Sunday, April 1, 2012

"How Much Is That Goosey In The Window"

As I was cleaning up the house this past week I have had a friend keeping a close eye on me.

You see this is  Goosey our goose. He is the last of our 6 gaggle of geese we had. It has been a hard winter on the geese here since a new predator moved into the barn yard. "Freddie the weasel" Freddie is a sly little fellow how has been bringing down my numbers in my hens our Rooster,and yes our geese as well. Well Freddie had finally got our last female goose who was Goosey's  BFF. Now poor Goosey spends his days wondering around seeing his reflection in the picture windows in the living room.

Have you ever had a Weasel hanging around? They are not a fun to have around. They are almost impossible to catch!
We want to move out cats out to the barn but can not until we get rid of the Freddie. We tried this a few years back,and we lost 2 kittens because of one.

So for the meantime until we can find poor Goosey another friend, he will just have to pretend with his  imaginary friend.


  1. Oh, that's so sad. Poor Goosey. I hope you find him a friend soon.

  2. We had one goose for awhile that someone dropped over the fence into our pasture. She was lonely by herself. I hope that you can get rid of your weasel.

    Have a wonderful day with your family.