. HB is working night shift and it is still frezzing outdoors.
So the girls and I jumped in the Escape and headed to the video store to see what we could find.

We found 2 movies
The Cat In The Hat (it's been awhile) and another new release

Jayne got Just dance 3 for the wii and could not wait to get back home to give it a try.

We picked up a fourwheeler game for Justin or his Xbox. We headed to the cash and seen these great slush puppie cups that come filled with any flavor of slush puppie
We even got entered into a draw to win a slush puppie beach towel. (wouldn't that be a great new addition for around the pool this summer)
We also loaded up on chips and dip,cheeses,and nachos.YEP! tonight is our lazy movie night.

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

Friday evening as the rain poured down, I picked the weeones up at school headed over to the far end o town and picked up some Chinese Take out, hurried back home had supper with HB as he was getting ready to go into work or night shift. Got him off and running, got Justin ready for his school dance, the girls got their bags packed with goodies,their DS's and headed to my in-laws to drop them off for a few hours,ran Justin over tot he middle school for his Spring Fling Dance,and headed to the hospital to visit with my Mom till 8:30. 
Made my way back to the school in the dark and pouring rain. Picked up Justin (who had a good time) traveled across town to pick up the girls and headed home. Did I metion that it was pouring rain out and I think that there was even snow mixed in it. 
We came home and the fire we had put on in the wood stove before we had let and it felt so good. We all hurried and put our PJ's on and the girls settled into there beds with their books before heading off to dream land. I too settled into my bed with the new O magazine and was not long or this world. Justin stayed up a little while watching his Friday night show of some logging show. 
The wind blew so hard all night I could not sleep well at all. The rain finally stopped and when we got up this morning it was freezing out. -7 and very very windy. I seen a tree had blown over next to the little pony pen. We put a fire on in both stoves and got breakfast going. 
Today is a tidy up day and just lounge around the couch day or the weeones. 

I took out some Chicken to make a chicken stir fry for supper. Maybe Mel's Coffee cake recipe at 

Friday, April 27, 2012

April Showers Brings May Flowers

It has been raining here most of this week. Yesterday and today have been the worse. It rained all night and I woke up very early due to the rain hitting the roof.
I don't mind a little rain but ok this has been raining long enough and there is only so much indoor activities we can do. The yard was just beginning to dry up and I am so excited to get into the trailer. But this weather has set everything back again.
The barn yard is terrible. The horse Paddock is looking more like a pig pen.
The weather is also so damp and cold.
So I am hoping that May the sun will shine the weather will warm up.

School Choir

This morning I attended the Annual music festival,where my girls were singing in there school's Choir.
They did a wonderful job and received 1st place.
They sang some old songs and I tried my very best to record them on my little camera. but I am having a little trouble downloading them at the moment. So for now here is a pic I took.

Jayne is in the back row center(the tallest one there)
Jill is second row let second one in. with the pony tails in her hair. 

Sorry or it being so hard to see. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Magazine Time

As you might be aware my Mom has been in the hospital for a long time. She has good days and bad ones but has had a lot o good ones or awhile and was doing or well. She was on her way to recovery and coming home or good,and then she picked up a terrible virus and got a infection in her blood. This brought her right down and she landed up in ICU.
She is stable and we have been there or a few days now. While my stay at the hospital I went or a walk to the git shop and came across this great magazine to read in the family room while we waited to get back into her room.
 I can't wait to get a chance to do these projects.

I love crating Magazines but "holy" they can be sooooooo expensive...

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Afternoon of Scraping

Yesterday with the crazy winter like weather we had, I moved in to the craft corner for a afternoon of Scraping a scene from a day trip out on the road with the family.

Friday, April 20, 2012

A Friday Off

The weeones have no School today as there are Teacher meetings. HB starts his days off today as well. So it was nice not to have rushed this morning and get to sleep in a bit.

The weather was nice here yesterday evening and the weeones played out doors after supper till dark as it was lie a Friday night on a Thursday. 
I made this little video in the window watching them enjoy some nice Spring temps. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Picture Post Part 2

Last weekend the weather was so nice that I decided to open the trailer up for the upcoming season. I have recently  been getting the itch for camping,after reading all my favorite blogs and some of them have been camping.
I spent all Saturday washing down and vacuuming. I washed all the bedding and hung the quilts out on the line. I washed all the plastic dinner ware and am so ready for the season to begin.

 Everything smells so fresh and clean in there. I do however need to make new curtains for the upstairs.
 The kitchen was sparkling.
 I also need to buy new mini blinds for the back windows as those ones that came with the trailer are pretty much done. Maybe a nice matching valence for the window as well. ANY IDEAS????
 We ended our busy Saturday with a lovely yummy Bar B Que. Nothing tastes better then this.....
Do you camp as well. What are your favorite things about camping. Do you maybe a favorite family tradition  when it comes to camping. We do and are to start a new one this year thanks to a idea from Mel over at

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Picture Post Part 1

I finally got a moment to download some pics from the last couple of weeks.
I never got to send out the Easter pictures as I was to sick with a cold to do so and only shared Easters past with all of you. So without further ado here is the pictures from Easter morning in our home 2012.

