Thursday, October 6, 2011


Good Afternoon. I am a little late in the day doing my blogging post. We awoke to freezing cold temps here this morning, and sleeping a little later then usual I was running around trying to get things in order. After putting a fire on in the stove and getting breakfast under way I made a pot of coffee, and set the table. I whipped up some biscuits and popped them into the oven. I fried up some sausages and put out some homemade jam. I used up the rest of the fruit in the fruit bowl that needed to go and made it into a fruit salad. Like I said it was freezing here this morning with a high of -2. There was even ice in the puddles.
The weeones crawled out from under there warm beds and got ready for their day. They all dressed warm and Guess What?????
It began to snow.........
Yep we had our first flurries of the year.
After I got the house work done, I dressed warm and went out to get the barn work done as well. Came in and  filled the stove up with more wood and made up and  put on a chicken stew,and  made a lemon pie.Then did some mending  of HB's work pants.
The house smelled wonderful all day and was so cozy in here. I spent the most of the afternoon knitting. It was so peaceful.
HB got up around 1 and said it was so cold at work last night. I fixed him up a BLT and some coffee and we sat and talked for awhile before he got ready to go out and work on a brake line on his truck. Tonight is his last night shift.
The weeones got home and Jayne finally received her plaque from this past Spring when she was given the turnaround award. (the plaques came in with the wrong dates on them so needed to be sent back)

HB ate and got ready and left and the girls are now finishing up their homework. Justin is gone on the four wheeler with the neighbour to look for partridge (I don't think so because it is still so windy)
But we will wish them luck.
All in all it was a good and and until tomorrow, I wish you all the same.


  1. That is cold. We were at 40º. I have had a fire in the cook stove all day and making use of the oven. I am ready for the cooler temps, but not snow yet.

    That is a nice plaque that Jayne got. I hope that you all stay warm. Have a wonderful evening with your family.


  2. Thanks Cheryl. Yes that is cold. I don't know I am going to do in January when it's 40 below.

  3. Yikes-snow already! I am hoping we don't get a lot of snow this year, but it's not looking good. My sister has already seen snow also. :( Jayne's plaque looks really nice!

  4. what a cozy and warm afternoon you described! I can't wait for cold weather to get here (we are still in shorts and t-shirts).I bet the snow flurries were so pretty. I always enjoy reading about your day there. Hope you have a great weekend with your family.
    Cary Ann