Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Family Road Trip Part 1

Were all home safe and sound. We had a great trip and had beautiful weather as well.
We headed out early Friday morning, after loading up the jeep.

I forgot to take a pic before we headed out

But this is really kinda what we did look like though. 

We made one pee stop along the road, and also to let the weeones change into there cloths as they left in there jammies. about 2 hours in, as we took a tree hour remote road through to save on time. 
We stopped at Hubby's Aunt to say Hello, unfortunately we had to just leave a letter as there was no one home. We came home to a message on the machine wishing they new that we were passing through.

We arrived in Plaster Rock at noon and headed straight  to the grocery store

What a great little super market

We filled our carts with some fruits and veggies, and dairy. 
(Things that we did not want to travel with)

We checked in to our cottage that was located at the local Motel

We unpacked and unloaded everything and ate lunch that we had packed.
They girls made themselves right at home.(Of course) 

right down to the dresser.

Our cottage was very nice. Loads of room, 

Even a washer and dryer (which was great for coming home with a clean suitcase full of cloths)

The master bedroom was also very roomy with a great built in wall for our suitcase.

After taking a bit of a break we headed out to do some sightseeing in near by villages.


  1. What a great cottage to stay in. I love all the room. The washer and dryer would be nice.

    Have a great evening and look forward to reading more.


  2. That cottage is so cute! My kids would love staying there!

  3. Lovely to hear you had a nice trip away!
    Mel xo

  4. I love that cottage! I know you were so glad for that washer/dryer as well. That looked like a nice grocery store too.