Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Weather Watch

The weather here has been rainy all weekend and week so far again, the temps have cooled right down and it is beginning to feel so much like Fall already with the evenings getting shorter and much, much cooler.
When the weather is terrible outdoors we spend most of our time in what we call our "Back Room", it is our summer room that keeps us dry, cooled off on hot days, and warm from the winds.
This room serves as a dinning area( we try to eat out here as much as we can all summer long), a entertaining place for when we have guests, a getaway for reading a good magazine with a cool drink(which has not happened as much as I wanted to this summer),
Jill loves to come out and color, and we do a lot of our summer crafting on this table.
I found this really neat plant this year at a local garden center and just had to have it as a centerpiece for this table. It is called Twister.

I only night this room with battery lanterns( bought at the dollarstore) candles, and
these great battery operated flower picks (bought at a local craft decor store)
They are so pretty at night lit up.
The girls spend a lot of time out here, and Jill loves to dance in here as well. Hehe!
Well you know my secret to getting through such icky weather.


  1. It looks like a great place to be in the summer. Can you close it up and use it in the winter?

    Have a great day with your family.


  2. We do close it up a bit in the winter and use it for summer patio storage, and the BarBque
    Have a great day, Cheryl

  3. It is starting to feel like fall here too. It is supposed to get down to 59 tonight. We will sleep good :) I love your back room! I keep telling Quentin that I want a glassed in back porch. He tells me I need to ask for the porch first and then maybe we could glass it in :) That twister plant is really cool!