Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall Fair

Good morning. It is a rainy Fall day here in our little neck of the woods. We awoke to the sounds of rain hitting the roof and it looks like it is going to stick around for a few more days. 
I got up early this morning after having a much better sleep last night. (no sleeping in this morning) I made a ham and veggie with cheese quiche for breakfast and had bacon,toast,and apple juice. I got everyone ready and the girls and I headed into town to school where I volunteered to help out with counting and sending home tickets for the annual Fall Fair on Friday night at the school. It is the grade 5 year end fund raiser and we pre order the popcorn,cotton candy and pop, so I got this underway this morning. It took a couple of hours and I will be going back tomorrow and Thursday to finish up. 
I came back home cleaned up from breakfast and noticed that HB had ate up the leftovers from breakfast that I had put out for him when he got home from night shift, before heading to bed. 
I ran the dishwasher and took the towels out of the dryer and put them away as well. 
The weeones and I made a huge bowl of popcorn last night and stayed up from 9 to 10 to watch the Martha Stewart's Halloween Special. It was very good and very neat how they decorate for Halloween. I thought they would be tired this morning staying up so lat on a school night. But they were not hard at all.
I just put on a soup from the ham bone I had left from our supper the other night and will freeze most of it for those cold Winter days ahead. 
Tonight we are having a lasagna for supper with pasta salad. (Justin has been asking for one for awhile) I am not sure what we are having for dessert but maybe banana splits a little later in the evening as I have so many bananas to use up,and there is still some whipped cream left over from the pumpkin pie in the fridge as well. (change) 
We have a busy weekend ahead of us with Halloween fast approaching and HB having the weekend off,and with snow not to far away there are a million things left to do around the farm yet before Winter hits. I promised the weeones we would make up some treat bags for them to take into their classes,and to carve pumpkins. I need to have a lot done before Monday because Monday is not not going to be a easy day for me. My Mom is having a amputation on Monday for her foot and it is a major surgery and we are not sure if she is even well enough to go through it. I have a friend who has offered to take the girls out trick or treating if we are unable. I want to have everything done and ready before and supper made ahead on Sunday so that if I am unable to come home there will be lots for them and no work for anyone. 
Last before I go I want to Thank everyone for their great comments yesterday on my post. I enjoy sharing all our happenings here on our little farm and love the feed back you all give.
Have a wonderful day everyone.


  1. I am so sorry your mom has to have surgery. I will be praying for her. I hope everything goes smoothly.

    You are going to have a busy week. I just realized how close Halloween actually is! Madison has already made everyone a costume thankfully!!

  2. Oh no, I am hoping and praying all goes well with your mom!! I will be praying for her to have a good recovery and be able to come home soon. I wished I lived closer so I could help you out as I know this is going to be hard on you as well. Please know we are thinking of you and her. Please keep us updated on how the surgery goes.

    Your Fall festival sounds like fun! I am sure all the kids are looking forward to it.
    Many blessings,
    Cary Ann

  3. I will be praying for your mom, you, your dad, and the doctors doing the surgery.

    You have a busy week ahead. Have a wonderful day.