Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Beautiful Weather

Good Morning. It has been beautiful weather here the last few days, and today is suppose to be the nicest yet. With a nice weekend we were able to open up the trailer and do a major wash down.
I guess it was more me then we,however the girls did pop in every so often to see if I needed any help.

I have so got the trailer trailer camping fever. I can't wait to get out on the road and camp.
I washed all the bedding and hung it on the line to dry. I washed all the walls,cupboards,and drawers out.  vacuumed the whole place down and it smells wonderfully clean in there.
I need to make a list and take a run to the Dollar store and pick up a few of those great little plastic camping things in the next little bit. I would also love to make some new curtains for the trailer as the ones in it are so thin and bleached for the years of sun. (I need to go through my fabric and see what I can come up with)
besides that the winter did not do any damage to the trailer and we are so blessed for that, as we had a lot of hard weather with tons of snow. (Hubby kept it shoveled off as much as he could)

Besides washing the trailer we had a Bar B Q on Saturday night for Supper and it tasted so yummy!(First one of the season)
We cleaned up the front yard. Hubby and Justin raked the lawn and the girls and I cleaned off the step,putting away all the winter items, and sweeping the walk way.
The Winter was hard on my front step,as we lost our large window box that ran along the railing of the side deck. We also lost that piece of the deck. We will need to build another.
We took out some of the lawn chairs, and a few decorations.

Sunday we did mostly the same of cleaning the yard more. Had a casserole for supper and tucked in early after baths.

Monday was a nice warm day. Hubby went back to work and the weeones back to school. It got all the way up to 26 here and I spent most of my day indoors cleaning the floors,laundry, and making a nice chicken supper. BUT! after supper we all headed outdoors and worked a bit around the barn yard cleaning up. I even got wear my  sandals.

Today it is suppose to another high temp day and I am heading outdoors to clean the jeep and truck. They are both long over due.
I also put a roast of pork into the slow cooker with some orange marmalade,I will make herb rice to have with and some veggies.

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  1. You have been busy. We are anxious to camp, but not sure how much we will do this summer. It is harder to do when the kids are older and are working/looking for work.

    Your suppers sound so yummy! We finally bbqued the other day, but had to do it in the shop as it has been windy. Your herb rice sounds good. What do you do to fix that?

    Have a wonderful day and enjoy the warm weather. We are supposed to get into the upper 70s this week, and possible in the mid 80s.