Monday, April 9, 2012

2 Week Menu

As I am trying to get back into a routine after a great Easter break, I find myself swamped with laundry, cleaning,and a somewhat empty fridge.
Tomorrow is my town day and before I head out to the Supermarket and spend way to much and come home with only half of what I needed, I decided to make a menu for the next 2 weeks and then make the list.
Tonight we are having a turkey pot pie with salad. I had some Turkey thighs in the freezer so popped them into the oven and turn it into a pot pie with a biscuit top.
So my menu will begin Tuesday

Tuesday Chicken Stir fry
Wednesday  Steak and potatoes with fresh veggies
Thursday meatballs and rice and beef fried mac
Friday ???? Take out food or Homemade pizza????
Saturday hamburgers with homemade fries.
Sunday Pulled pork

Monday Meatloaf
Tuesday Hamburger casserole
Wednesday Chicken dinner
Thursday Hamburger soup

Mind you, I will probably change my days around to maybe suit myself a little better,but I now have a menu in place and will have the items I need to make these. (I find life is a little smoother this way)

Looking at the long range forecast which shows some nice temps on the way) and hubby Having the weekend off I won't be stuck in the house trying to figure out what we will have for meals and having to run into town.

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  1. Menu planning does make my evenings a little easier, even if I don't always stick to it. Your meals sound good.

    Have a wonderful day.