The weeones woke early.
 Easter bunny had brought toys.
 The girl decided they wanted there ears pierced for Easter. We went Easter Saturday into the city and got them done at Ardenes.

 There was loads of white chocolate bunnies around the house.
 and of course Easter would not be complete without peeps.
 They got these great books of Skittles.
 Bunny peeps.Hummm something new here.
 Jayne's favorite green peeps.

 The girls got a new soccer ball to share.

Justin got a cool new FOX hat. (I bet the Easter bunny was grinding his teeth bringing this one)

I did not do to much decorating this year. only put a few things and enjoyed my daffodils I bought from the Cancer foundation.
We had Easter supper with my Parents and Hubby had to work night shift. But all in all it was a nice quite Easter.

Beautiful Weather

Good Morning. It has been beautiful weather here the last few days, and today is suppose to be the nicest yet. With a nice weekend we were able to open up the trailer and do a major wash down.
I guess it was more me then we,however the girls did pop in every so often to see if I needed any help.

I have so got the trailer trailer camping fever. I can't wait to get out on the road and camp.
I washed all the bedding and hung it on the line to dry. I washed all the walls,cupboards,and drawers out.  vacuumed the whole place down and it smells wonderfully clean in there.
I need to make a list and take a run to the Dollar store and pick up a few of those great little plastic camping things in the next little bit. I would also love to make some new curtains for the trailer as the ones in it are so thin and bleached for the years of sun. (I need to go through my fabric and see what I can come up with)
besides that the winter did not do any damage to the trailer and we are so blessed for that, as we had a lot of hard weather with tons of snow. (Hubby kept it shoveled off as much as he could)

Besides washing the trailer we had a Bar B Q on Saturday night for Supper and it tasted so yummy!(First one of the season)
We cleaned up the front yard. Hubby and Justin raked the lawn and the girls and I cleaned off the step,putting away all the winter items, and sweeping the walk way.
The Winter was hard on my front step,as we lost our large window box that ran along the railing of the side deck. We also lost that piece of the deck. We will need to build another.
We took out some of the lawn chairs, and a few decorations.

Sunday we did mostly the same of cleaning the yard more. Had a casserole for supper and tucked in early after baths.

Monday was a nice warm day. Hubby went back to work and the weeones back to school. It got all the way up to 26 here and I spent most of my day indoors cleaning the floors,laundry, and making a nice chicken supper. BUT! after supper we all headed outdoors and worked a bit around the barn yard cleaning up. I even got wear my  sandals.

Today it is suppose to another high temp day and I am heading outdoors to clean the jeep and truck. They are both long over due.
I also put a roast of pork into the slow cooker with some orange marmalade,I will make herb rice to have with and some veggies.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

200 th Post Winner

CONGRATS!!!!! to Cheryl

What a wonderful scrapbook set. I think that I would scrap book something with Emily's graduation.

Have a wonderful day.


Cheryl wins my little scrap booking giveaway as a gift for my 200 th post. 

Cheryl I am sure you will enjoy all these little goodies. 
If yo will kindly send me off a email with your address I will get these out to you at the end of the week.

CONGRATS!!!!!! once again Cheryl

Monday, April 9, 2012

2 Week Menu

As I am trying to get back into a routine after a great Easter break, I find myself swamped with laundry, cleaning,and a somewhat empty fridge.
Tomorrow is my town day and before I head out to the Supermarket and spend way to much and come home with only half of what I needed, I decided to make a menu for the next 2 weeks and then make the list.
Tonight we are having a turkey pot pie with salad. I had some Turkey thighs in the freezer so popped them into the oven and turn it into a pot pie with a biscuit top.
So my menu will begin Tuesday

Tuesday Chicken Stir fry
Wednesday  Steak and potatoes with fresh veggies
Thursday meatballs and rice and beef fried mac
Friday ???? Take out food or Homemade pizza????
Saturday hamburgers with homemade fries.
Sunday Pulled pork

Monday Meatloaf
Tuesday Hamburger casserole
Wednesday Chicken dinner
Thursday Hamburger soup

Mind you, I will probably change my days around to maybe suit myself a little better,but I now have a menu in place and will have the items I need to make these. (I find life is a little smoother this way)

Looking at the long range forecast which shows some nice temps on the way) and hubby Having the weekend off I won't be stuck in the house trying to figure out what we will have for meals and having to run into town.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

I thought I would share a little of Easters past

Yes we all love Easter and this year is no different. Although we did have a major snowstorm and we had to move our Easter egg hunt indoors.
I will be posting pics from Easter morning 2012 soon..........