Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

Friday evening as the rain poured down, I picked the weeones up at school headed over to the far end o town and picked up some Chinese Take out, hurried back home had supper with HB as he was getting ready to go into work or night shift. Got him off and running, got Justin ready for his school dance, the girls got their bags packed with goodies,their DS's and headed to my in-laws to drop them off for a few hours,ran Justin over tot he middle school for his Spring Fling Dance,and headed to the hospital to visit with my Mom till 8:30. 
Made my way back to the school in the dark and pouring rain. Picked up Justin (who had a good time) traveled across town to pick up the girls and headed home. Did I metion that it was pouring rain out and I think that there was even snow mixed in it. 
We came home and the fire we had put on in the wood stove before we had let and it felt so good. We all hurried and put our PJ's on and the girls settled into there beds with their books before heading off to dream land. I too settled into my bed with the new O magazine and was not long or this world. Justin stayed up a little while watching his Friday night show of some logging show. 
The wind blew so hard all night I could not sleep well at all. The rain finally stopped and when we got up this morning it was freezing out. -7 and very very windy. I seen a tree had blown over next to the little pony pen. We put a fire on in both stoves and got breakfast going. 
Today is a tidy up day and just lounge around the couch day or the weeones. 

I took out some Chicken to make a chicken stir fry for supper. Maybe Mel's Coffee cake recipe at 

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  1. Oh my gosh, that coffee cake looks incredible! Thanks for sharing!