Thursday, April 19, 2012

Picture Post Part 2

Last weekend the weather was so nice that I decided to open the trailer up for the upcoming season. I have recently  been getting the itch for camping,after reading all my favorite blogs and some of them have been camping.
I spent all Saturday washing down and vacuuming. I washed all the bedding and hung the quilts out on the line. I washed all the plastic dinner ware and am so ready for the season to begin.

 Everything smells so fresh and clean in there. I do however need to make new curtains for the upstairs.
 The kitchen was sparkling.
 I also need to buy new mini blinds for the back windows as those ones that came with the trailer are pretty much done. Maybe a nice matching valence for the window as well. ANY IDEAS????
 We ended our busy Saturday with a lovely yummy Bar B Que. Nothing tastes better then this.....
Do you camp as well. What are your favorite things about camping. Do you maybe a favorite family tradition  when it comes to camping. We do and are to start a new one this year thanks to a idea from Mel over at

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  1. Somewhere I have read that you can take some fabric and cover some mini blinds. Here is a link that my SIL posted to on her Pinterest board.

    Your dinner on the barbecue looks really good. We have done tent camping and tent trailer camping. We will sometimes take the dutch ovens with us.

    Have a wonderful day with your family.